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When we last left off, we discovered that our courageous hero of the concrete jungle (You!) has fought too valiantly for too long and needs a break. The great thing about a Raw Food Detox is portion sizes become irrelevant… to an extent. Similar Posts:Carving Fruits and Vegetables – Steady your Hand and RelaxWhat is a Raw Food Detox? Ulrika Davidsson's book Raw Food Detox is a beautifully-illustrated collection of raw recipes, many of them vegan or easily turned vegan, that can be made with minimal time and effort. Davidsson is a nutritionist and busy mom of two who knows firsthand the health benefits of raw foods as well as how to conveniently fit them into a family's lifestyle.

You will eat only RAW fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouts, and super-foods for 3 to 7 days. One of our favorite recipes is the Tricolor Cauliflower Curry, but you'll find over 100 other raw recipes for every meal of the day.
For some of you this is downright terrifying and understandably so as you’ve come to rely on the world of convenient food that comes in a wrapper at a low price.
From smoothies and detox juices to satisfying yet ultra-healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes, Davidsson gives us a delicious compendium of dishes to better our health and boost our vitality. You have a lot of toxins that are needing to be moved out of your body and water is the way to do it.

Sometimes, people have built up so many of these toxins that as they are being pushed out, they make themselves noticed by making you feel like crap. You can drink other things during the detox such as raw shakes, detox tea, and raw juices, but water should always be by your side.

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