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Selling homemade soaps online is one of the most difficult ways to get your products into the hands of customers.
Finally, The Soapmaker’s Guide to Online Marketing provides a handful of beginner glycerin soap recipes as well as resources and online shops for buying wholesale supplies for soapmaking, fragrances, molds and packaging and information websites, books and forums you can use to research for further information into this wonderful craft.
Or check out her video (above) for a recipe on making Lisa’s Pink Clay & Shea Shampoo Bars!
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I have just started to make my own soaps and was doing really well so I took photo shots of my soaps to let my friends on Facebook see them. DIY blogger, soapmaker, and mom with just the right mix of snark + moxie to keep things interesting. You can also now buy her latest book on making homemade shampoo bars, How to Make Handmade Shampoo Bars: The Budget Edition, in paperback.

In most states you’ll need to acquire a business license and collect sales tax as well record business income via a Schedule C (if a sole proprietorship) on your federal income taxes. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Then I moved onto selling full time for a good, solid four years on my local farmer’s market until the economy and my health took a turn. So if you are considering selling your handmade soaps online and are looking for a basic foundation of information to get you started, The Soapmaker’s Guide to Online Marketing is for true beginners who really have no idea how to get started. There’s also advice on setting up things like a policy page that covers deliveries and returns and how to handle delivery issues. Now I sell my handmade soaps and other bath and body products exclusively online via my own storefront. In addition there’s useful information on SEO, using meta tags, branding, photographing your products, and finally promoting your website using methods from a press release and Pinterest to creating a newsletter and youtube videos to using both paid and free advertising.

I’ve  learned a lot, but as you know, the world of ecommerce is constantly changing forcing those of us who sell our handmade arts and crafts online, to keep in the loop or fall to the wayside.
You’ll also discover useful information on business basics, running a home office, invoicing,  shipping, pricing guidelines, labeling, creating your brand and how to avoid online scams. However, there is basic know how that every soapmaker should have under their belt before they begin their adventure into selling their handmade products to the public.

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