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I love this place every time I want to shredded chicken burrito this is where I'll go, at least once a week!! Rivas renovated last year, and though the seating area is still on the small side, it looks really nice now.
Rivas is your typical little hole in the wall joint but I say that with the most affection possible.
Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. The carne asada fries at Filiberto's are a late-night staple for college students and young adults.
Each ingredient on Rivas' fries brings its own flavor to the dish, even if it is a soggy mess. Our weekly guide to Phoenix dining includes food news and reviews, as well as dining events and interviews with chefs and restaurant owners. Their menu leans more Californian, heavy on carne asada, with an Oregon burrito that's basically a California burrito minus guacamole.
If you have ever heard of Los Cuatro Milipas, then you know they have a line that goes out the door the second they open. Every location that we've been to contains the same handful of tables and beige walls with a walk-up counter to order from.

Their chicken enchiladas are very tasty, and they make their own hard taco shells and rolled tacos in house. As someone that worked in a bar, and understanding that the primary crowd Riva's deals with are drunk students, I can afford them a little latitude.
The only difference is that Rivas seems a little bit newer and cleaner, but that could just be the locations we visited on either one. They even have carne asada fries!I'd recommend trying the Oregon burrito, the champinon burrito (who would have thought mushrooms in a carne asada burrito would be so good?), or the burrito loko. However this is about the 9th time I have gone through their drive to have my order messed up, only to realize it once arriving at home.
It's 4 small tacos with a selection of their meats (cabeza, asada, carnitas, and adobada). With locations all over the Valley, the interior at each one is pretty much guaranteed to be small, tan and vaguely discomforting. Instead of just tasting like a carton full of grease, it seemed like we were eating actual Mexican food. Nothing to go singing in the streets about, but certainly a place I'll go back and visit again. Each item in the dish had its own discernible flavor, though it was lacking a little spiciness that really would've set it apart from others.

However when handed a Loko Burrito with a recipe for an Oregon, and asking for it to be fixed, being cursed at and being refused service is a little upsetting. Texturally, this mountain of food provides a nice variety, as the creamy guacamole offsets the chewiness of the meat.
We only had the order for about 10 minutes when the cheese, guacamole and sour cream began seeping into the fries and wax paper underneath. My reason for the review is simply to warn people that the staff while normally quite rude, does not fix a messed up order, and depending on which person you get at the counter, beware because they can be quite insulting.
The carne asada fries are slightly tastier than the average Filiberto's dish, but that might just be due to the large combination of foods served in a single Styrofoam container.
Ultimately, we decided that flavor was more important and thus that Rivas stole the win away from Filiberto's.
In all likelihood, we'll just go to whichever one is closer the next time we need some carne asada fries after a long night out.Follow Chow Bella on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.

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