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I picked up Red Garden because Funi decided to do a budget release of it, and I’m a sucker for cheap anime.
So, uhhh, this girl is trying to climb a fence to run away from the scary man, and while he’s all dog-raping her back, she screams REALLLLLY loudly and this gives her the power to jump three stories in the air and slam this guy on the ground in front of an incoming truck.
In the end, they all bitch at one another for five minutes and decide not to plant the thing.
Yeah, this review was mostly a stream of consciousness which I was writing as I was watching the show. Hopefully it was more entertaining than the pretentious garbage you’d read elsewhere, because really, who takes anime reviews seriously into their decision whether or not to purchase or view a show?
The more titles any medium has, the harder it is to create a truly original work in that medium. Avoiding sounding like that is my goal here, so if you ever see me stray into such familiar territory, call me out on it.
Instead of going home, the four girls are strangely drawn to a park by butterflies that only they can see. So I’m really hoping that this turns into a super sentai show like Power Rangers or something. If you knew what you were talking about, lovely mocochang belongs to a genre by the name of visual kei, not hip-hop. First off, i completely and utterly disagree with the main review by Anime First impressions. About the only thing i agree with the reviewer is the lushness of the backgrounds and detail.
The girls go to school on Roosevelt Island (a real place in NYC) btw, which is only accessible by those sky cable tramway thingies (whatever you call them). The musical idea is neat, although so much of the show is non-musical that it is a little weird. I personally think Kate’s hotter than everyone else there just by her emotionally charged personality. I must admit, the graphics are simply great, but completely wasted as the story keeps at a slender paste. The mood kind of reminded me of the manga Battle Royale, where it doesn’t glamarize death, but instead shows that death is just messed up. The story is awesome, and sure it maybe be a little slow (at a slow PACE) but not too slow to make you lose interest.
Don’t get me wrong there are some good parts to this show, like when Rachel called her friend a slut! Hey Foxylady, did you ever think that maybe this was created by JAPANESE PEOPLE who don’t typicly have lots of racial differences in their socioty? Gimme a break- The way Americans are drawn and depicted in this show is incomparably more flattering and less stereotypical than the way Asians are portrayed in American media.
I Actually liked this anime… Despite the big noses (took me a few episodes to adjust myself) I like the fashion sense that the characters have. Coleman Furniture is proud to present our diverse selection of reputable furniture manufacturers offering you a wide variety of styles for the entire home and office environment.
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The premise of Red Garden is the four high school girls we’re following died and have been given temporary lives.
Red Garden’s character design is a fusion of antique-modern chic and the grotesque, particularly that Lula chic with the vulture-esque nose and greed deformed lips. I do like that Red Garden looks odd and is largely what got me to put it in my Netflix queue.
The opening four episodes of Red Garden felt like a solid start to what might be an interesting series.

