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The project has been developed and designed by our own client group, The Early Intervention Group (part of the Young People’s Specialist Services in Mental Health) and Derwent Green Gym volunteers.
This was planned as a great challenge and would provide a good sense of achievement for everyone who took part. It would also provide an additional valuable aspect to Derwent Green Gym giving breadth to our project which we hope would give members and visitors from the community, particularly those with a sensory disability, an exciting new experience.
As a member of The Conservation Volunteers' Community Network, this site is hosted by, but not compiled by, The Conservation Volunteers. Relish the seasons and indulge your senses in this sensory garden designed for your Southeastern home.
Create a little bit of heaven in your backyard: In this landscape design, bamboo panels and native plants create a private garden retreat.
Here's a landscape plan for a peaceful, private garden sanctuary that shines throughout the seasons. The Sensory Garden, outside the doors from Sugar from the Sun, features raised plant beds that allow you to more easily enjoy plantings with all of your senses. Sensory garden plants, different grasses, flowers with therapeutic aroma’s, water features, wind chimes, elves and fairies all add a special sparkle to our sensory garden, a place where our children can spend happy hours outside in a safe and stimulating environment. Bricks for pathway (wheelchair access) None of our gardens can be accessed by our wheelchair users without imaginative pathways made of wood, bricks or concrete and ramps are needed.

Join the Iris House team on the 27th June at our Hospice building for some male bonding over the construction of our Sensory Garden, followed by a Braai. Please bring your own gardening equipment and gloves If you are able to help with any of the items below. It is described as a developmental disability and spectrum condition by The National Autistic Society. Many who have autism, particularly those with acute cases, struggle to make sense of their surroundings. John's wort (Hypericum frondosum 'Sunburst') or other small shrub, two to three feet tall  D. In addition, autistic individuals may experience communication difficulties, involving problems with speech or social situations.
In cases of under-sensitivity though, it can be difficult for people with autism to make sense of what's around them and differentiate one item from another. In fact, those with hypersensitivity may also struggle to distinguish objects in cases of distorted vision, audio and favoured textures. Well, luckily there are ways we can aid development and provide support to loved ones or friends who have autism and suffer from one of the sensory sensitivities listed above. While the winter weather may seem unforgiving, there's no reason we can't bring our garden indoors.

An indoor sensory garden is a long-term investment, not to mention a safe place that can be used all year round. In this blog post, we will look at just a few of the ways you can design the perfect space for those with autism and hyposensitivity.
Visual Supports Hyposensitive individuals often learn best through visual supports, such as photographs and objects.
So, to start your indoor sensory garden, consider posting a couple of pictures in a row on the wall.
This way, you can take your loved one through the sequence and help them learn and distinguish details and features. These could be used as a reward for remembering a texture or visual support, or to introduce them to and help them distinguish between smells; notably good smells and bad smells. These are just a few ways you can transform your spare room into an indoor sensory garden for hyposensitive, autistic individuals. Many people with autism learn to lead independent lives, depending on the severity of their condition.

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