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It's a bit nippy out, make sure all your out door tropical plants are covered, they hate snow and ice! Just adding a tub either side of your front door can brighten up a small front garden and make a big difference. If you don’t have space for tubs you could use plants like clematis, climbing roses – ‘Golden Showers’ is a lovely yellow one – ivy or wisteria to decorate the area around your front door.
Most small front garden designs include a pathway and there are lots of way you can work with this. Wheelie bins, recycling boxes and bikes stored in a small front garden can make it look untidy. Sheena has been designing gardens in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties for over fifteen years.
The circular lawn, edged with dark grey bricks, keeps the focus in the centre, rather than the edges of the garden. Whether you have a tiny lawn or a narrow strip of gravel or small back yard we can inject a some life into your small garden.
You need to make sure access routes aren’t blocked and plant choice is important too, as some plants can just overwhelm a small space. Hydrangeas, fuchsias and foxgloves will give you a lively display of flowers throughout the warmer months, and evergreen plants with variegated foliage or something structured like a bay tree provides all year round colour.

These will look stunning against a stone or brick wall and the effect of the trailing leaves or flowers will soften a harsh doorway. Planting small shrubs either side of the path adds colour – but be aware how big the plants will grow!
A tiny lawn can be difficult to maintain as there’s often not enough room to manoeuvre a mower. Sheena has worked closely with hundreds of individual garden owners to produce practical landscape plans that really work for them. She’s written articles for many gardening magazines and is the weekly gardening correspondent for the Oxford Mail.
The slate rock water feature adds interest to a dark corner, and the continued use of slate materials and plants with black, grey and purple leaves complement the modern interior of the house. You can embark on this gardening adventure yourself, or you can hire a landscape architect to help with advice.
It can also be tricky making small front garden designs look attractive if there’s a need for storage space for bins and bicycles.
Alternatively a small flower bed under the window filled with alliums and tulips has the same effect.
You do need to keep on top of them though, as they grow fast and can quickly become unmanageable. For example, buddleia or hydrangea might seem like a good idea at first, but they grow quite large and you will be fighting a battle to keep the plants away from the pathway – particularly problematic in wet weather as soggy leaves often mean soggy trousers too!

Alternatively, you could fit a trellis and then plant rose of Sharon, ivy, jasmine or clematis to create a screen. She makes regular appearances on BBC Radio Oxford’s Garden Cafe with Phil Mercer and is the gardening expert on the Kat Orman Show.
You can find Small Garden Design guide and view the latest Small Japanese Garden Design in here.
Either way, designing your garden should be a fun and rewarding experience.Green labyrinths, cobblestone pathways, small ponds, water fountains, colorful flowers, small trees — all are elements that can induce a state of bliss.
Spiky plants like holly and juniper are also worth avoiding, as they can catch on clothing and skin when overgrown. Another idea is to use something like box hedge to create a natural boundary between the garden and the pavement.
She also appeared in the Channel 4 ‘Great Garden Challenge’ programme, which was filmed at Blenheim Palace.
Here are a few ideas for small front garden designs that will make your garden look fabulous! On the other hand, advice from the police actually recommends planting thorny bushes to deter burglars!

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