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Today, a domestic automotive manufacturing industry is not something you associate with New Zealand. Two time world touring car champion and New Zealand icon Paul Radisich has been appointed as the new national and international ambassador for the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign. We're always looking at ways of sourcing ingredients and making products on a local level, to help minimise our impact on the environment.
Some of New Zealand's greatest heroes and sporting legends eat Weet-Bix every day, and many New Zealanders get the energy they need to power through their own busy lives. Life Health Food (LHF) is a company established in conjunction with Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing and owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in New Zealand. You may not represent that you are another person, real or fictitious, or imply a connection with an organization with which you are not affiliated. While you may challenge opinions, you may not write personal attacks about another commenter.

If you find that your comment was not approved, you may resubmit your comment by following the above guidelines. Since November, LHF’s Bean Supreme products—Mushroom Burgers, Roasted Garlic Vegetarian Sausages and Ginger and Honey Marinated Tofu—have been available at Coles supermarkets throughout Australia. NonSport Card EXHIBITS The Great Art of Non-Sports Trading cards in visual exhibits for your enjoyment. New Zealand product excellence will be celebrated this year with the Buy NZ Made Campaign running their first ever People’s Choice Awards. In caring for the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders, we have created great breakfast cereal foods, soymilks, spreads and healthy vegetarian foods. Caring for our world is important to us, which is why we choose to honour, preserve and care for our world as a created gift.
But there's a lot more to Sanitarium besides being New Zealand's number one selling breakfast cereal.

We love using natural, wholesome foods to offer you the best of nature’s goodness and flavours. We consider the environment when making decisions around technology, energy sources and methods of operation, to ensure that the choices we make are sustainable. Whether it's New Zealand's largest kids sporting event, the 'Weet-Bix Tryathlon,' the KickStart Breakfast programme for kids in need, or the free health and nutritional advice for all New Zealanders, we're here because we want to make a difference.

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