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Meanwhile, Seul leaves to go back to the golf course, and she broods over a past love triangle with a jealous other guy who had promised to show her that Oska was just like other men.
Joo-wanda’s eyes widen in horror, and Oska is the first to pull away in disgust, spitting and freaking out. Oska has already fled the scene of the kiss, having been freaked out by Ra-Him’s reaction more than anything. Magic veil of Un-switchiness: Ra-im gets out of the car and tells Joo-won to go ahead without her, as she plans on going back to get Oska.
Joo-won promises to make her regret those words, just as Oska pulls up to the golf course in a cop car.
Seul arrives and invites them all to stay for a weekend, since the golf resort is her family’s. He asks what she’s doing with a guy who has a woman, and she spits back that she has lots of experience with those kind of men. He reminds her that she’s the one who turned down his proposal and went abroad with the other guy.
They both agree to drop the music video, since Oska plans to scrap his seventh album anyway.
She finds Joo-wanda, and Ra-Him joins them, noticing that Seul’s cheeks are red from the cold. Later at dinner, as Ra-Him and Oska barbeque, Seul notes that she loves a man who cooks, and Ra-Him lays it on thick, that she thinks women who appreciate her cooking are the prettiest. Oska soaks and Ra-Him comes tiptoeing into the men’s sauna, wrapped up to her chest in a towel. Outside, Ra-im and Joo-won sit down for a drink, back in their own bodies under the mystical veil. He points a finger at her perviness (yeah, takes one to know one, buddy) and she asks him why he’s even out here instead of sleeping.
She sighs, as she tells him that her mother passed away soon after she was born, and her father told her that her eyes and her laugh were the same as Ra-im’s.
The next morning, Seul and Oska each wake up in their beds…to find surprise visitors asleep next to them. Ra-Him gets a text from Jong-soo about the script for Dark Blood and asks Joo-wanda about it, excited for the film she’s been waiting her whole career for. On the way to Seoul, Oska can’t take the tension with Seul anymore and ditches her on the side of the highway. He goes after Tae-sun, thinking that he leaked the song (not so bright, our Oska) only to find out that the leak came somewhere from Seul’s office. Joo-wanda decides to do a little shopping in the meantime, and takes his own credit card for a spin, buying sequined dresses that cost a small fortune.
I love that he actually relishes shopping for himself as a woman, like he’s living out some fantasy of dressing a Barbie doll or something, only now he gets to dress himself like his ideal woman. She shows her distaste for Ra-im quite clearly, and offers up an envelope of money, along with a contract that she won’t go near her son again.
Meanwhile, Ra-Him gets stuck having to deal with Director Park, who presents her with a slew of things to decide on, and one in particular that Secretary Kim motions for her to sign herself. Director Park walks away from the meeting bewildered at the sudden 180-turn of polite Joo-won, wondering what on earth he’s up to now.
Ra-Him walks up and tells him to shut his trap otherwise his jaw will come loose…and then decks him.
He rushes into the police station, appalled to see Ra-Him sitting there handcuffed, eating soup.
He decides to let her rot in jail, and calls off the lawyer, and even tells the pervert VVIP to press charges and not let up. She rushes back inside, and she and Joo-won look at each other, as smiles spread across their faces, and Ra-im jumps for joy.
Whether or not Ra-im’s father is pulling all the strings, or Fate intervened to un-swap them, or the swap is only temporary, or someone spiked the rain with magic mojo…matters, and it matters more than the un-swapping itself.

