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Make all of the executive business decisions and open your very own restaurant, be it a local burger dive or a high-class establishment serving only the most decadent food. Create a menu of existing recipes, custom tailored by you, to open the restaurant of your dreams! For the Line Cook that always arrives on time and will prep food for hours on end, consider showing your appreciation by promoting them to a Sous or Executive Chef, or else they may become disgruntled and find a new job. It’s Business Time Industrial Oven allows you to create a Restaurant by simply placing the Oven on the Community Lot.
There’s an option which allows you to make Chefs better, which means they will unlock and make better meals, but that will also cost you more Simoleons since they are not working for free! You can customize your Menu with all recipes there are from all Expansion Packs and Store Sets that include new recipes. Business as Usual Bistro is an amazing place to not just try out new food, but to hang out with your friends and family, and maybe even get a couple of drinks upstairs.
They’ve pillaged pyramids, graduated from college, and even faced off against brain-hungry zombies. Performant plasma wall TV, custom mesh, lower position on wall, fun 8, fully recolorable, base game compatible. How about spending a night out of the town where you have a chef waiting to make your favorite meal?
Fix a Quick Meal with the prepped ingredients to instantly create a delicious single serving meal! You don’t need to own a public lot to run your restaurant, unless you want to get money from it. In that case it’s time to spice things up by heading out to the Business as Usual Bistro for the creme del le creme of opulent dining experiences!

If these things sound appealing, then you should get the It’s Business Time Industrial Oven, hire a chef, and start living like a boss!
As expected, Island Paradise comes with a catalog of new toys to play with, but what sets it apart from all nine previous expansions is its focus on ocean-based activities that let you expand on your creativity and even manage your own business. They may not all be perfect, but the features it brings to the table are definitely some of the best the series has seen.Ocean life is the theme of this expansion and your Sims can now live in a huge new world called Isla Paradiso.
This neighborhood not only comes with new homes, families, and community lots to visit, but because it is made up of lots of different islands, it also serves to highlight the game’s new aquatic features.
Boats, for example, not only serve as an alternative commuting tool for your Sims, but they also open up recreational activities like sailing and speed-boating, which are great diversions to your daily grind. As you play and explore your surroundings, you’ll even be able to discover new islands and unlock new lots to inhabit or visit. Though it sounds nice, you can only dive in certain locations, and underwater areas aren’t that expansive. Plus, there’s not much to do besides collect shells or admire the seaweed until your oxygen runs out.
It may offer the series something it hasn’t seen before, but these underwater sections ultimately leave you wanting more.
Merpeople, as well, are an appropriate addition, but there’s nothing special about them besides their scaly legs and ability to sprout fins when in water.
They not only give the game a fresh feel and allow you to distance yourself from the more traditional lots, but you can even take your house out for a spin and essentially live your life in the middle of the ocean if you want.
Island Paradise also comes with a few new blueprints that give you more options to quickly design a house without fussing too much over the details. Of course if you want to create your home from scratch, the addition of stilt foundations, new furniture, and landscape objects give you even more ways to be creative.Resort management is another big component to Island Paradise and lets your Sims become property owners and make a few extra Simoleons on the side.

Once you buy or build your resort, you can customize what it looks like, what services it offers, and even how much your staff makes an hour. There are enough notable features to make managing resorts feel like playing a business sim--if not a taste of what its cousin SimCity offers.
However, you’ll never be overwhelmed with things to do as a resort can survive on its own, with some basic guidance from you, of course. For instance, you’ll receive feedback from your guests on ways to improve its rating. Adding amenities like spas, suites, and waterslides, or simply increasing the quality of your food can improve your resort’s image and bring in more guests and money to your pocket. And that’s good because Isla Paradiso features plenty of gorgeous vistas and places that really capture the essence of an island getaway. With so many homes and people active all at once, the game does run into a few technical hiccups from time to time, especially out at sea.
Though its underwater sections are lacking, the rest of Island Paradise is a great display of what The Sims 3 can still offer fans of the game four years after it first launched.
You may not have direct access to your own private island in real life, but your Sims now can--and isn’t living through them what the game is all about?

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