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There can no longer be any doubt – the raw food craze is here, and advocates of raw food are growing rapidly in number worldwide.
I had my first encounter with the phenomenon two and a half years ago in connection with the Formland Fair, where I was working with the trend theme RAW and wanted to secure a raw food cafe in the trend zone.
In late 2009, Copenhagen finally got its first raw food bar with the opening of 42 Raw in Pilestr?de street. Most of the ingredients are locally produced, and all of the furniture is homemade from pallets found in the courtyard that have been decorated with cushions and pillows, as well as graphics in bright orange and green. In addition to eating and buying raw food ingredients to take home, you can also learn more about the whole raw food philosophy. Raw food has not been heated to more than 42 C° during its preparation, as temperatures above 42 C° destroy enzymes and denature the raw ingredients. Raw food is raw ingredients in their natural state, which allows the body to reap the full benefits from the nutrients they provide. Raw food helps us to rid the body of toxic substances, lose weight, and it gives us more energy. Mensen zouden eens moeten weten hoeveel voordelen Raw Food met zicht meebrengt, dan was je snel genezen! I have a friend who follows a raw vegan diet, which means that he doesn’t eat any animal-related products (vegan) and foods must be unprocessed and not heated above 46 degrees Celsius (raw). Raw Vegan food preparation takes a lot of creativity to make food that is satisfying and interesting to eat without using cooked or processed ingredients, and without meat or dairy products.

The Raw Vegan Cashew Alfredo Zucchini Linguini ($10, pictured below) was made with zucchini “newdles” smothered in a rich white cashew cream. The Maui Waui raw vegan pizza ($6.00, also pictured below) is a sun-dried tomato and fresh tomato herb sauce topped with a mix of tenderized kale and seasonal greens then topped with fresh pineapple bits and a crumbly walnut “cheez”. For an appetizer we also tried the Raw Vegan Zucchini Hummus and Crackers ($7.50, pictured below).
You’ll get a better feeling about what Gorilla Food is all about by watching the video. Please note that prices may change without notice and restaurant information may be out of date. Vancouver jazz band Geoff Peters Trio - Listen free to a song from their new album or on iTunes.
I got in contact with the two brothers, Mikael and Pierre Spiridon, who brought the food concept to Scandinavia after spending several years in the United States, where raw food originated. Since then, new food bars have sprouted up around town, including The Raw Tribe in the Norrebro district. The bookshelves are filled with literature on the raw food movement, and the owners’ ambition is also to hold events in the neighbourhood and to organise lectures and courses on the subject.
Dat komt omdat mensen zicht steeds bewuster worden van voedsel en de trend zegt dat mensen dus steeds meergezonde voeding (raw food eten) en al lang niet meer altijd kiezen voor fabrieksvoedsel. Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 604-722-2504) is currently one of the only restaurants in Vancouver that serves all raw, vegan, and organic foods.

The raw vegan chocolate cake (also pictured below) was really fudgey and chocolatey, a treat not to miss!
In 2007, they opened Herr Spiridons Allehanda AB in Stockholm – an eco-friendly, organic factory and delicatessen.
There, Sofie Svare Fischer and Naim Al-Kassab have opened a cosy, colourful cafe and food bar, where only raw food is served. I was not there at the time you dined with us, but we are glad you had a positive experience. It tasted cool and refreshing, and was amazingly creamy considering that no dairy products were used. I will be visiting Vancouver next month (from Montreal) and will definitely check out Gorilla Food!
The success was tremendous, even though practically no one had ever heard of raw food at the time. We don't know why you did not feel any warmth as you put it, but everyone sometimes has an off day.

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