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Dragon Fruit, also known as Pittaya, is commonly found in South East Asia especially Vietnam and Malaysia.
The dragon fruit is best eaten chilled but do take care with your clothing because the red coloured dye drips easily due to its juiciness. Tang Yuen marks the winter solstice and it is a tradition for the chinese to have glutinous rice balls in syrup to celebrate this occasion.
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So, I will call it the 8 Treasures Dessert because in the dessert, you will find 8 ingredients, though only 6 are visible. With a combination of white fungus, ginkgo nuts, lotus seeds, honey dates, red dates and sea coconut served in a chrysanthemumA  and sugar-based soup, you will clamour for bowl after bowls of this nutritious dessert.
This nutrition-packed fruit is believed to be native to south Mexico but has found itself to be a firm favourite over here in Malaysia.

With its beautiful looks, it is no wonder that the dragon fruit is also used extensively to decorate cakes and in this instance, to add colour and taste to jelly (agar-agar). Having its history in China, the chinese who now live in Malaysia and Singapore still practice this tradition. Usually the softer yau char kueh is used as many people like it to absorb the dessert much like a sponge. Don't blend the dragon fruit instead cut them in 1cm cubes and drop it in the cooked jelly. Anyway, the name is not all that important because what is more important is the deliciousness of this dessert – especially when eaten cold. I would recommend that you cook a substantial portion to share because it saves you the effort and your guests are likely to ask for seconds.
For the gingko nuts, you will see one end which may show a tiny shoot just about to sprout.

You don’t have to use a lot of dragon fruit to make one recipe of dragon fruit jelly.
For my family, we make our own Tang Yuen rather than purchase them from the market or store.
Add in sugar and cook till it is completely dissolved, turn off heat.Discharged pandan leaves.
The dragon fruit is actually the fruit from a cactus plant and it has a bright red skin which can be peeled easily. I have previously written a post to document my visit to a dragon fruit farm (with pictures to boot!) and you might want to read that to know more about this fruit.

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