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Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery magazine is leading the charge as the information source for Volume Bakery, serving owners, executives, engineers, purchasers and sales people for manufacturers and processors.
Urban residents, which make up over 50% of the nation’s population, are buying more instant food goods for convenience, lower price, and longer shelf life. They are fueling the convenience food sector.
Driven by supply, demand and new technology, China’s Internet and finance sectors are integrating more and more. We are a full-service, B-to-B marketing communications firm specializing in the global food ingredient industry and the unique marketing needs of food ingredient companies. From March 28-31, SNAXPO, the world’s largest, most comprehensive trade show devoted exclusively to the international snack food industry, will be taking place in Orlando. I will be attending this year’s event and I’m looking forward to seeing what trends are taking shape in the snack food industry and learning more about the hot-button issues affecting the marketplace.
Join our mailing list to receive the latest in food ingredient news delivered right to your inbox. Lianne van den Bos, Dimitrios Dimakakos and Lauren Bandy, analysts at Euromonitor, identified the main growth categories and lucrative locations for food companies.

Analysis of the major trends in snack food industry and global packaging of food revealed that consumers across the world have a "sweet tooth" with more than 20% of packaged foods consumed falling under the "sweet snacks" category. Key concepts discussed at the "Snack Food Industry Trends And Global Packaging Of Food" highlighted at "Tuttofood 2015" claimed that "snack products are driving the market due to busier lifestyles which makes snacking more prominent in people’s diets," said Lianne van den Bos, Food Analyst at Euromonitor. By the end of 2015, this sector’s production value will reach an estimated US$83.6 billion, growing at approximately 30% each year between now and 2015. Read about how traditional banks and third party payment and lending platforms are evolving together. With the domestic economy set to double in seven years, Chinese consumers are going to spend more money on entertainment.
This year’s event will feature speakers and educational sessions designed to give snack food professionals a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing marketplace they are faced with today. Privacy Policy5670 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels.
Picture the target demographic of approximately 550 million people demanding quality entertainment. With over 200 production companies in China, more Chinese movies are coming out, and more foreign films are playing in theaters thanks to the increase of the foreign film quota.

These customers enjoy a wide selection of subsidized smartphones from telecom providers. The country also has over 430 million mobile internet users. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with companies like Land O’Lakes Ingredients, Carmi Flavors and Ingredion to discover some of the latest innovations, products and services being offered.
If you aren’t able to attend this year’s event, be sure to check back after SNAXPO for my roundup report of the show. I subscribe to quite a few of these and I wanted to share some of my favorite picks with you.
So every Friday, we will feature one cool magazine pick that you can subscribe to for free, if you are a qualified professional in the industry.
In fact, while the utilization rate of 3G networks is growing, it is still relatively low for the major telecoms in comparison to 2G usage.

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