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As part of Ecowize's service offering - via our Cleanwize programme - we develop all the procedures and documentation needed to create a compliant processing facility which conforms to third-party food safety audits, government legislation, EU export standards and provides a process of due diligence which will meet the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act. Ecowize is also able to offer this service to processing facilities that currently use internal resources for their cleaning.
In line with our policy on innovation, Ecowize has been responsible for introducing the latest cleaning technology, in the form of low pressure cleaning systems, to the South African food industry. Our low pressure cleaning systems result in water and chemical savings, more efficient labour usage, less mechanical breakdowns, less damage to equipment (compared to high pressure) and ultimately cost savings to our clients. Ecowize works in strategic partnerships with leading chemical suppliers to the food industry in order to implement and trial the latest hygiene and sanitation trends and technologies from around the world.
Ecowize offers technical training to its employees in line with our training policies, as well as to Food Processing facilities that in-source their cleaning. Through our in-depth knowledge we are able to assist Food Processing Plants prepare for Food Safety audits, particularly from a cleaning and Hygiene perspective.

As the market leaders in Food Process Cleaning, Ecowize has developed an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of external auditing companies auditing on behalf of the American Institute of Bakers (AIB), Yum Brands (KFC), SAFSIS, International Britannia (Woolworths), HACCP Accreditations, etc.
Ecowize has developed effective protocols for the elimination and prevention of Food Borne Pathogens. Ecowize is able to provide real time monitoring of cleaning performance through Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing. Our Safetywize programme ensures a safe working environment for our employees through ongoing training and reinforcement of safe working practices. Our extensive experience and effective cleaning methodologies result in labour, chemical and utilities savings without impacting on the quality of the clean.

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