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Safety CommitmentAt Arabian Food Supplies, ensuring food and workplace safety is the responsibility of every team member. We comply with food and workplace safety regulations that relate to the industries, geographies and venues where we operate. We ensure that our purchasing through authorized suppliers, as well as our handling, cooking, service and storage practices, contribute to the safety of the food that we prepare and serve. We regularly train our people on their important responsibilities to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and service environment. We frequently review and enhance our food and workplace safety standards, practices and programs. We ensure active ownership from our people, and encourage participation from our clients, customers, partners and other stakeholders, to play a role in achieving our safety goals.
We foster a culture where all team members are well supported in their ability to reduce safety risks and prevent incidents, injuries and food borne illnesses. We ensure that everyone has the right and obligation to stop and question any job that causes concern about their personal safety, the safety of others, or the safety of our services.

Even though the importance of frequent and thorough handwashing is communicated to restaurant workers almost nonstop, the message may not be getting through as we hoped—and customers are noticing. This number comes from an online survey conducted by KRC Research for global hygiene company SCA. As to making it easy to be sanitary--in my shop we have motorized touch-less paper towel dispensing, which now makes me feel that lever towel dispensers in others' facilities are inconvenient and dirty. It does not matter if a customer does not wash their hands before they eat, it is self inflicted if they decide to eat with their germ-ridden hands—it is their choice. However, when it comes to employees preparing food for customers it is a customers right to demand clean hands. Hand washing after using the bathroom is an honor system, there is no way to promise, or prove, to your customers your restaurant employees are washing their hands. Even with rigid sanitary protocols employees are human, they rush, they are forgetful and lazy. Sanitary regulations require hand sinks at work stations, so it is easy to see if staff is washing hands.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We empower and expect everyone at Arabian Food Supplies to take pride in their role of providing safe food delivery and safe service environments. Although sensor soap and towel dispensers are helpful in not contaminating those who have washed, this still does not ensure employees are washing their hands. Through the shared commitment of our leadership, our teams, and the strength of our policies, standards and processes across Arabian Food Supplies, we live our safety promise every day to provide quality assurance to those we serve.  Safety, quality and excellence are core values that define Arabian Food Supplies and how we earn the trust, confidence and respect of our stakeholders and partners.

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