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October 5, 2014 by Genevieve 9 Comments Developing a healthy soil is the goal of every gardener, but sometimes plants need an extra boost. In any case, creating your own organic fertilizer blend from single ingredient fertilizers is a great way of saving money and keeping control over what exactly goes into your garden. In this article, I’ve compiled a few recipes for you to DIY-up, including a basic mix, one for shrubs, one for roses, and a veganic blend for those of you interested in a kinder approach to soil fertility. Some ingredients which are used in all purpose or specialty fertilizer have a more specific purpose, but these are some basic ingredients that are in most blends. Lime: If you use a seed meal, it tends to run acidic, so lime should be used to help maintain a balanced pH. Bone Meal: Bone meal is a by-product of the beef industry and is the main source of the phosphorus component. Greensand: Greensand is composed of glauconite, a blue-green mineral that is rich in micronutrients. Seed meal: This can be cottonseed meal, neem seed meal, or alfalfa meal and will provide nitrogen (N) for the soil. You can use anything you like as a scoop: a cut up milk container, a plastic pitcher or even a margarine container (I like TubTrugs to hold it as I disperse). Now, when using any fertilizer in the garden, you may want to fertilize plant by plant unless you have beds of the same types of plants. When making your own organic fertilizer recipes, there are also specialty fertilizers which can be used at planting time and as a topdressing mid-season. This blend works best at the start of the season and in summer when soil temperatures are warm.
DIY fish emulsion: You need a strong stomach for this one, but if you have no sense of smell or a very well-developed sense of adventure, this is a good one to try. Fish tank mix: Mix dirty untreated water from your freshwater fish tank with ashes from your fireplace. I have found that the best additive to soil at my place (which is tired thin dairy farm soil on top of draining leaching sandstone) is volcanic rock dust, which seems to make available quite quickly all the mineral micronutrients without a need to try to guess the balance. I mix manures, including from own hens… and prefer to put all manures through my own black plastic composter which teems with worms. Before it’s ground into flour, buckwheat looks like a pile of tiny, three-sided pyramids. This traditional Russian dish highlights buckwheat’s place of origin (Siberia) and is very versatile. Place yam, peanut butter and molasses in a blender and puree, gradually adding the hot water.
Place parchment paper over a baking sheet and fit as many biscuits as you can on the sheet. In a medium mixing bowl, mix together the flour(s), sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
As you can see, the leg of lamb fed a family of four with three generous meals, and the cauliflower also provided an extra meal as well as being served as an accompaniment. An exotic slow roasted lamb recipe, in the style of Persian and North African food, served with aromatic saffron rice. Note An exotic slow roasted lamb recipe, in the style of Persian and North African food, served with aromatic saffron rice. Leave the lamb to rest for 20 minutes, and then "pull" the meat from the bone (you can almost spoon it on the plates, like French Spoon Lamb) and serve with the rice and accompaniments such as flat breads, spiced cauliflower and a fresh tomato & mint salad. Rice: Heat the oil in a frying pan over a medium heat and fry the onions until they are golden brown. Note A delectable low-fat recipe that turns the humble cauliflower into an exotic flower!
A comforting Spiced Shepherd's Pie with a Cheesy Leek Topping, (similar to a South African recipe called Bobotie) and using leftovers.
Note A comforting Spiced Shepherd's Pie with a Cheesy Leek Topping, (similar to a South African recipe called Bobotie) and using leftovers.
Place the leftover lamb in a bowl with the leftover rice and vegetables, and mix well with the gravy, Adjust the seasoning to taste and then add the ground spices if needed, I used spiced Persian lamb leftovers, and did not need to add the spices. Boil the potatoes for 15 to 20 minutes, until they are cooked and soft; drain them, and add some milk and butter to the pan, mash with a potato masher and season to taste.
Fry the prepared leeks in a little butter, until they are cooked, but so not allow them to colour. Spoon the mashed potato and leek mixture over the top of the lamb and then fluff it all up with a fork.

