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If you enjoy reading about health and wellness, you’ve probably stumbled upon articles, blog posts and even recipes mentioning “raw” foods.  What does it all mean?  Why are so many health-conscious people “going raw”? Raw foods are foods that have not been cooked over a specific temperature and contain high levels of enzymes and vital nutrients. While there are some people who actually stick to a 100% raw diet, many more people simply make an effort to work raw foods into their diets as often as possible.  How raw do you need to be to feel the benefits?  Well, we believe every little bit helps.
So know we know what raw foods are.  But what foods aren’t?  Besides the obvious ones like pasta, baked goods, and junk foods, anything pasteurized is not considered a raw food. A raw food diet is naturally high in fiber and is one of the many reasons eating raw helps you improve your health.
To promote eating more fruits and vegetables, the National Cancer Institute created the “5 a Day for Better Health” program. This blog post was adapted from a chapter in our forthcoming book, The Raw Lifestyle Guide.  Hope it was helpful!  If this post helped answer your questions about raw foods, please let us know by leaving a comment below. The right foods are also very important when healing from injuries and most everyone will experience an injury from time to time.
Watch the video below for an in-depth look and wonderful information about nutrition for athletes and healing from injuries. Bacteria and germs actually help our bodies to become stronger and healthier and they help to remove toxins from our bodies. I am not saying to never wash your hands or take a shower, but do not use anti-bacterial soap and products that are filled with man-made chemicals and do not overly use soap and wash your hair everyday. Speaking of refined sugar, popular “sweet tea” does not conjure up feelings of health and healing, unless we are talking about Kombucha Tea, the big wave of health that is in every health food store across the nation. Kombucha is the real deal and a healthy and tasty drink that provides energy, many vitamins and minerals, good bacteria and enzymes for digestive health and organic acids, one of which is Glucuronic acid that aids the liver in the detoxification process. Being in Colorado, I took the opportunity to visit High Country Kombucha, in Eagle, to see their operations and how they make the kombucha tea and all the different varieties, like Aloe, Chai Spice, Wild Root, Passion Flower, Ginger, etc.. If you want to save some money and not add more glass bottles to the waste stream, you can make your own Kombucha at home.
As I look upon our society as a whole, I see a society that is ill: overrun with chemical toxins, materialism, competition, coldness, sadness and a sincere lack of community where we have a real sense of communion towards each other.
I peer through these observations with a heavy heart because I have experienced these feelings of life.
Looking to the physical world, we have to take into account, the “Toxic Load” of this world in which we live. In regards to modern medicine, I respect all the doctors, nurses and patients who are battling this disease; however, the so-called “cure” that modern medicine has been searching for since the 1970’s has not and will never be found in chemical drugs. Therapeutically, what can be done to decrease the risks of cancer and effectively nourish someone who has this disease, with a high possibility of transforming that person’s health so that the cancer is no more an issue and health and vitality are restored? Nutritionally, I have found that a predominately raw foods diet, including raw meat, raw eggs, and raw dairy, especially raw butter, gives the body the necessary nutrients to remove and dissolve toxins, dead cells and cancerous cells and to regenerate new cell growth that allows for rebuilding and revitalizing the effected areas of the body.
In addition to cleansing the body with organic whole foods and supplements, the home must be cleansed of all toxic cleaners, detergents, and body care products.
To a certain extent, those with cancer need to get back to nature as much as possible, including walking with and enjoying Mother Nature and all her healing and comforting attributes. Furthermore, any negative relationships, vocations, and emotional states need to be addressed and guided back to harmony through diligent and courageous inner work. Although cancer is normally seen as a tragedy in our society, a new prospective must be considered. Cancer can take our society and us on the present currents of fear, isolation, toxicity and gross materialism, or we can alter the currents and change the direction of cancer with love, a real sense of community and the cleansing of our bodies and the environment. Once deemed healthy and then not, the egg is back, even with approval from modern medicine, not that modern medicine ever influences me when it comes to nutrition.
Fried in coconut oil, scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, omelet style, with avocado, on your head (a great moisturizer and conditioner), raw in fresh squeezed orange juice, raw in a fruit smoothie, raw in raw milk, raw on top of a cooked bowl of rice, millet or quinoa, raw in a glass (a la Rocky style), on your skin for sun burn, bug bites and rashes, in a casserole, deviled, or even green eggs and ham, eggs are back and eggs are a wonderful and healthy food.
Eggs are best raw if you want every ounce of nutrition it offers, but anyway you want them, they are a healthy part of a good diet. If eaten raw, eggs aid in cellular structure and permeability, hormone production and balance, toxin removal, energy production, increased immunity, increased brainpower and focus and increased libido.
Of course, eggs that are from healthy farms that allow the chickens to have access to the great outdoors to eat grass and insects are far superior to the factory-farmed eggs.
By skype ?435 or ?635 face to face (in London, Bristol or Gloucestershire) includes workbook.
