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You can easily puree fresh fruits and vegetables in your kitchen and squeeze them into airtight (BPA, PVA, and phthalate-free) plastic pouches you can take on-the-go or freeze for later use. These handy little pouches are perfect nutritional snack packs you can give your little ones with no guilt.Now that Baby has started on solids what should I make first in my Infantino Squeeze Station?Typically babies can begin eating solids around month 6 or later, and should usually start with rice cereal.
Once your baby is ready for fruits and veggies, be sure to introduce them slowly (waiting about 4 days before introducing a new food) and watching for rashes and diarrhea, which may indicate an allergy.

She has held digital editorial positions within Pearson, Glam Media, and Disney, and her writing appears in women’s lifestyle publications, pregnancy & parenting books—and even on a few labels for olive oil. It goes against science backed evidence and all the health organizations including American Academy of Pediatrics and World Health Organization.

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