So far I do think the interaction amongst the four girls is what drives Red Garden and keeps it interesting for me.
Adaptacao da historia de um anime de 2006 do saudoso estudio GONZO, Red Garden chegou ao Brasil pela editora NewPop depois de muita espera em Outubro do ano passado durante a Fest Comix que aconteceu em Sao Paulo. Adaptando a historia do estudio GONZO para os quadrinhos, o desenhista Kirihito Ayamura conseguiu apresentar a beleza de uma cidade opulenta como Nova Iorque, com todos os detalhes que cada garota com sua personalidade diferente possui – principalmente no vestiario de cada uma que varia dia apos dias -, contrastando isso com o sangue e a bestialidade dos inimigos que elas precisam enfrentar.
O autor consegue equilibrar muito bem seu belo traco nos momentos calmos para em momentos mais agudos se utilizar muito bem principalmente de speedlines (linhas de movimento) que dao o tom de urgencia e desespero que a serie necessita.
Terror, desespero, aflicoes, conspiracoes, maldicoes, conflitos psicologicos, personagens distintos em uma arte de alta qualidade embalados por uma qualidade grafica muito boa. Instead, they go with The Suits to a rooftop where they watch four other undead wimps get killed by another dog-man. It starts raining and a red flower blooms from the stone resulting in a RED GARDEN (of one flower only).
There is no way to distinguish one Gonzo show from another because they all boring and shit. Even though anime is being produced at a record pace, there are still a few titles that are stunningly unique and wonderfully crafted. Finding cultural discrepancies is always fun, and the stereotypes that Japanese people make up for Americans are priceless. They all can’t remember what happened to them last night, and wake up feeling like crap.
Like Rose can be the pink ranger, Claire is the emo black ranger, Kate is the leader and red ranger, and Rachel is the ranger that no one likes. First off, being a high school student in America is totally awesome, because you can wear whatever you want. There are so many hidden clues: dress choice, friends of choice, lifestyle, speech style, etc. I think he meant the lyrics didnt make sense in english, and this is a common thing in anime. I finished watching Red Garden yesterday, and I loved it from the first episode on, The plot is impressive, and I like how it is, despite being supernatural, more realistic.
I have tried to see the depth of the story and follow the characters as they evolve through time. Which is nice since some animes just use death as a plot device, which makes it seem like it doesn’t matter. In the first few episodes, Rose mentions the Soup Nazi while they are sitting in Sheep’s Meadow.
The charicters are just a bit different from the rest of the typical Anime style, thats all. Sure, they probably did their research and all that crap, but maybe they set it in an area where there aren’t alot of blacks?
Also their faces don’t look like the typical anime face with huge crystal eyes, no-nose (and only seen from the side view) and unrealistic hairstyles.
Our goal is to provide something for every home owner's taste from modern to traditional in price ranges accomodating all our customers' needs. By leaving a review you will automatically be entered into our monthly $100 credit giveaway! God damn I found it pretty boring for the first 16 episodes or so, only towards the end does it get more interesting. Quando Lise desaparece as quatro se veem juntas em sua busca indo encontrar seu corpo morto em uma mansao abandonada onde tambem encontram seu destino final… ou nao?
Isso coloca em cena as consequencias psicologicas que tal tarefa exerce sobre as garotas, cada vez mais solitarias com o fardo que carregam. Sao 176 paginas em papel off-set 90g, o que permitiu nao somente uma impressao de alta qualidade como tambem diminuiu quase que por completo as transparencias da pagina.

Sendo sincero, esse primeiro volume de Red Garden foi uma das minhas melhores aquisicoes em questao de mangas no ano passado. Also in this episode, we learn that the zombie girls can eat lemons to quench their thirst for blood. Part high school drama, nail biting suspense thriller, and musical, Shakespearian in the style of its romances and plot, Red Garden is one such title. It looks like they’re gonna need at least some kind of combat ability to take care of the bum. This means each student must wear a totally hip outfit that makes them stand out from everyone else.
I don’t live in New York, so it could be totally off, but the backdrops looked really good to me. I also found that they also looked like the noses in Hajime no Ippo, but that’s just me. In real life, Roosevelt Island sits between Queens and Manhattan and is connected by public transit including the Roosevelt Island tram which is shown in the anime. I love the opening from the art to the song but other than that this show isn’t all that fun to watch. Great furniture plus outstanding customer service, platinum white glove delivery and an industry record in customer satisfaction make Coleman Furniture the number one choice for home and office furnishings.
For every product that you review, your email address will be entered into our monthly drawing.
But of course you may take a different liking to it but not a lot happens in the first few episodes. Por R$12.00 apenas com toda essa qualidade, mais do que recomendado, ainda mais por ser uma serie de apenas 4 volumes.
Unless you’re in the student council, in which case you wear a Catholic school girl uniform.
I’ll probably just keep watching this anime to see what Japanese people think New York is like.
I personaly thought the art was cool- really different from the usual Anime, like Mokona said. I’m freaking out here!” when this dude and this chick, dressed in business clothes, appear out of nowhere and are all “See that businessman walking over there? Because of this, the girls regain the memory of their deaths – they all went to a mansion and interrupted a satanic sex ritual, so they were killed. So where she lacks in beauty, she makes up ample in terms of her choice of clothes and personality. You know, like introducing the viewer to the scenario – a bunch of girls go to an academy and do stuff. Ice his ass.” At first I was like “Shit yeah, a mafia anime” but then I remembered the first episode and was quickly reminded that it wasn’t going to be a good show. These instances are just really silly, though I guess they add to the humor quotient of the anime. As a matter of fact, i was astounded by the amount of detail put into the facial features of the characters.
For example: Rachel has a sort pug nose, and the detective has one of those Sherlock holmes-Watson type noses. I shit you not, I had to mute half this fucking episode because the girls wouldn’t stop screaming. Long story short, ten minutes of this episode were dedicated to them running away and screaming, when the four of them coulda easily killed this weak-ass dude who was assaulting them.

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