Panacea's educational program for raw organic raw whole food nutrition.This page will describe the science, logic and ongoing Panacea program to help impliment this health education for public benefit. On this page you will find the food protocols that have reversed and prevented many chronic diseases, plus gives people daily more energy , mental cognitive function and controls obesity.
Medical researchers have found that a high-fat, high-sugar diet, combined with environmental pollutants and stress, can lead to a buildup of toxins in the body collectively known as chronic degenerative disease.
A mostly raw food diet accompanied with a whole food diet has a proven track record in preventing these diseases and many health cojnditons, they also have a proven track record of preventing Big Pharma medication.
Whole foods are foods that are unprocessed and unrefined, also they can be processed and refined as little as possible like steaming etc.
One must realize the list of processed foods (below) which are excluded here which make the biggest impact to health,longevity and in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. On this page you will find a PROVEN track record of healthy eating habits that have treated and prevented a number of chronic diseases.The education of these healthy eating habits and others results is lacking, people do not receive an informed consent from doctors about others proven results. The modern synthetic diet is basically engineered to be the cheapest production with the lowest cost ingredients. In the united states non organic meat, corn and other profit industries are given more subsidies then fruit and vegetable farmers.
Diet and nutrition are vital keys to controlling or promoting morbidity and mortality from chronic diseases, and the multitude of biomolecules in dietary fruits and vegetables play a crucial role in health maintenance.
Eliminate processed foods, GMO foods, MSG, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, bleached flour products, and processed table sugar.
The information on this page is a proven approach which uses supplementation, organics, fruits and plant extracts for health promotion, emotional health and disease treat but also prevention. The mainstream curricular does not teach about the natural medicines present in ORGNAIC live raw foods called phytonurtients or how the enzymes present are essential to optimize health. Processing food and cooking continues to destroy many of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in raw foods.Eating WHOLE raw fruits and vegetables improves digestion due to their high fiber content. An estimated 25,000 different chemical compounds occur in fruits, vegetables, and other plants eaten by humans. All these are disease prevention and cancer-fighting, rejuvenating elements in fruits and vegetables.
There are a plethora of subjects that can be examined with a conclusion of raw foods being superior to cooked or denatured foods. Raw for life gave a brilliant oveview with the wisdom of eating a raw food diet, important medical facts and nutritional information. From an educational perspective it is a disservice to humanity to not teach this essential nutritional healing process.
For how many more generations do you think our bodies will be able to withstand becoming increasingly toxic before they begin to break down, which indeed is already a problem manifesting in the form of rapidly growing rates of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, stroke and cancer.
How many are taught at school that a great way to detoxify the liver is by drinking beetroot juice?.
Loosing weight using the raw food method also gives the person more energy, enhanced mental focus and protects against debilitating diseases. The educational documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead tells the story of Joe Cross who was 100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe Cross was at the end of his rope and the end of his hope. The food industry is now wide spread and will use cheap and synthetic additives over natural ways.
The war against obesity must go beyond personal responsibility and will power to encompass a Gandhian mass movement against a food industry and a social order intent on fattening us, argues this fact-filled but ferocious manifesto.
But the worst villain of the book is the politically powerful food industry, which, the authors say, plies us with cheap fat and sugar while keeping healthier foods scarce and expensive, bribes schools to sell children soft drinks, and bombards children with junk-food ads from the moment they leave the womb. Mike Adams AKA the Health Ranger from Natural news dot com sums the situation up perfectly.All western countries fall under the following conditions. In 2002, consumers spent $174 billion on processed foods.90 percent of foods marketed each year are processed foods. We don't think much about how food gets to our tables, or what had to happen to fill our supermarket's produce section with perfectly round red tomatoes and its meat counter with slabs of beautifully marbled steak. America's Food describes the production of all types of food in the United States and the environmental and health problems associated with each. Their offspring were all sick and exhibited the same general characteristics as there parents.a€?As this group of rats died one by one or in epidemics or various diseases, autopsies were performed revealing extensive degenerative conditions in every part of their bodies. This diet was alternated with periods of fast and within one mouth behavioral pattern had changed completely so that the now docile, affectionate, playful creatures were once again able to live together in a harmonious society and from this point on never suffered any illness.a€?Several rates put to death and autopsied at the end of the initial period revealing the same general deterioration as that exhibited in the second group of rats. The obvious disease, degeneration and deterioration of body parts evident in their first half of life had been completely reversed and excellent health restored. Independent of Big Pharma- Studies have been conducted and show amazing results when eating whole raw food.
Alissa Cohen is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and raw food chef and consultant, Alissa's has helped thousands of people throughout the world who have maintained successful weight losses, healed themselves of a myriad of diseases, and swear by her simple and fun approach to fantastic health.
Another pioneer of note who has a proven history behind her with RAW foods has to go to Dr. At Present only independent documentary film makers are documenting these cases.They are the only security giving the public informed consent. Hepatites and derpession were documented as being treated effectivly using jucing asnd live food in the May I Be Frank?
