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Life Lab cultivates children's love of learning, healthy food, and nature through garden-based education. For newly planted seeds and seedlings, water less deep and more frequently to keep the soil surface constantly moist. Learn to assess soil moisture with the squeeze test: Dig down a few inches and grab a handful of soil. More water conservation tips from the UCSC Farm & Garden For the Gardener Publications.
In light of the current energy crisis that South Africa has found itself in, Burgess and Partners Plumbing Services has made a commitment to help, inform and educate our existing and new clients in being energy efficient.
Rain Water Harvesting RWH- process of collecting, conveying & storing water from rainfall in an area – for beneficial use.

Gutters are channels fixed to the edges of roof all around to collect & transport the rainwater from the roof. The storage tank is provided with a cover on the top to avoid the contamination of water from external sources.
From providing the best curriculum to their cutting edge professional development, we have relied on Life Lab as our go to organization for support, ideas, and collaboration.
Their breadth of experience, joy for teaching, and commitment to sharing knowledge highlight the best practices in food and garden education.
Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial building we will design and advise where changes to the existing or new installation can be made, in order to be more energy efficient therefore helping to save the environment as well as saving you the client money in the process.
For an average rainfall of 1,000mm, approximately four million litres of rainwater can be collected in a year in an acre of land (4,047 m2), post-evaporation.

Gutters can be made in semi-circular and rectangular shape with cement pipe, plain galvanized iron sheet, PVC pipes, bamboos etc. For small scale water storage plastic buckets, Jerry cans, clay or cement jars, ceramic jars, drums may be used. The storage tank is provided with pipe fixtures at appropriate places to draw the water to clean the tank & to dispose of extra water. For larger quantities of water, the system will require a bigger tank with cylindrical or rectangular or square in shape constructed with Ferro cement or cement rings or plain cement concrete or reinforced cement concrete or brick or stone etc.

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