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What is most exciting about pupusas is not just what they are filled with, but what is served with them. I decided to order the same two types of pupusa at each stop: revuelta (cheese and chicharron) and queso con loroco. When I split open the loroco pupusa, white cheese, flecked with green, oozed out into a puddle on the plate. Vina del Mar is tiny, the dining area has six small tables, a beverage refrigerator, and a chest freezer for the kitchen. Rincon Salvadoreno was my first introduction to Salvadoran food years ago, so I'm a bit partial to the place.
El Comal Pupuseria Restaurant has an impressive menu and steam table, which I ignored since I was so full of pupusas already and could not afford distractions.
This is the only non-Jamaica place on the round-up, and I went here to see how they compared in an area without much competition, Corona. In some ways Salvadorean pupusas have similarieties with Mexican corn or flower tortillas but they are different, they have different infgredients, different cooking processes, which results in a distinctive Salvadorean food.
We invite you to come and try true Pupusas from El Salvador, so you can taste another type of Central American food. We also offer Jamaica's top brands like Grace Foods, Mountain Peak Coffee, Ocho Rios, Big Bamboo, Matouk's Sauces and more.
We also have healthy traditional juices, such as Horchata and Agua de Jamaica, made from Hibiscus flowers. Catering services for business events, weddings, parties and any event providing great Mexican Food. We offer true traditional food from Mexico and El Salvador, including family style recipes that are not easy to find. Pupusas and other traditional food from El Salvador will transport you to family style Latin American food. Mexican food goes well beyond the traditional tacos and quesadillas, at Rincon Sabroso you will find special dishes that will surprise you. We do catering for business meetings, parties, outdoor events and any event that includes great Mexican and Central American style food.

For some events we can also provide full service including cooks and waitresses so you don't have to worry about anything regarding food except enjoying a wonderful Central American style meal. Exiting a city line bus at no stop in particular along Jamaica Ave -- in the wee morning hours of Presidents Day, food options were quite plentiful. Curtido, a crunchy, vinegary, lightly fermented cabbage salad, and a mild tomato salsa are two traditional accompaniments to a fresh, hot-off-the-comal pupusa. Loroco is the small bud of a plant that grows in El Salvador and throughout Central America, that has a fresh, herb-y, green flavor. They have amazing tamales de elote, which are sweet and soft tamales with chunks of corn, and quite different from Mexican tamales.
Rincon Salvadoreno is the fanciest of the restaurants on this list, and when I say fancy, I mean plastic banana trees, waterfalls, giraffe statue large-enough-to-sit-on-if-you-were-allowed-to fancy. My favorite pupusa revuelta is a tie between Vina (for size and cheese flavor) and El OK Salvadoreno (for pork flavor and a touch of crispness). It's the combination of all the ingredients together that makes them so good, and all of the elements everywhere were fresh, bright, and hand-made. This seafood dishes are traditional from Michoacan and the coast of LA?zaro CA?rdenas, and use at least 5 spices blended in secret ways.
The postulate corner location drew me nearer and once inside, I marvelled at the brightly painted jungle-esque theme. I suppose they can be compared to Mexican gorditas because of the corn masa, stuffing, and the griddle, but the comparison ends there. Earthy corn masa filled with melting, soft, creamy cheese and salty chicharron, topped with tangy, crunchy cabbage and a smooth salsa. At El OK, my first stop, the pupusas came out after a fifteen minute wait—a good thing, meaning that they are freshly prepared.
The curtidos were all pretty great, particularly at Rincon Salvadoreno and Vina del Mar; the best tomato salsa, at Tierras Salvadorenas.
I ordered off of seamless so I'm not sure who is responsible for the almost 2 hour delivery time. Handmade pupusas are filled with different things: beans, cheese, chicharron (in this case, a paste of ground pork meat, not the same as crispy skin chicharron in a gordita), and combinations of all three.

It has it all—texture, flavor, and temperature contrasts, so much going on for such a small snack.
The white cheese was strongly salted by the chicharron, which tasted like pork concentrate. Buy traditional Jamaican foods and drinks like fruit juices, coffee, jerk seasoning, hot sauces and more. Sitting alone, sound came only from a wall mounted TV, History Channel speak-- Presidential this and that, the car, the plane, the meals. Queens—particularly Jamaica, Queens—is home to a large Salvadorian population, so it made sense to start there in my search for the ultimate pupusa. Similar in all aspects to the one at OK, but again, a little saltier, a little spicier, a little tangier. The curtido had a nice hit of vinegar with a touch of heat from some red chili flakes, oregano, sharp white onions, and carrots for color, adding crunch and bite to the dish. The curtido here was very crunchy, nicely salted, lots of carrots, but no oregano; overall, a great bite. The tomatoes were simply cooked and pureed into a thin red salsa, adding some acidity as well. The loroco pupusa was nice, lots of chopped loroco in another melty, oozy, stringy, flavorful cheese. Much like at Vina del Mar, a little spicy, a lot tangy, nice oregano flavor, with color from carrots and bite from onions. It tasted fresh and homemade with lots a veggies and it came with salsa and lemon on the side.

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