An important fact, the people featured in these documentaries were able to rid themselves of their medication.They mentioned it to thier doctors, their doctors were not interested.
The cure capacity of organic nutrition and juicing can also be found in the Gerson Institute a non-profit organization located in San Diego, California, dedicated to providing education and training in the alternative, non-toxic treatment of cancer and other disease, using the Gerson Therapy.The Gerson Therapy is a safe, natural treatment developed by Dr. Jay Kordich is one of the best testimonials for RAW foods medicinal results and to prove the Gerson therapy. Further proof of the medicial capacity of raw foods can be found in Don Tolman's Farmacist Desk Reference (FDR) on wholefoods. Acid reflux, acne, age-related muscular degeneration, ageing, arthritis, atherosclerosis, CANCER, cataracts, high cholesterol, colds, constipation, diabetes, diarrhea, poor digestion, diverticular disease, headaches, heart disease, herpes simplex, hemorrhoids, hypertension, immune deficiency, infection, infertility, insomnia, mental slowness, menopause, motion sickness, obesity, osteoporosis, respiratory ailments, skin disease, stroke, ulcers, varicose veins. We have lost the war on cancer due to our heavy reliance on toxic, pharmaceutical drugs and a Health system driven by money.
Whole food medicine such as that popularized by Don Tolman can be considered the only nutritional education needed to day-Why today?
Disease can only end with education.-There are now officially over 10,000 human diseases, 95 years ago there were 7.
It is not just about eating green-leafed vegetables, whole grains, fruits, Sea Vegetables, Mushrooms, avocados, nuts, seeds, coconuts, bananas, durians, super foods and dried olives.
The western diet not only cooks out the nutrients but also has a bad combination of food groups. Ayurvedic cooking and chinese medicine cooking are healing principles that have been proven to work for centuries.
The pharmaceutical drugs will disconnect one from the messages that body is trying to communicate, for example a pain killer.
The education of WHY one must at least include these food choices into their existing eating habits is essential for better health. For those who are unable to progressively change over to a complete raw food lifestyle, the knowledge of why we must not go without certain classes of ORGANIC RAW LIVE foods for too long of a period must be understood to prevent disease. To reach the widest audience, Panacea is going to detail original ideas of mixing raw food choices with what non raw food people currently eat. Jinjee compares her two cooked-vegan pregnancies and two raw-vegan pregnancies crediting her two painless births to her raw-vegan diet at the time.
You can also ask supermodel and actress Carol Alt who shared her secret with the worlda€”that shea€™s become the healthiest, slimmest, and most energetic shea€™s ever been by converting to a raw food lifestyle.
Tragically, many are victims of a a€?health carea€? system and way of life which is devastating to our overall well being.
Modern Schools have never taught why raw plant material when ingested NEEDS too - And will alkalize the body. There is no corporation charter in place to ensure that businesses, schools and supermarkets include a safer nuritional food criteria. Five years ago Robyn Oa€™Brien was an average American mom; busy with four kids, living on a limited budget, and not in the least interested in hearing anyone lecture her about what to feed her kids.
This is the reason why the consensus on food is to eat a lot of refined sugars and sweet things which can lead to Candida (fungus infection) and MANY other health problems. This is the current programmed thinking which continues to go on with out anyone sentient to what it is they are actually doing.
After the food groups are understood, then there is only one way to effectively apply them. In addition to all the food additives, the majority of food is grown in soils that have been chemically farmed for the last 75 years.
Plants typically take out 74 too 100 nutrients from the soil, conventional farming often puts only 3 things back in, potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. The science behind organic produce has shown higher levels in nutritional content in comparison to pesticide grown food. Even an avocado, contains the nutrient components that reduces complications in child birth delivery. A simple ORGANIC leaf of spinach contains hundreds of natural medicines - phytonutrients that help prevent cancer, eye diseases, nervous system disorders, heart disease and much more. Tune in Thursday, July 28th! Meet Joshua and learn how you can play a crucial role in improving health and happiness! Get the lowdown on the nutritious and delicious benefits of eating raw….just in time for summer!
We’ve put together the essential Raw Foods Guide that will improve your digestion, lift your energy, and boost your immunity. Culturing is a simple process involving the introduction of natural bacteria to create enzymes and natural fermentation, which promotes the growth of healthful bacteria in the digestive tract. This covers all juices, drinks, milks, and most other products that are commercially processed. A diet high in fiber helps increase transit time of foodstuff through the digestive tract, lowers blood cholesterol levels, and promotes less hunger due to the bulk it provides.

This program recommends at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day for optimal health. Countless books have stated how friendly bacteria play a role in building our immune systems and removing toxins, etc. Kombucha Tea is a biological active product fermented with a living culture to become a natural living food high in enzymes. The origins of kombucha tea is thought to have started in the Far East, as far back as two thousands years. Injuries include sore muscles, torn muscles, torn ligaments, torn tendons, deep bruises, sprains, strains and broken bones. Striving to see the positive, I know many folks are building community, peace, and heartfelt feelings towards one another. I sense that isolation and loneliness, coupled with the lack of real communication and the over stimulation of our senses with materialism is a core factor.