I do agree that this world needs some rules but I’ve been frustrated trying to figure out this whole mystical body switching magic as well. Was it foreshadowing when Ah Young told “RI” (it was JW in her body at the time) about the dream about him and RI in a car accident, that RI will die?? I understand how it could just make you wonder what may come next or try explaining why this and that happened. Because the body swapping is the selling point, wouldn’t you think that the reverse body swap is temporary and that they just might end up swapping bodies again.
Well, I think the body swap is temporary, just to give them an idea of the consequences their actions have when they are switched. Either A) Papa figures out something went wrong and he’ll appear in the next few episodes to swap their bodies again, or B) Ra-IM and Joo Won somehow touch eachother (or however) and swap souls again. Though, I must say… I did enjoy the show pre-swapping, but only enjoyed the last few episodes due to the immense hilarity. In fact, I want to see Ra-him moments with Joo-won’s family and enjoy the immense hilarity of how that scene would turn out at a family meal.
I agree, I think the body swap wasn’t enough of a lesson for them (particularly Joo-Won), so they needed to switch back (temporarily) in order to see the consequences of their actions.
As a side note, I do wish Ra-him would experience some residuals from Joo-Won’s claustrophobia. I think they got swapped back cos Ra-Im’s dad doesn’t want her girl to suffer in jail?? I wish I can see BTS about that scene , I bet they had to shoot many times becoz they won’t be able to stop laughing . Our body-swapped souls get entangled in each other’s affairs, further complicated by the heartbreak rivalry going on between Oska and Seul. It has the added benefit, though, of stunning Ra-Him, to Joo-wanda’s great displeasure. Joo-wanda sees that his cousin is actually sincere about this, whatever mixed-up feelings he’s got going on with Seul.
Outside, Oska enacts his revenge on Ra-Him in a childish headlock, which Joo-wanda refuses to help her out of. Ra-Him just grins sheepishly, as her foot goes up and she touches her lips, with that I-just-kissed-my-idol-oppa dreamy look on her face. Joo-won doesn’t understand her over-extending care for his hapless cousin…does she like him? For all the tough moments in her life—enduring abuse on set, losing her father—Oska’s songs were there for her through them all.
He asks what she’s trying to do with Joo-won, who is his cousin, and his younger brother. Seul confesses to having used the video as an excuse to get close to Joo-won, but now it seems like marrying him will be the faster route.
Oska’s had enough, and he drags Ra-Him away to the sauna, to wash everything clean (starting with their lips, heh) and start over. Oska yells at her, thinking she’s doing it on purpose because of their awkward kiss, and so she gingerly lowers her towel to her waist.
They both freak out, while Ra-Him and Joo-wanda don’t realize that they’ve slept in the wrong beds, in their drunken haze.
She confirms that Ra-im has been around, sending Mom into a tizzy for her secretary to track Ra-im down for a chat. Joo-wanda peers at the envelope, noting what a tiny sum it is, and then asks if she’s done this sort of thing before.
Lee sighs that his mom is still doing such things (seeming to confirm that she was once on the receiving end of just such a dismissal attempt), and tells him not to see Joo-won anymore. He opens the file that Ra-Him signed off on, and shrieks in horror: He’s changed his signature!
She asks Secretary Kim what kind of boss Joo-won is, assuming correctly that he’s pretty much as rude and condescending as he is elsewhere.

He texts Secretary Kim to call his lawyer, confusing the poor guy since Ra-Him is sitting right next to him. She admits to being in the wrong, but Joo-wanda rails into her for being exactly the same as she was that night, when she showed up with that dreaded handbag—that she’s never once thought about him. Ra-Him tries to remind him that it’s his body (which Secretary Kim overhears), but Joo-wanda is having none of it, and leaves.
As soon as Joo-wanda steps out into the mystical rain, their souls magically get swapped back. I suppose the door is left open for them to re-swap and un-swap at length throughout the series, every time it rains or whatever other mystical precipitation is in the forecast. If you’ve got a mystical world, there ought to be rules that govern that world, and we as the audience have to be let in on those rules.
At least JW is sometimes trying to take RI’s situation into consideration versus RI who seems to think she is…a bit self-righteous?
I am thinking that RI’s mother had some illness that is hereditary and that was why she died. In order to make the real Joo-Won suffer in his own body AND mind because his retaliation by asking the pervert to sue him and keep him in jail, the spirit (aka Ra-Im’s dad) swaps them back (probably temporarily) just so Joo-Won can get a dose of his own medicine. It’s funny that both cousins are fighting, but neither is fighting for the same girl…except for purposes of maximum annoyance. She accepts the invite, and when Seul comes to her side and links her arm, Ra-Him pointedly takes her by the hand instead, to the horror of Joo-wanda and Oska. Joo-wanda shows up, and as soon as Mother sees that tracksuit, she asks warily if they went to Italy together. She confirms that it’s hardly her first time buying off an unworthy girlfriend, which Joo-wanda hears with a heavy sigh. Somehow you live in a universe where that makes sense, but it doesn’t to the rest of us.
Joo-won finds himself in his own body, handcuffed in the police station, and Ra-im is back in hers, standing in the rain. I mean, comedy aside (which is a big reason to love it, sure) I hope we’re going to get bigger consequences.
If RI’s dad doesn’t somehow maybe find her knight in shining armor or prevent her from getting into some accident before the flower dies then RI will inevitably die??
I say just stop speculating as it would for sure drive you more and more antsy when we have to wait a whole week or sometimes longer (for the sub)until the next 2 episodes are out.
Heh.) and Joo-wanda steps in to say that it was his idea, because he dislikes Oska, and begins to rag on his has-been idolness, with has-been hair.
He rushes off in Joo-won’s car, and Seul goes with him, leaving her car with Ra-Him and Joo-wanda. It definitely hits Joo-wanda right in the kisser, as it starts to dawn on him that perhaps he isn’t such a saint. He’s trying to protect her because she will encounter death soon so in order to preserve, keep her alive spiritually, her he has them drink the medicinal wine? Maybe RI and JW finally officially start a relationship and they get into some fight after they find out RI’s illness and JW is racing down the highway crying while she is sleeping? There’s plenty of ways to frame the rules of your world as oblique, and you can always find clever loopholes to surprise us—that’s the fun in ALL of us knowing the rules, ya dig? If the circumstance just changes, for no rhyme or reason and worst of all, in a seemingly random fashion, we lose faith that the mystical world has a purpose and an internal logic.

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