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Along with a select number of media outlets from Long Island, we were invited to the unveiling of the new Summer Menu.
The main entrees consisted of two seasonal items; Wild Alaskan Copper River Salmon and Piedmontese All-Natural Bone-in Strip Steak, a steak that is grass-fed and naturally raised. These menu items will be available for the next few months, so now’s the time to hit up Seasons 52 and enjoy the experience. Seasons 52  is a collection of fresh grill and bar restaurants capitalizing on the growing interest of diners to eat food that is made with the best ingredients (many of them locally procured) to complement a growing concern about living a healthy lifestyle.
Opened in UTC on November 19, 2012, Executive Chef Steve De Barril says Seasons 52 is working hard to build a good reputation in the area, while striving to become a respected part of the community.
From a sophisticated main dining room and comfortable outdoor patio, to a large piano bar area where there is nightly entertainment, the atmosphere is warm and inviting with an open space feel boasting natural and organic decor. A varied menu with several choices for all appetites, including many vegetarian selections, offers guests healthy seasonal fare complete with over 52 wines by the glass (including my favorite Cakebread Cellars chardonnay). It was De Barril’s passion for cooking that motivated him to work in professional kitchens.
De Barril also believes in keeping it simple and not masking fresh ingredients with extra seasonings, marinades, or sauces. Long long ago in a city far from home I found a restaurant that served my needs and was quite tasty.  I left the city of Chicago to travel with my husband to Ft.

If you are reading this on any other blog than Vegan Restaurant Finder or via my RSS Feed, it is stolen content without credit.
They’re Florida based and have been growing by leaps and bounds with new locations opening up throughout the country. We were shown to the upstairs private dining area that is kept separate from the main dining area, and mostly used for private events.
An organic arugula salad with watermelon, grilled golden beets, goat cheese, jicama and toasted pistachios was the perfect summer salad while the Summer Vegetarian Tasting filled with quinoa, soft taco, vegetables and tofu was hearty and delicious. We don’t expect these to stay on the menu in perpetuity because of the freshness of the season, but while they are in service, they will certainly be enjoyed.
The concept debuted in 2003, and today there are three restaurants in Southern California with another one opening in Santa Monica in a couple of months. For lunch, I highly recommend the White Bean Soup seasoned with Herbes de Provence, the Blackened Mahi Mahi Tacos, or the BBQ Chicken Salad.
Organized, detail-oriented, and a team leader and player, he loves the atmosphere of the kitchen and says he gets a huge adrenaline rush doing his job.
Lauderdale has many vegan gluten-free restaurants and I jest about the city not being allergy friendly but none of the restaurants were near my hotel and since I was at a conference I did not have much of a chance to check around.  I was fortunate in my one quest to the mall I found Seasons 52 and dined with gusto!!
It’s a high-end restaurant that focuses on healthy dishes, superior ambience and carefully selected wine options.

The spin here is that no dish is greater than 500 calories, so you can enjoy a full meal without the guilt.
We were then walked through the new menu, along with a special wine pairing for each course, selected by their Master Sommelier, George Miliotes. They will travel far and wide to find the best for product for their diners (food and wine, together) and package it together to make an intimate night out. For dinner, the Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon is nicely caramelized on the outside in a 700 degree oven, over a natural wood flame, keeping it perfectly tender on the inside, with just the right hint of smokiness. Plus, the quality is what you would expect at any high-end restaurant, so you can rest assured that a night out at Seasons 52 is a night well spent.
The Grilled Boneless Rainbow Trout is equally flavorful, served with baby carrots, fresh dill and roasted new potatoes. For dessert, my favorite mini indulgences are the Pecan Pie with Vanilla Mousse and the Tropical Fruit Cheesecake.

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