The pollutants in the water and air, processed food, and chemical products, including pharmaceutical drugs, that are a part of our daily lives, is a major part of this cancer epidemic. The real cure for cancer involves cleaning up the extensive damage we have done to our bodies and to the Earth through natural remedies.
Aspects of nutrition, relationships, spirituality, emotions, and vocation have to be brought into balance and harmony.
Raw meat is the best source of food to generate new cellular growth and raw fat is the best source of food to dissolve and remove toxins, dead cells and cancerous cells. Cancer must be looked upon as a calling to change our society and ourselves where we bring life back to a balanced and harmonious state, where we honor and nourish our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Foods that will nourish, soothe, lubricate, repair, and rebuild your cells, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, glands, organs, etc.
Adrenal herbs: ginseng, nettles, licorice, rhodiola, ashwagandha, wild oats to balance hormones such as Adrenaline, Cortisol, DHEA, etc. Yes, eggs contain cholesterol, but cholesterol from raw of properly cooked food does not raise cholesterol levels and it does not cause heart disease.
Packed with 60% fat and 40% protein, lecithin, iron, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, selenium, magnesium and many other nutrients; eggs are a powerhouse.
From my experience and observation, raw eggs are most effective in removing toxins from the body and improving brain function.
If you buy local eggs, take notice of how the yolk changes from a yellow color to an orange color as the summer approaches and the chickens can feast on grass and insects. Always work with a qualified health professional before making any changes to your diet, prescription drug use, lifestyle, or exercise activities. Today diabetes, heart disease and cancer are the biggest killers and claim more lives per year than all the wars combined.
Examples of whole foods include unpolished grains, beans, fruits, vegetables and non-homogenized dairy products.
What you are really getting is some combination of refined flour, refined sugar and over-processed fat with a long shelf life. Why would anyone want to eat a plate full of additives, preservatives, and starchy fillers? These processed, artificial and pesticide laden foods are formulated to appeal to our inherent attraction to sugar, salt, fats, and calories for profit but at the expense of nutrition. Pharmaceutical industries are parasites making money from many drugs and insulin off these poor nutrient subsidies, education and choices.
Education, subsidies and practice in the nutritional and therapeutic constituents of live organic nuts, seeds , vegetables and fruits.The application of nutritional and therapeutic values in raw vegetables and the anitoxidents in fruits are needed to maintain health and fight disease. Success stories of whole food and raw organic live food nutrition have shown that these foods have different actions beyond nutrients.To achieve results Dietary habits need to be altered it is that simple and easy.
Cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and others are proven to help prevent cancer. The mainstream studies on super foods and fruits is only just coming to light, however the ancients knew about these foods and used them regularly for optimal health.
They can encompass such diverse chemical classes as carotenoids, flavonoids, organosulfur compounds,isothiocyanates, indoles, monoterpenes, phenolic acids, and chlorophyll.Cancer-preventive properties of the macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein, fat,and fiber) and micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) components of diets have been the object of study for a number of years, and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has sponsored a number of human intervention trials with individual vitamins and minerals.
However,the repertoire of chemopreventive phytochemicals is vast, and foods, dietary supplements, and traditional herbal medicines with previously undocumented anticancer activities are continually being identified.
It is therefore no wonder that people grow up with out the life skills or education needed to make informed decisions and maintain their health through nutritional habits. However this level of toxicity is measured outside the human body, and does not take into account the fact that many toxins fail to be eliminated by the body, and are stored in fat cells (the bodya€™s way in which it attempts to protect vital organs from toxic substance), which greatly compounds the levels of bodily toxicity over time. When you think about it, do we not have a duty of care to future generations to try and reduce the toxic load on our own bodies, and that which will be passed on genetically to our offspring? Real health - the perfect functioning of all parts of body and mind - is so rare that people mistake the temporary absence of disease symptoms for health.
The toxins present in todays breast milk are a sobering reality and prove that our bodies are being altered.Our environment is riddled with organochlorine pesticides (which make their way into our bodies) and dioxins. When we put processed, additive (MSG and aspartame for example) or cooked food into our body, loaded with contaminants, the body starts to break down. Although we recommend removing all the mucoid plaque from the bowels first by doing a colon cleansing .
It may not be well known but there is no other weight loss program out there which can beat raw food nutrition or raw food juicing. With doctors and conventional medicines unable to help long-term, Joe turns to the only option left, the body's ability to heal itself. The followng are examples of documentaries made by independent film makers showing how raw food not only has reversed disease but prevents it. Virtually every health authority, even conventional doctors, recommend 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruits per day but very few of us actually get that.
Health legislation is not there to support SECURE health education or has enough regulation.
