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Most of the synthetic sugars are difficult for the body to process and eliminate, so they often get stored as fat. We have had a recent update from our suppliers regarding the raw Cacao that is sourced from Ecuador.
A review of the Allergy Solution by Dr Leo Galland, including a summary of the main points and links to the products suggested in the book. If you have any feedback about how we could improve our website or service please click here and let us know.
Raw Organic Cultured Vegetables including raw organic sauerkraut, raw organic kim-chi, and raw organic salsa, provide an excellent self-rejuvenating source of non-dairy lactobacilli, important for the maintenance of healthy intestinal flora and the alleviation of digestive disorders. Organic, refrigerated and low-temp ground, our fresh and delicious raw organic nut butters retain life energy, vitamins and minerals.
Visit our health information resource page to learn more about organic health food, vegan diet raw food detox, raw food diet, raw cultured vegetables, and other natural food topics. The products and statements about specific products on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Get your Members Discount, receive Email News and Special Offers, View Members only Articles. People who may benefit from the vitality and healthy ageing program include those who want to: Manage their weight more effectively, increase muscle tone and fitness, improve energy levels, age healthily, support the nutrition and health of their cells. Go connect with your healthy social network, stay up to date with all the latest health news& discover the best products to help live your life to the fullest!
Brad's Broccoli Poppers are a new line of raw of snackable, dehydrated broccoli made from whole broccoli florets that deliver 140% DC of Vitamin C in a single serving. I've got a very small yard, so I'm always looking for cute and clever DIY ideas for container gardening. Try nailing your kids outgrown rubber rain boots to your wooden fence, then plant with some hearty marigolds or other colorful flowers.

Galvanized buckets and tubs are always fabulous for planting flowers and vegetable gardens. The One Stop Jerky Shop is an established online store that serves not only sausage and jerky enthusiasts, but those that make homemade raw diets for their pets.
One Stop Jerky Shop, LLC has been providing grinding products to the raw feeding community for over 10 years and has helped many customers get started along the way.
We are proud to support this still new way of feeding your pets and the benefits it can provide them in health and nutrition. The Tasin TS-108 electric meat grinder is one of the most powerful grinders in its weight class. Customers have found that it can handle many of the soft bones such as chicken, rabbit, duck and other small fowl.
See our Sizing Charts for helpful tips in selecting additional plates for your meat grinder, along with the suggested uses for each. Don't forget to add Surface Sanitizer, Brush Cleaning Kit and Food Grade Silicone Spray to keep your grinder clean and running smooth. This item is not dishwasher safe - Please hand wash all of the grinder feed parts using standard dish soap. Extra stainless steel cutting blade FREE with each Tasin meat grinder order (included in the box) - $15.00 value!
Order Rejuvenative Foods into your local natural foods store with our Turnover Order Form and we'll take it from there. You can take it one step further and bring our Rejuvenative Foods Info Sheet (black and white PDF or color PDF) into your local store and let them know about the flavors you like. If you are crafty, any old wrought iron planter can be spray painted to a color that works with your garden theme.
Known for their outstanding customer service, they have years of experience with grinders and only sell quality machines they know are reliable.

Providing quality customer service, fast shipping and useful quality products at a savings.
We do our best to assist you in your meat grinder needs and to answer any questions regarding the raw food making process you may have. Turkey on the other hand is a much harder bone and is not recommended to be ground in this grinder. They offer competitive prices on popular machines and carry all the accessories a raw food maker would need. We offer a $5.00 new customer store credit which you can use on your first purchase with us and you also earn 2% on your purchase that you can use towards a future order.
The Tasin TS-108 grinder has been sold for over 10 years to the raw feeding community and although it’s general purpose is for grinding meat it also works well for making raw pet food diets, too! Disclaimer: One Stop Jerky Shop cannot be held liable in any way if the grinder is used for grinding bones. But, some do ask for a ?” plate for chunking meat which we carry as well and is sold separately. One Stop Jerky Shop will warranty the grinder for repairs if soft bones are used in this grinder other than turkey. Note: it is best to grind meat that is very cold but not frozen and to use the largest plate first to break up the bones and then do a second grind through a smaller plate for your finished grind.

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