The study used something called the Haugh unit, a scale between 0 to 110 that basically lets producers know whether or not the egg is stale (the lower the number, the lower the quality). One reason people opt for organic eggs is that they come from chickens not doused with, or fed food laced with, unhealthy antibiotics. The tests from the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy, a nonprofit devoted to promoting sustainable agriculture, has found traces of arsenic in chicken meat, and a recent test by the Utah Department of Health detected arsenic in eggs from chickens fed conventional feed. Perhaps you are growing high-yield fruits and vegetables, plants with big blooms like roses, rhododendrons and camellias, or just feel that your soil isn’t performing well and your plants need a little help while you work to balance it with compost and other approaches. I would think that in using single ingredient fertilizers, you would also have the opportunity to learn more about your plants, as you watch their response to what you add and learn to find the proper balance of nutrients for your own garden over time. Greensand can absorb up to one third of its weight in water which will help improve the moisture in your garden soil when used.
If you buy the ingredients in bulk at the nursery (either scooped from bulk bins or in large sacks), it’s more cost effective.
If you’re mixing a large amount, use a wheelbarrow to hold all the ingredients and mix it up with a hoe, and then you can appropriately store it. Since each type of plant has different fertilization needs, it could be wasteful and possibly harmful to your plants to do otherwise.
Use between a half cup and 2 cups per plant sprinkled around the dripline, depending on the size of the plant. These fertilizers are used at ? cup per transplant or you can use 5 pounds per 100 square feet or 100 row feet in your garden.
Rock phosphate can take a year to begin breaking down in the soil, so you can use colloidal phosphate the first year if needed for a faster source.
Don’t use this mixture around acid-loving plants or in alkaline-leaning soil as it can increase alkalinity. The owner of North Coast Gardening, she is also a contributing editor at Garden Design Magazine and has written for numerous print and online publications.
Thanks for the fertilizer recipes and the descriptions about what each component in the recipe does. I also have an old plastic garbage bin into which I put weeds and some manure items and top it up with water. Im usually planting rather large areas so some might be to expensive and cheaper to purchase an already made blend. Add your choice of accompaniments and eat these treats for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. Break up and beat the egg yolk in a small bowl and add the cooled melted butter a teaspoon at a time (this is an important step to temper the batter) and beat well. Spoon about 2 tablespoons to a quarter cup of batter on the skillet, depending on how large you want your bliny to be. Give the batter a light swirl with a spoon in case the buckwheat is starting to separate from the liquid. Last month saw me making the most of several seasonal core ingredients such as organic chicken, carrots and rhubarb, and in March’s meal planner, I will be providing several recipes, as well as leftover ideas, for organic lamb, cauliflower, lemons, chocolate, eggs and leeks, with the emphasis on Mothering Sunday, which is just a week away. Believe it or not, one large leg of lamb (2.18kg) provided THREE meals for me and my family. The decadent chocolate truffle cake was also very cost-effective, as you only need a thin slice as it’s so rich, and I managed to get 12 slices out of mine. Rub the marinade all over the lamb, place the lamb in a large dish, cover and marinate for 24 hours; store in a cool place, such as the fridge or a pantry.
Place the lamb in a roasting tin, add about 450ml (three-quarters of a pint) of water and cover with foil. Add the spices and fry for 2 to 3 minutes, or until they are fragrant and have released their oil.
I made this with spiced Persian lamb, so I didn't need to add the spices, but add any spices, cooked rice and vegetables to suit.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) study finding that different production methods—factory-farmed, cage-free, and free-roaming—all met the same quality standards.
To measure Haugh unit, an egg is broken onto a flat surface, where the height of the yolk and thickness of the egg white are measured, says Alissa Maloberti, director of egg product marketing at the American Egg Board. The heavy metal contamination comes from an arsenic-based additive called roxarsone, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), used to promote chicken growth.
And if the ingredients are stored properly in labeled plastic containers and kept dry, they will still be usable for years. Place in an airtight container and then sit the container in a sunny spot in a remote area.