The authors, academics with the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, contend that our abundant, super-sized meals and our modern, sedentary lifestyles have formed a toxic environment that indulges our genetic fat-storage proclivities to a pathological degree. The authors recast the usual diet-and-exercise discourse in the rhetoric of social justice, calling for a grass-roots mobilization to fight Big Food, a national strategic plan, and specific measures like junk-food taxes and banning ads that target children. The five-part video series by Peter Jennings explores how the food industry spends billions of dollars to sabotage your health.
We don't realize that the meat in one fast-food hamburger may come from many different cattle raised in several different countries. After taking us on a tour of the American food system?not only the basic food groups but soil, grain farming, organic food, genetically modified food, food processing, and diet?Blatt reminds us that we aren't powerless.
During their lifetime these rats became fat and, from the earliest age, contracted most of the diseases of modern American society including colds, fever, pneumonia, poor vision, cataracts, heart disease, arthritis, cancer and many more.a€?Most of this group died prematurely at early ages but during their lifetime most of them were vicious, snarling beasts, fighting with one another stealing one anothera€™s food and attempting to kill each other. All organs, glands and tissues were affected, as were the skin, hair, blood and nervous system. They displayed the same general symptoms of the second group a€“ being sick and vicious so that they had to be separated to prevent them from killing each other and stealing one another food.a€?At the end of this initial period all rats in this group were placed on a strict fast, with of water to drink for a period of several days.
However, the remaining rats lived out the full duration of the experiment, to the equivalent of 80 years in humans, and when they were topside there were no signs of aging or deterioration or disease - just as those in the first group. Elaine is a personal hero too Panacea, she was the first to produce a documentary which open source a cancer treatment. Flying in the face of conventional medical wisdom -- which really isn't wise at all -- this film celebrates the simple yet powerful truths about reversing chronic disease that the established medical system won't dare talk about. Each one of these participants reversed chronic disease using simple methods of living foods nutrition that anyone can make part of their daily living.Referance.
A simple nutrient included into juicing an apple and lemon has been shown to work wonders for alternative cancer treatments. Max Gerson in the 1920a€™s that uses organic foods, juicing, coffee enemas, detoxification and natural supplements to activate the bodya€™s ability to heal itself.
You do not need big pharma drugs to cure.This system has already prevented and cured diseases such as cancer, heart disease and others.
And in doing so, weve forgotten how to trust the wisdom and power of whole foods and principles of health for avoiding disease, remaining vital and living long.Our formal education framework has become nothing more than a 'Factory designed to churn out and indoctrinate academics and workers. Being from the midwest in the states he like others due to the education system grew up on a very bad diet.
Some foods like tomato and broccoli can be steamed to unlock their nutrients However never cook fruit,nuts or seeds these need to be eaten raw to get the complete benefit. Brought to you by The Garden Diet and produced by Storm Talifero the film brings you into the life of the Talifero family who eat diet of 100% raw organic vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and sprouts. The family is shown climbing mountains, doing animations, playing music, preparing food, eating, gardening, and visiting the doctor for a check-up.
In fact, they warned him by saying a diet of raw fruits and vegetables would be harmful to anyone with inflammatory bowel disease.
To the bottom line on our health wea€™re caught in a perpetual grinding machine, unable to escape. Or how cooked vegetarian or vegitables can strip the dish of its peak nutritional content and can become a degenerative diet. Acclaimed physician Susan Lark has shed light on this vastly under-discussed health factor. Then one day, after being served a typical breakfast consisting of Eggo waffles, blue-colored yoghurt and scrambled eggs, her youngest child suddenly had an acute allergic reaction. In general sugar consumption and acidity of the body are two of the main contributors to disease and de-generation.
Organic food includes vegetables, fruits, grains, and any agricultural crop or food that has been grown using organic methods, which are based on building healthy soil naturally without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Over time plants pull out all the nutrients of the soil and if we don't replenish it ask yourselves how that translates to your health. It is not rocket science to figure out why this is the case, the less you toy with nature the less you toy with yourself, we are the same.
Every living vegetable is a powerhouse of disease-fighting medicine: Broccoli prevents cancer, beet greens cleanse the liver, cilantro removes heavy metals, celery prevents cancer helps with bone care, berries prevent heart disease and dark leafy greens help prevent over a dozen serious health conditions while boosting immune function and helping prevent other infections. It also needs to help the body to recover and rebuild and to lubricate, nourish and protect. Play in the dirt, plant a garden, walk barefoot, eat lots of raw foods, including fermented foods and become one with the beauty of Mother Nature. The fermentation process of Kombucha leaves it naturally sparkling and virtually sugar free. You are adding anti-oxidants to the process through the use of healthy green, black or white tea leaves. Raw fresh vegetable juices will alkalize and oxygenate the body and aid the raw fat in dissolving toxins.
Slowly transition into getting most of your calories from fat and reducing the amount of carbohydrates and you will feel better.
