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I am pleased to have an ongoing association with the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit organization that advocates for policies that protect global and individual health.
Nearly all of the data used took into account how people typically wash and prepare produce – for example, apples were washed and bananas peeled before testing. The first thrust focuses on metabolic engineering, where molecular biotechnology is used to engineer pathways for the synthesis of chiral compounds and other Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). A second focus area of the flagship project is chemical catalysis, where we target to efficiently synthesize chiral compounds by designing catalysts at the molecular-nanometer scale. Downstream processing for the development of novel separation and purification concepts is the third pillar of the flagship project, whereby molecular engineering is used to achieve isolation, purification and formulation of proteins and small molecular drugs.
The purpose of this project is to develop new catalysts that allow for the ready preparation of carboxylic acids, esters and amides. Biocatalysis and metabolic engineering is one of the three thrusts in the Flagship Project with its main objectives in the use of biological systems for the synthesis of chiral chemicals. A major theme in the Flagship project is the microbial, biological or chemical synthesis of chiral chemicals. With the event of microarray and microfluidic technologies, there is a great opportunity to interface these technologies for the monitoring and sensing of biochemical and chemical reactions. The properties of pharmaceuticals are not only dictated by the chemical composition of the active molecules, but also by their crystal form. This project entails the development of novel and efficacious chiral stationary phases (CSP) for analytical through to process enantioseparations via Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. The question starts with some known or unknown compound participating in some reactions and giving rise to products. Can you trust that a can of black beans from Bolivia or a bag of walnuts labeled “Product of Kazakhstan” or imported soy beans from China are what they claim to be—organic? The Flagship project consist of 3 thrusts, metabolic engineering, chemical catalysis and downstream processing, which complement one another with the expectations of great results for the development of pharmaceuticals for Singapore.

In this part of the flagship project, we will develop new, commercially viable methods for separations, study interactions among biological molecules, and engineer novel formulations for biotherapeutics. Chemical processes that can be utilized to carry out important chemical transformations in an environmentally benign, safe and efficient manner are extremely important in the pharmaceutical industry. In this project we will make use of biological systems for the synthesis of biocatalytic nanosystems. Within the scope of this theme, as well as the downstream processing of product recovery, methods for the rapid and sensitive monitoring on the chiral products would greatly enhance the overall project goals. In addition, the developments in generating monoclonal antibodies which have unique specificities and are able to detect analytes in extremely low concentrations offer an intriguing concept in the use of microarrays in combination with microfluidics in a multiplex mode and monitor a multitude of products simultaneously. Different crystal forms are called polymorphs, and different crystal forms can have very different properties, such as rates of dissolution etc.
Preparative SFC is a relatively new technology and only recently publications are appearing in the open literature. The average potato, for example, has a much higher total weight of pesticides than any other food crop, while celery, cherry tomatoes and sweet bell peppers each tested positive for 13 different pesticides.
The 2014 version is based on the results of pesticide tests performed on produce and collected by federal agencies from the past nine years. Specifically, the research program will focus on developing new technologies and cutting edge methods for the production, synthesis, separation, and formulation of pharmaceuticals, with a focus on chemical pharmaceuticals. It has been known that a number of algal (Chorella vulgaris) and microbial (Aspergillus niger) extracts are able to transform metal salts (e.g. In this Inter-University project we will examine a new concept for the monitoring of the chirality of the various products within the goals of the Flagship Research Projects. The model system this Inter-University Project has selected is the monitoring of glycans which have been considered as small molecule drugs or as an aid in determining glycoprotein structures.
This strategy will be used to optimize staged or chromatographic-type separation operations for the high throughput measurement of important classes of intracellular molecules extracted from cells and tissues. In fact, part of the submission and approval of pharmaceuticals is based on the polymorph produced.

The strategic roadmap and the connections between the flagship and inter-university projects are outlined in Figure 1, as detailed below. To this end, microarray technology be explored as the basis for the detection of the amount and product chirality in a high throughput manner.
In either case, the number of glycan that needs to be determined qualitatively and quantitatively will be quite large. Problems arise when (1) the polymorph changes during manufacturing, as what happened to Abbott pharmaceuticals with Ritaovir, and (2) when a competitor discovers a new polymorph and can develop a different drug composition based on it. Moreover, the properties of supercritical fluids CO2 enable faster and more efficient separations as compared to HPLC. Andrew Weil lists the dirtiest offenders —those with the highest pesticide load—that make buying the organic versions a worthwhile consideration. Using microarray technology with microfluidics, it is our belief simultaneous monitoring of various glycans is possible. The holy grail of pharmaceutical processing is to predict the phase diagram of new pharmaceuticals. These preparations will be combined with methods of nanoparticle preparation in order to create novel biocatalysts at the nanoparticle scale. In this project we propose to develop a glycochip which will be able to perform in real-time and on-line monitoring of glycan structures and quantify glycan concentrations of glycoprotein in mammalian cell systems.
This project will focus on developing new tools to accomplish this goal, using new theoretical methods developed by the three PI's.
CB Ching in molecular design of chiral separations materials and the SFC process and optimization expertise of Rajandran.

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