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Seedbomb is a non-military bomb that protects earth from worsening desertification and lessens sandstorms. A staple in the green living arsenal, the seed bombs are ready-made planting factories just waiting for a friend to toss them in a bit of dirt (then again, who isn’t?) These clever little creations are seeds which have been encapsulated with soil and bound in clay.
You can fill your seed bombs with flowers for beautifying your environment (a great public service) or use herbs and veggies for a pretty plant that provides.
Mix the clay and compost and add just enough water to make it the consistency of play dough (kinda).
Nikki is an author and writer specializing in green living ideas and tips, adventure travel, upcycling, and all things eco-friendly.
Nikki is a Toronto based author and green living blogger specializing in environmentally-friendly building technologies, renewable energy and all things green.
In contrast, Hwang’s seed bomb is filled with dozens of capsules, each of which contains seeds, nutrients, and moisture. Hwang sees the seed bomb as a way to halt the spread of desertification in the world’s driest regions, but it seems to me the possibilities go much further.
Seed bombs have been used to re-green thousands of hectares of desert buy dropping millions of them from helicopters.

After the 2nd World War, Gale Halvorson, an American pilot, dropped candies in the name of hope for children in Berlin. When a Seedbomb is released from an airplane, Seedbomb is disassembled in the air and seed capsules inside of the bomb spread out widely and fall on the ground. If you are walking down the street and spy a little crack in the pavement, just toss your seed bomb into any crevice or patch of soil you find.
Guerrilla gardeners make their own gardens beautiful and practical as well as the environments they live in; after all-sharing is caring!
You can share your heirloom seeds or flowers by making these great little seed bombs using ingredients you can find just about anywhere. The capsules are released in mid-air, and when they reach the ground, the seeds (at least in theory) germinate. I stumbled onto you using a search engine and was rather thankful for your rank with this article. How about specially designed seed bombs based on a person’s name or interests (other than gardening, of course)? These bombs come with a selection of indigenous flowing plant seeds but are available on request with either Herb seeds or Sunflower seeds.

With the first rains, your seed bomb will bloom into a lovely flower, veggie or herb – green living has never been this easy!
If you have a pitiful park, empty lot, abandoned car or any area in your neighborhood that could use a little green living love, then the seed bomb is a great, practical and easy way to beautify your environment.
You can substitute clumping cat litter for the dry red clay as long as it is completely natural and contains no scent or chemical additives. You toss them onto barren land and when the rains come (or the watering can!) the clay dissolves and the seeds can germinate in a compost enriched environment. Seed bombs also make great gifts for friends who need a little urban farming help or some pretty flowers. The clay ball protects the seeds from light, air and foraging birds until the conditions are right for seed germination.

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