Your liver produces cholesterol every day and cholesterol is needed for cellular health, especially cellular membrane function, hormone production, brain function, vitamin D conversion and a strong and effective immune system.
The reason eggs are so powerful for brain health is choline, a key component of the neuro-transmitter acetylcholine that helps with memory and intuition.
Factory farm yolks are very pale yellow in comparison and do not change color as the chickens stay indoors year round and eat industrial chicken feed.
Not so well known is that there are many dangers of foods that have been genetically modified, treated with pesticides, microwaved, and irradiated which are adding to the toll. The result is pure nutritional cardboard that can cause pain and disease and can definitely shorten your life. Because the $450 billion food industry uses their marketing muscle to tell us that fresh food is pricey and we don't have time to prepare meals from scratch. These leave you feeling full but result in food cravings and addiction, us being over-fed, under-nourished and diseased.We now have the highest disease rate ever in human history, a considerable portion of chronic human diseases, including, Cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease are directly related to this modern diet which is inadequate in the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and other constituents found in natural, unprocessed fruits and vegetables.
These are the only keys to obtaining not just adequate vitamins and minerals, but a wide variety of other elements that can contribute therapeutically to human health.Whilst people may have a vague idea that fruits and vegetables are beneficial to good health, its now more important than ever to know which ones can be effective in treating specific illnesses.
If you are a meat eater, switch to meats from humanely treated grass fed livestock, and avoid overcooking.
Cooking foods above 112 degrees fahrenheit destroys vital enzymes, vitamins and phytonurtients. They are involved in many processes including ones that help prevent cell damage, prevent cancer cell replication, and decrease cholesterol levels.However these phytonutrients get destroyed by cooking and processing.
More recently, however, research efforts have extended to the non-nutritive phytochemicals. Scientists have found that bioflavonoids have specific capabilities to increase bodily health in many different ways. We are increasingly being exposed to modern chemicals which have previously never existed in nature. These toxins are now of course at much higher levels than what is approved as a€?safea€™ and do not just naturally a€?fade awaya€™ somehow. Formerly, people suffered mainly from violent, but short infectious diseases; now they are afflicted with chronic degenerative diseases for a lifetime. Bio dynamic, Permaculture farming, Urban Organic farming like aquaponics and Industrial Hemp products can replace plastics and is an effective eradication of those toxic industries. This point is often ignored by many people, as liver cleansing has been hyped up a lot in the media recently, without the adequate explanations as to why a liver would need to be cleaned.
He trades in the junk food and hits the road with juicer and generator in tow, vowing only to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the next 60 days. Juicing to be a simple and easy way to virtually guarantee that you'll reach your daily target for vegetables. The result is an epidemic of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and low self-esteem.
Jennings also takes a critical look at US government's agricultural subsidy programs, and their unintended consequences on your nutritional choices and health. At the age of 25, Jay was diagnosed with a serious illness and was told he may not have long to live. It is also about the right food combination for effective digestion and absorption(explained in more detail below). It was the raw food nutrition,live foods,super foods and juicing every day that turned his life around.
Also raw vegetables need to accompany the cooked ones or be in parallel with them for essential benefit.

The bottom line is whether you live in a warm or cold climate,you can still include a portion of the raw food nutritional diet into what you already eat. The reason must be stated again, you can add raw food to your existing food choices and must do so in order to get the same caliber of substance and fight disease. Hypocrisies and pythagoras espoused it, so did lot of the GREEK philosophers, even the assyrians thousands of years ago. With four children ranging from 1 to 11 years old the film gives a view into a nature-oriented, active, healthy and creative family life. This led Paul to simplify all areas of his life.With his new understanding of a€?less is more,a€? Paul left his office job in the financial industry on Wall Street in New York City, wrote some books about health, and started traveling, giving lectures about health and living simply. Ita€™s nearly impossible to be liberated when therea€™s so much confusing, conflicting information and when the authorities giving you advice a€“ be they the government or industry controlled organizations like the American Dietetic Association a€“ dona€™t necessarily have your best interest at heart. Over cooked food can become acidifying to the body, when ingesting a raw food diet or plant material, the body can become alkaline and work optimally.
This acid alkaline balance logic is essential for better health to prevent cardiovascular disease. For example - The issue of using Canola which has more detriments than it does benefits.The processing of canola oil and oxidation of the polyunsaturated component of canola oil makes it unhealthy for human consumption. All these food chemicals have effects on certain neurotransmitters concerned with behavior, everything we put into our bodies has very direct consequences for how we think, feel, and act.
That very day, Robyn threw herself into researching food allergies, and virtually overnight, Robyn became a real-food activist.She quickly learned that the foods sold in our grocery stores are not necessarily safe. It is important to understand that you need to combine foods properly,a food combining chart is essential in order to get the full benefits.A typical bad one is the combination of proteins and sweet fruits. It should be no surprise that this then translates to your food and to your childrens health.