A scoop of this rather smelly substance into buckets or watering can and you have a fine pour on feed. Cover with a dish towel and place in a warm, draft-free area and let the sponge rise until it doubles in size, about a hour. When the bubbles on the surface of the batter pop (after about a minute or two) turn the bliny over with a spatula and cook for another 45 seconds to a minute.
The menu provided a special celebratory meal with a vegetarian alternative, as well as providing  three fabulous family supper dishes, (shepherd’s pie, cauliflower with naan bread and lamb stew) which, is excellent value for just over ?33, and debunks the myth that organic produce is expensive or not accessible for an average family.
The left overs can be made into more exciting meals, such as curry, tagine and spicy shepherd's pie.
Bake for 5 hours (or longer, depending on the weight), or until the meat is very tender and is almost falling off the bone. Add the saffron and the milk, and then pour over enough hot water to completely cover the rice. Add the cauliflower and stir it well, making sure it coats all of the florets with the spice mixture. Bring the pan to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for about 5 to 6 minutes, or until the cauliflower is tender, but still retains a bite. To find out which labels to trust, and which to ignore, read our story on how to find the healthiest eggs. A 2000 study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that antibiotics used in chicken feed can linger in a chicken’s eggs for up to seven days. The Environmental Protection Agency has banned arsenic-based preservatives used on wood products, but the FDA hasn’t seen any logic for banning it in food designed for human consumption. Steadily, steadily, especially with the volcanic rock dust in quite small quantities having profound effects, giving plants vigour and bringing in worms from some distance, I build towards a closed system, moving away from constant importation of commercial products.
If you are trying to reduce the amount of gluten in your diet, use all buckwheat flour instead of the soft white wheat flour. The menu I am sharing with you today is an exotic, fragrant and aromatic spring menu, a little different from the usual classic roast lamb, but still a meal that the whole family will enjoy.
The Spiced Cauliflower provided yet another meal, when served with Naan breads, and could also be served as a vegetarian option for the main event. Plus, I enjoyed being inventive with my leftovers, and although the Persian lamb was thoroughly enjoyed for a special Sunday lunch, all of the other meals were thoroughly enjoyed, with requests for the shepherd’s pie to made again soon!
Remove the foil about 30 minutes before the end of cooking, to allow the lamb to brown and the fat to crisp up. Add some salt to taste, stir well before transferring the mixture to a microwave dish - I use a covered Pyrex bowl. Recent findings from Penn State University revealed that organically raised chicken eggs had three times more of these healthy fats than their confined counterparts, along with 40 percent more vitamin A and twice as much vitamin E.
Since then, a number of chicken companies have pledged to reduce the amount of antibiotics used, but studies published as recently as 2008 and 2010 are still finding residues of antibiotics commonly used in the poultry industry. Roxarsone is, however, banned in organic poultry production—just one more reason organic eggs are worth those few extra pennies. If you can get past the smell, it’s a great source of phosphorus, amino acids, nitrogen and potassium and can be applied as a foliar treatment for cole crops and other leafy greens. These crisp cookies keep well for a week, but for long term storage place them in the freezer. The main dish of Persian lamb with aromatic rice is an easy slow-cooked roast that will infuse the kitchen with tempting aromas as it cooks, and slow cooking means you have time to prepare the other ingredients, or even put your feet up with a cuppa and a box of chocolates if you ARE the mum cooking it! A Chocolate Truffle Cake was also made with some of the core  ingredients, and that went on to provide treats in lunch boxes, as well as being served as a special cake for mum on Mother’s Day.
But store-bought eggs generally come from one type of chicken, while organically raised eggs you might find at a farmer’s market come from different heritage breeds.
Money was also saved by not using many additional ingredients, and those that were needed in the recipes were mainly store cupboard ingredients such as spices, seasoning, rice, flour and sugar.
The nutritional content of the eggs doesn’t vary based on color, but the varied colors signal a genetic diversity of heritage breeds that has an unappreciated value.

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