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The festive period has come and gone, mince pies were enjoyed and it’s now all back to normal, lots of fruit and veg and healthy eating. We were sent a selection of Ryvita Crispbread to try some of the recipes from 31 Ways with Ryvita, including Sunflower Seeds & Oats, Multigrain, Mediterranean Herbs, Sesame, Hint of Chilli and Fruit Crunch. We have tried Ryvita Fruit Crunch and it’s very tasty, it goes down nicely with a cup of tea. 31 Ways with Ryvita has been inspired with a variety of toppings, recipes and serving suggestions to carry you through the month, completely guilt free.
Ryvita Crispbreads are classic rye crispbreads, made with deliciously healthy wholegrain, available in satisfyingly crunchy options that suit all tastes.
I am not sure which recipe is my favourite yet, so I will be trying other recipes over the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for more lovely recipes using Ryvita.
Busy mummy, juggling full time work, uni, bird watching and field research on birds vigilance behaviour. When I opened the packet of new Ryvita flavours I had been sent to review, I immediately saw the fruit crunch cripbread and thought that my husband would have to tell me if they tasted good as I was sure to hate them. I was given the Ryvita for the purpose of the review but all the opinions given here are my own.

We have throughly enjoyed creating recipes with Ryvita Crispbread by adding our favourite toppings to it. Before taking part in the challenge, I had no idea I could have so many different toppings with Ryvita! Ryvita has created ’31 Ways with Ryvita Crispbread’ with quick and easy ways to spruce up your healthy eating plan, from spicy Cracked Black Pepper to sweet Fruit Crunch, the classic rye Ryvita Crispbread range is guaranteed to give your January some crunch. They are packed with currants, topped with seeds and drizzled with honey, healthier alternative to biscuits and sweet treats.
I must admit I never thought about using Ryvita as croutons in soups, so it’s been interesting taking part in the 31 days, 31 ways with Ryvita Challenge.
Hubby’s favourite recipe was Ryvita topped with smoked salmon, while little man was a big fan of Ryvita topped with chocolate spread and strawberry. I’m thinking egg mayo with watercress, or perhaps mini pizza with grilled cheese and cherry tomatoes. Our UK Parenting Lifestyle Blog shares our family adventures, stories and reviews, from family days out and restaurants, to travel and hotels, children’s toys, gadgets, fashion and beauty! If breakfasts weren't such a rush every morning, I would eat this everyday - but for now it is perfect as a weekend treat.

Seeing as I like goats cheese, pesto and sundried tomatoes - it was always going to be a winner.
There is a combination for each time of the day, whether you are looking for a fruity breakfast, something to spice up your lunch or mid-afternoon treat, there is one recipe for you! I am happy to enjoy Ryvita Fruit Crunch on its own, but it tastes even nicer with toppings. I also really like the sound of peanut butter with banana on Ryvita – not sure which one to choose so I might try a few more. In an effort to be healthy I used Greek yoghurt instead of the cream, and a drop of vanilla essence as I didn't have any paste.
The only suggestion I will make is that you drizzle some of the sundried tomato oil over the Ryvita, so it isn't too dry. You can even make mini pizzas out of Ryvita – they are so tasty and low in calories too!

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