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San Salvador Restaurant y Pupuseria will take your taste buds on a journey to Central America and give you the full experience of authentic Salvadorian food. Serving more than just Salvadorian food, the restaurant offers a variety of savory Mexican food too, though the main focus is on the pupusa, a delicacy of El Salvador. The Salvadorian and Mexican menu consists of pupusas, tortas, soups, and Salvadorian traditional desserts.
The pupusas are handmade at the time you order them so they are freshly served, and come with a side of curtido, a cabbage that has been soaked in vinegar for about a day and other ingredients are added such as onion and tree peppers.

This curtido compliments the taste of the pupusas and makes your taste buds go wild with a sour but salty taste along with the specially prepared salsa. San Salvador also specializes in making their own Central American horchata (rice drink) that differs from the Mexican kind, adding a twist of coffee. It Pays to Advertise in The Western Sun!Learn how you can advertise your business in the Western Sun. A pupusa is made of a thick, corn tortilla and is filled with cheese, loroco, pork meat, beans, or a combination of these.

Their contact number is (714)418-9610 if you want to drop by and experience the taste of El Salvador.

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