People who are intent on profiting by the alternative or synthetic means are doing a diservice to our health. Results from a A?12m study showed that organic fruit and vegetables contained up to 40% more antioxidants than non-organic varieties. There must be evidence based, non aligned and independent non profit investigation involved - With out this where is the security?The benefits to eating organic relate to ETHICAL animal welfare and essential environmental benefits. In the mean time governments, bureaucrats, the USDA or any other countries PROPERGANDA will continue. There is no other way to put it other then they are operating out of extreme ignorance of food and nutrition. An avarcardo will help balance female hormones, it is one of the best hormone replacement therapies known however there is no money in patenting or selling them as a medication.Walnuts have a high content of omega's and help restore memory.
In fact, Aajonus, states that bacteria, germs, viruses and even parasites aid our bodies in removing toxins. As you embrace the role of bacteria, you will become healthier with a stronger immune system, a stronger digestive system and a stronger neurological system. The kombucha culture looks like a beige or white rubbery pancake and it is often called a scoby which stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts. Billions of dollars have been spent since President Nixon declared a war on cancer, and the death rate from cancer has gone down only around five percent and well over fifty percent of patients whose cancer goes into remission from the use of chemotherapy and radiation get cancer again in several years. This diet can take some time to get used to, but in my professional opinion, it is the best diet to heal from cancer and bring forth health and vitality. Eat a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet with plenty of green vegetables, especially green juices and experience the difference with greater power and vitality. Most of us need some cholesterol food, found in eggs and other animal products, to aid the liver in effectively doing its task; plus, the best sources of Vitamins A, D, K, and B12 and the minerals zinc and iron are found in eggs and other animal fats.
Yay to the local egg and here in Jackson County we have lots of local farmers with healthy eggs from healthy chickens.
Processed foods are broken down, rebuilt, reconstituted whole foods with up to 80% of the vitamins and minerals missing. Their persuasive ad campaigns repeat over and over that packaged, processed foods are a healthy choice that can save us time and money.
These enzymes are proteins that catalyze reactions and break down nutrients so the body can use them.
They support strong cell formations and, according to some medical services, even suppress poor cellular growth in order to deliver an anti-carcinogenic effect. Agribusiness, pharmacutical,artificial preservatives, coloring,chemical fertilizers, pesticides, processed,irradiated and genetically modified food are big business and all have a conflict of interest to this HEALTH information. Today, traces of the chemical DDT, a highly toxic synthesized insecticide that was banned from use back in 1972, are still being found in the fat tissue of animals carrying the genetic material of a past generation of creatures exposed. Others with the same debilitating autoimmune disease were cured using simple juicing recipes. Juicing also allows you to add a wider variety of vegetables to your diet that you might not normally enjoy eating whole, and makes it easier for your body to absorb all those wonderful nutrients.
Brownell and Horgen blame these side effects on a car-centric culture that has virtually criminalized walking (27% of adult Americans, they report, get no physical activity at all) while parking kids in front of television, video games and computers and eliminating gym classes from cash-strapped schools.
For example, sugar and fat receive 20 times more US government farming subsidies than fruits and vegetables.
They were always gently affectionate and playful and lived in perfect harmony with each other. However this natural medicine method is not known well enough or utilized in the mainstream or even recommended by doctors. Absorbing the high levels of certain vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants found in raw food, plus the enzymes in sprouted nuts, seeds grains and grasses is truly ANTI AGING. The greatest concentration is found in the seeds of the rosaceous fruits, such as apricot kernels and other bitter nuts. After reviewing all the treatments available, he left California and traveled to New York City to see Dr. The concept is to listen to your body in a feedback loop after taking the raw food nutrition and adjust the diet accordingly.
The Taliferos do a€?home-birtha€?, a€?home-schoola€?, and a€?home-businessa€? while making the raw food diet work in a warm family setting.
Tissue will regenerate, you will tend to feel better and have more energy.There are is more health benefits which will be discussed later. Processed foods in general can contribute to allergies for a number of different reasons.
Chances are that the produce you buy has been irradiated ,with pesticides, herbicides some times even fungicides,it is certainly not in the same food that previous generations had years ago.
It is for this very reason that Panacea is conducting a FREE Permaculture, Urban and Bio-Dynamic farming educational project. Carlo Leifert at Newcastle University who leads the EU-funded Quality Low Input Food project. Almonds target a part of the brain that generate emotional molecules for happiness and joy.
It is that impressive as a raw food that it has over 9500 nutrients that target bone density . It seems like every year modern medicine states that with more research and more money, a cure for cancer will be found. All foods should be free of chemicals and the dairy, eggs, and meat should be from pastured chickens, wild fish, and cows that eat grass. Go local and support your local egg farmer at the various farmers markets and the many community-supported agriculture partnerships.
