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A especially designed Detox Spa treatment is included with your retreat using hot lava stones which I collected myself from West Bali beaches - these stones pull out toxins from the body, then you will receive a mixture of deep tissue and a lymphatic point stimulation, the treatment is completed with a luscious facial to clean the skin and give you a glowing complexion. At the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica we are surrounded by nature’s wellness center – the rainforest; it is here that the most pure oxygen is produced on the planet.
Conscious Life ForceConscious Living Foods, Yoga, Ayahuasca, Plant Medicine, Hot Springs, and Healing Retreats. Conscious Living Foods Retreat Ecuador A living life force upgrade with ultimate beauty surrounding you with waterfalls, hot springs, jungle, and plant medicine. This all inclusive retreat is right next to the waterfalls the sacred and magical - Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls. Meditation next to the powerful waterfalls allows the mind to be cleansed so that with peace instilled int he mind, one’s body can enter into a healing journey. All RAW Vegan meals included for maximum detox acceleration, or a more gentle cooked vegan approach for the evening meal is an option by request.
We invite travelers to a healing journey, free of electronic stimulus, and the bustling world, a place to reconnect with nature and your self. Come join Conscious LifeForce and the conscious team of yogis serving their dharma bringing you the tools needed to regain focus in your everyday life.
Where 2 waterfalls meet there is a magical vortex called the "champujan" there you will receive a Balinese water blessing to renew your life with energy from the goddess of the waters - Life Source! BY taking out gluten and any thing that would not allow clearing you will release and achieve balance. Come learn with course instruction on food preparations and culinary skills and nutritional alternatives that can rejuvenate your body and gain the knowledge in Conscious Living Foods and achieving a thriving state and optimal health..
We hold sacred space in both deep amazon jungle near Iquitos and in the wild jungle near Pucalllpa.
Not long ago it was very difficult to meet with this tribe as they chose to secluded themselves from the western world.
Organic Raw Vegan Fare of the best quality that Costa Rica has to offer is the main healing ingredient in this Life transitional program - 6 Nights in an all inclusive program with Fateh Kaur Bolivar includes gentle Kundalini Yoga and sacred circulation meditation from her Balinese Shaman.
This is a remarkable opportunity and life changing moment for one's self to gain knowledge  and perceive the root of communion with food and water using it for nutrition and medicine. Until the 1990's the Indigenous medicine of the Amazonian tribes Ayahuasca was only used by the shaman.

Here in the tropical south of Costa Rica there is a phenomenal amount of fresh tropical fruits and luscious vegetables that can be had almost all year around. In my kitchen, I work with the new flavors from this bounty that is Costa Rica, and together with my staff we prepare healing meals for our guests. Here you will be transported to a local hotel where we together will go to Pucallpa city, investigate local medicinal markets and visit a local Alchemist where you will be able to purchase Amazonian herbs and medicines to bring back on your return home. I will introduce you to the Medicinal Gourmet, using fresh herbs and pure essential oils to assist the body's own healing powers - through nourishment and mind-body-soul balance.
Together we will enjoy breakfast at a local vegetarian restaurant El Paraiso, where you will get to experience fresh Maca juice and rare fruits and other delicious plates, juices and smoothies. Join us for an Amazonian medicinal market adventure and deep jungle adventures could be arranged if you extended your stay.
You will have the chance to visit local craft and indigenous artists market and visit the Shipibo town Yarinacocha just outside pucallpa city. This is a 7hr Amazonian boat ride tour down the Ucayali River (Amazon River) to the village Santa Rosa Dinamarca where you will spend 14 days at the Santuario de la Shipibo.
You will be provided with everything else you will possibly need while you stay at the sanctuary. We will have the experience to heal and rejuvenate and shed the weight that is carried and release yourself of any disease and trauma you have received in your life and become free again.
Here at the sanctuary you will experience 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies and be interviewed and consulted by the Maestro (Shaman) to receive a personal regiment of plant medicine to take daily that is specifically designed to assist and help you through thehealing process. You are welcome to audio record ceremonies and to take photos and video tape all experiences here on your journey.
You will also receive daily medicinal floral baths and have massages provided by the healers and enjoy the peace and quiet serenity of the amazon jungle.
All responsibilities and commitments of Conscious LifeForce staff, team, and retreat ends once you have departed from Pucallpa City to Lima Peru for your connecting flight back to you original home destination. You will experience many encounters of beautiful birds singing and gorgeous sunsets over the Laguna. Together we will improve health, vitality, and mental clarity with learning and practicing use of traditional Amazonian medicine and holistic practices.
Here we have the answer and permission to engage in healing and transformation.After our time in the heart of the Amazon jungle and exploration deep within one self of healing and medicine we will leave the sanctuary and head towards the Andes.

We will spend one more night in Pucallpa city and visit our dear friend alchemista at the medicine market, enjoy breakfast, and another sunset dinner on the Amazon River. Conscious LifeForce will assist in purchasing National flights from home city to Lima Peru.
We will catch a flight to Lima city and spend one night in Lima where we will venture to Cafe Raw for dinner. All prices depend on origination of departure, time of purchase, layovers, insurance, and desired preferability on seating. All locations have a list of minerals and total dissolve solids (tds) and explanation of health benefits. All prices subject to change daily until flight is purchased.Conscious LifeForce does have a package available to include all flights from Continental US for $5400. The local Peruvian government does allow and permit knowledge to the general public about the health benefits of using hot springs in Peru. They do not deny the wonderful healing capabilities or discriminate use of using hot springs in Peru to people with medical conditions.
You can experience hot springs in Peru that guarantee healing of damaged nerves, digestion problems, eczema, asthma, diabetes, inflammation, muscle pain and all disease. We will spend 4 days and 3 nights bathing in about a dozen different hotsprings and enjoy the culture of indigenous Quecha tribe, eating fresh trout, and shopping. This is a native Quechua medicinal herb used to prevent altitude sickness, acclimate, improve pulmonary functioning and settle the nerves.
Here in Churin you will have the opportunity to purchase handmade alpaca clothing and crafts.
What would normally cost a small fortune for clothing, in Churin your purchase with a few dollars will allow you to have your own personal high quality sweaters, blankets, ponchos, that last a life time.After our stay in the Andes we will vacate and return to Lima city for one more night in Miraflores.
Together we will enjoy one last super at an French Organic Bistro and Market with Cooked Vegetarian and Raw Food menu options. We will say our goodbyes and have you off on your return home fully fresh and ready to tackle and achieve all goals necessary.

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