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Born in Naples, pizza has become very popular all over the world due to its availability, home delivery and also its amazing taste.
While trying to make their pizzas tasty, the mass producers of pizzas have ignored the nutritional balance of this much desired food. Olives, especially the black varieties, are high in powerful antioxidants, and cleanse the body body, eliminating any harmful materia.
Olives regulate the cholesterol levels, meaning they protect against cardiovascular diseases. Olives are an exceptional delicacy and you can add them to your favorite meal, or simply eat them between your meals. Oleocanthal is one of the main compounds contained in olive oil, and it is characterized by its bitter taste. A cup of black olives provides 17 percent of the recommended daily intake of fiber, meaning they will boost your digestion significantly.
High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are among the leading causes of heart attack in the world. If you suffer from acne, start eating healthier today to have clearer and brighter skin tomorrow. Everyone wants to live a longer life, but not everyone knows that their diet can greatly affect their longevity. A healthy weight is one of the most common reasons many people begin eating healthier these days. While a sleek and toned body depends on the types of workouts you perform daily, your diet plays a huge role as well. Many individuals will not try prunes as there is a common perception about them.  However, do not shy away from them as they are very good for the body.
We all know that prunes are great for those that suffer from constipation.  But there are far greater benefits then just dealing with the digestive tract. Making prunes a part of the daily diet can be very rewarding for individuals.  Unwrap a prune and enjoy it as you think about all it is doing for your body.
Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain it, or just overall live a healthy lifestyle it seems as if everyone tells you to say NO to the one thing you love – chocolate.
Chocolate Makes Your Heart Healthier: Research as shown that regular chocolate eaters have  an array of healthy heart benefits, because of the inflammation-fighting properties found in dark chocolate. Chocolate Relieves Cramps and PMS Symptoms: There is no medical reason for why chocolate relieves the pain of cramps caused by PMS.
Chocolate is the New Berry: Dark Chocolate is loaded with organic compounds (polyphenols, flavanols, catechins and others) that function as antioxidants. At a glance Pizza appears to be a healthy food which has all dietary requirement like dairy product, vegetables, meat and bread, moreover it is baked and not fried.
Today, most of the pizzas you eat are high in salt, fat and calories, much more than what you should intake.
In this article we will discuss more about olives and the reasons why you should eat them more often. Moreover, olives strengthen the immune system and contain nutrients that will help you fight allergies. This delicious and salty food will help you relieve pain, so they are often used as a remedy.
Unsaturated fatty acids and omega-3-fatty acids are found in large quantities and these fatty acids nourish, protect and moisture your skin and hair.
Virgin olive oil nourishes and moisturizes your skin and hair, acting as a natural moisturizer.

Vitamin E and unsaturated fats prevent any damages caused by free radicals in the intestines. When you stick to a diet high in animal fats and salt, it can make you gain those pounds and can also affect your health.
Make some lasting changes to your diet and you can throw away those heavy concealers and foundations. A study shows that the most effective way to treat most chronic diseases including heart disease is through prevention. Start eating healthier today to live a much longer life and see your grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up.
A diet high in whole foods and low in processed and junk foods is certainly going to lead to a healthier weight. Consuming the right amounts of healthy fats, protein and carbs can even play a more crucial role than what workouts you do each day.
Even if you don’t want to lose weight, start eating healthier to better your heart health and live a longer life. This in turn speeds up weight loss and can thus benefit people who are trying to shed off those extra pounds.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. But studies show that eating chocolate in moderation can actually result in health benefits. However keep in mind that research has shown that dark chocolate the ability to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. However, for generations women have craved and eaten chocolate during that time of the month, and for some reason it helps. Looking at pizza and savoring its amazing taste you may wonder why anyone would say you should stop eating pizza. In fact, research conducted on some brand names of pizzas have shown that they contain nearly twice the amount of salt than that recommended for an adult.A  Two slices of pizzas typically contains 600 calories besides the high fat content. Apply some olive oil on your hair while it is still wet, preferably after you have a shower. Start eating healthier today to prevent the damaging inflammation from high cholesterol and hypertension that promotes poor health and premature aging. When you eat healthy food, your skin will radiate a natural, healthy glow and you will look gorgeous without makeup.
If you are always tired and sleepy, no matter how much sleep you get, start eating healthier to boost you energy levels and feel better. So make sure your diet is high in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, and low in sugar, salt and saturated fat. Trust me, the little healthy food choices you make daily can have a huge impact on your longevity over time. When you are closer to a normal weight, you will have fewer health issues and a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Munching on a few peanuts at regular intervals during the day can help you take care of binge eating. When the metabolism is increased, the body uses more energy and therefore burns more fat from the body. Plus women who ate a small amount of chocolate on a weekly basis had a lower risk of stroke. John Schnatter of Papa John announced on BBC that it was unhealthy to consume too much of pizza.

Most of these benefits you will feel once you start eating healthier, while other benefits you will notice in the years to come. When you have a lot of energy, you are more productive, which means you can accomplish more tasks throughout the day.
Consuming more vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins daily will help you achieve and keep your perfect weight and feel much better about yourself.
However, it also helps to know about certain foods that will help you in your weight loss goals. The more your hunger and taste is satiated, the lesser will be the tendency to indulge in unhealthy snacks or overeat at meal times. If you do regular workouts, this fat-burning effect is improved so you can lose even more weight. Woman are way more likely to get this disease then men, but it can be helped by not only drinking milk but also by eating prunes. When the bile is excreted with fiber, the cholesterol in the body will be used to make more bile.  This helps to keep the cholesterol levels lower.
Even in your elder years, consuming healthy foods can help you be healthier and live longer. These two nutrients work together to fix damage done to the cells, which are caused by the free radicals.  They will also improve the blood circulation. Prunes are also full of soluble fiber, which helps to prevent diabetes because it increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Whether you are in your 20s or 50s, check out seven undeniable reasons to start eating healthier.
Bad for acidity: The contents of pizza like the cheese, sauce and also the crust does not go down well with your stomach, especially if you suffer from acidity.
Most of the pizzas contain tomato sauce which is considered not safe for people who suffer from acid reflux due to its high acidic content.
The major cause of acidity due to pizza is that people tend to eat it more, replacing either lunch or dinner with it. If you have 1-2 pizza slices with regular food, the ill effects will be reduced to a great extent.
May be you would be eating some fresh vegetables, fruits, sea-food or some other dish which may give you less fat and calorie while providing all essential nutrients to your body.
If you would spend time and cook a healthy pizza out of whole grain flour, vegetable topping, fresh cheese and olive oil, it would be one healthy meal for you. It is what goes into the pizza and how much of pizza goes into you that makes it harmful for your health. Incompatible combination of foods: Trying to make pizza attractive, innovative and creative has led to the incompatible combinations of food going into it, which can play havoc on your digestive tract.
The combination of meat, cheese and white flour itself requires three types of different digestive juices and the mixture does not has a healthy outcome.
To have a competitive edge over their counterparts, pizzerias are adding more bizarre and crazy combinations of ingredients to pizza, ignoring the ill effects it will have on your health.

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