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This August, I was delighted to have the opportunity to create a baby shower to welcome a new little girl into the world. Turns out, the theme wasn't actually a reference to that children's book, but I still used it loosely as my inspiration to create a magical scene of a garden that felt almost like something from another world. I immediately thought of the Chanel 2009 runway show, and knew what I wanted to do for my backdrop. I'll be posting a tutorial for how to make one of these show-stoppers for yourself, and you'll be amazed at how inexpensive and easy it is. I wanted pink to be the predominant color of the desserts (it was a shower for a little girl, after all!) Raspberry mousse is a delicious, delightfully pink dessert. The brush-embroidery cookies were so easy to make, and looked so amazing (if I do say so myself!)!

I also love how my mirrored cake stands came out, and I can't wait to share the tutorial for those as well.
Head over to her Flickr stream for some serious beauty and inspiration.When thinking about pink confections, I remembered these biscotti.
I carried the paper flowers theme through the table tents as well, using simple paper punches to create a miniature version of the backdrops. The lemon tartlets weren't pink, I know, but the flower shape and lemon flavor made them irresistible for the party. This was a baby shower, after all, so I created this simple, but utterly adorable onesie bunting.
It's amazing how much elegance and dimension one little paper flower can add to a package!Savory snacks included pork tenderloin mini sandwiches with a horseradish mustard spread.

Cheese and crackers are so much more special when the crackers are homemade rosemary sea salt crackers, and the plate is garnished with adorable miniature champagne grapes and raspberries. It's a great make-ahead appetizer.For an activity, I came up with the idea of making custom paint-by numbers canvases.
Each guest at the party could paint a piece of the picture using the easy color-coded canvas and paints.And after adding their contributions to the artwork, the guests signed the canvas. An activity, a gift for the parents, nursery decor, and a loving memento of the people who came to celebrate the new baby, all rolled into one!

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