Lots of organic legumes and whole grains could replace much of a meat diet, and organic sprouted grain breads should replace the toxic bleached flour breads offered on store shelves. Raw fruits and vegetables contain high levels of enzymes so consuming them reduces the need for the body to have to produce its own. Bioflavonoids contribute to good heart health, and combat atherosclerosis, as well as conditions like Alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately, cooking cherries is known to kill many of the beneficial compounds found inside them. It is the same for humans: stored toxins greatly compromise our overall blood chemistry at a cellular level. Upon reaching an old age, equivalent to 80 years in humans, these rats were put to death and autopsied. Schweitzer followed Gersona€™s progress as the dietary therapy was successfully applied to heart disease, kidney failure, and finally a€“ cancer. Max Gerson who was treating terminally ill patients with fresh raw juices and healthy cleansing diets. With NO nutrition the body will NOT function to its fullest, and when imbalance, the body will be affected negatively in certain ways.
After trying almost every so-called cure to overcome his pain and suffering, Paul finally discovered the benefits of eating more simply.
Most processed foods contain a variety of food colorings, flavors, preservatives, and other additives can have a major impact.
Panacea continues to work with our sponsored farms like Raw and city country farms who both have biodynamic organic farmed SOILS.
There is not the same money in agribusiness compared to organic live foods for better health.
Cornell medical did a study and tested cerley on 1500 woman that had aggressive stages of osteoporosis. Various herbs and supplements are also very important to facilitate healing and detoxification.
These three components are very important and needed by the liver to perform its detoxifying actions. What are the safety concerns to be aware of when using herbs in combination with traditional medicines? For example a study released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2001 confirmed that humans have certain phthalates in our bodies. This toxicity is passed on from generation to generation (it is the fetus that is affected the most by the toxicity of the mothera€™s blood), which means that today we now are all suffering from generations worth of compromised and toxic blood. At that advanced age their organs, glands, tissues all body processes appeared to be in perfect condition without any sign of aging or deterioration. Schweitzera€™s own Type II diabetes was cured by treatment with Gersona€™s RAW ORGANIC FOOD therapy.
Processed meats are too dangerous for human consumption because they contain chemical additives that are known to greatly increase the risk of various cancers, including colorectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, pancreatic cancer and many more. Each person will be at different levels and have a different state of digestion and conditions etc.But what remains the same is the connection to the body. Walker D.Sc is one of the modern pioneers in the quest for higher education on raw food nutrition. At 57 years of age he appears decades younger with an athletic body-buildera€™s physique and the lifestyle of an extreme adventurer.
They were on nothing but raw foods (with Celery), with in 9 months every single one of them had gotten rid of their osteoporosis.
It wasn't long before Jay's health was restored and the direction of his life was changed forever. DR Walker first produced the book "Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices way back in the 70's.
Jinjee has been a raw vegan on and off for 12 years and at 38 years old she continues to rejuvenate and increase her fitness level. Jinjee and Storm talk about the deaths of their parents and Storma€™s many family members who have died of debilitating diet-related diseases.
After turning to a more simple diet called a€?the raw food dieta€? consisting of just that, raw foods, Paul was amazed at how quickly his health returned. High Country Kombucha is the best commercially made kombucha on the market and it’s available in various health food stores across the country.
However, take into consideration what I am saying and start to question modern medicine’s approach to curing cancer. In this book he explained how the lack or deficiency of certain elements, such as vital organic minerals and salts, and consequently of vitamins, from our customary diet is the primary cause of nearly every sickness and disease. Jinjee home-birthed her four children and the film shows her at pre-pregnancy weight and tone only 10 days after giving birth to her fourth child.
Following his recommendations to consume fresh vegetable and fruit juices, we can furnish our bodies with the phytonutrients and enzymes needed for optimal health. In an exhilarating sequence of scenes Storma€™s eldest son Snow who was born raw-vegan and spent much of his life as a raw-vegan is shown climbing 7-story high Gibraltar Rock in Santa Barbara with no ropes. Krebs, Jr.) as being Nitrilosides which are prevalent in the seeds of apricots,peaches, apples, millet, bean sprouts, buckwheat, and other fruits and nuts, including bitter almonds. Scenes like this distinguish a€?Breakthrougha€? from instructional raw food videos and bring the actual effects of a raw food lifestyle into focus with a a€?proof is in the raw-puddinga€? attitude.
Granted, there are a percentage of people whose cancer goes into remission and it never returns.
Gabriel Cousens and Brian Clement who have been eating and educating about this way for over 20 years.
People do not get cancer because they are deficient in chemotherapy and radiation; they get cancer because their bodies are severely deficient in nutrients and abundant in chemical toxins.
Modern medicine’s approach to treating cancer is like our government’s approach to fighting terrorism.
Kill the terrorists and kill a lot of innocent people at the same time, which in turn, creates more terrorists.
Kill the cancer cells and kill billions of healthy cells at the same time, which in turn, creates more cancer cells. Plus, if you really look at our government, we created the terrorists from our arrogant and brutal foreign policy of starting wars and overthrowing leaders that did not hand over their country’s resources to us.
In addition, war and fighting terrorists generates lots of money for big business, as does the modern war on cancer.

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