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October 1, 2015 Leave a Comment The Seward is one of the oldest neighborhoods located in the south east area of Minneapolis.
You will find most of the mid-rise duplexes and single-family homes were built during the early 19th century and are still standing firmly besides newly constructed buildings. The Minneapolis-Seward neighborhood is a green-friendly sustainable walking neighborhood and a diverse community with a mix of residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings. There are several cafes and casual dining facilities along with the thriving local music clubs.
The Mississippi River makes Seward an fitting location for flourishing businesses who are green-friendly.
The Metro Blue Line light-rail runs through the Seward neighborhood (Franklin Avenue) to and from Downtown Minneapolis area and also the airport, which makes traveling a breeze for local residents.

Please find below information pertaining to the eligible Minneapolis neighborhoods and also what items can be recycled organically in the bins. The highlight of Seward is its Community Arts Network, which holds annual festivals each year and invites local and international artist to the fest. For students who are visually-impaired, there is a wonderful facility called Anne Sullivan Communication Center.
There is quite a few Minneapolis-Seward homes in the area that are located in or near the historic district within walking distance from commercial area like shopping and restaurants. Seward was also home to singer Bob Dylan and he had recorded one of his earliest albums here and it is regarded one of the hipster locations in Minnesota. The Seward Co-op is a great addition to the neighbor, especially for individuals looking for grocery store who sells organic food.

While there are several homes across Minneapolis that has equally scenic surroundings, nothing can compare to Seward and its hiking and biking trails.
The Seward neighborhood is home to families, young professionals, college students, and also retirees. Also, the Seward Neighborhood Group sponsors an annual Garden Tour and Tea Party for residents looking to view the locals’ urban gardens and also share ideas.
I can help you achieve your goal of urban living whether you are looking to buy and or sell a home, townhome, or condo in Minneapolis or St.

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