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The raw food movement is said to give one boundless energy and a clear mind, as though a fog’s been lifted.
World-renowned raw food chefs Matt and Janabai Amsden have been at the center of Los Angeles’ vibrant health food community for more than a decade. With The RAWvolution Continues Matt and Janabai welcome home chefs everywhere to this wholesome, healthful feast.
Raw foods, strictly speaking, are any that have not been heated beyond a certain temperature. In raw food cuisine, we often use a food dehydrator, which is essentially a low-temperature oven, to gently remove the water from a food while maintaining the food’s nutritional and enzymatic properties.
Freezing, it seems, does not affect food enzymes the way that cooking does, and like dehydration, allows for contrast of flavor and texture, creativity in the kitchen, and more variety. Tags: Are raw foods safe?, dehydrated foods, health benefits of eating raw food, how to follow a raw food diet, how to go raw, Matt Amsden, raw food movement, raw foods, The Rawvolution Continues, what are dehydrated foods?, what foods qualify as raw?, What is the Raw Food Movement, What makes raw foods healthy? So today, quite appropriately, I would like to recommend another book that I think is a worthwhile addition to your library. I must say I am really happy to see a book co-authored by educated healthcare practitioners, and done so in such a professional manner.
After trying unsuccessfully to find a good raw food pyramid, I decided to design one myself. With the raw food movement is increasing in popularity Jojo Gittings, founder of Two Birds Eatery, expands beyond the flagship cafe in Hamilton East to Narrows Landing. The demand for the healthy treats from Jojo Gittings' Two Birds Eatery has led her to expand the business, taking over the lease of wedding venue and restaurant Narrows Landing in Tamahere.

Through their cafe, Euphoria Loves RAWvolution (ELR), they help to nourish bodies, minds, and souls through endless bowls of Superfood Soup, progressive ideas, and community. Featuring more than 150 mouthwatering recipes for shakes, drinks, elixirs, appetizers, soups, entrees, and desserts, The RAWvolution Continues guides you through simple steps to creating fare that is truly natural and truly delicious. However, we promote a vegetarian and vegan diet, and the recipes in this book contain no animal-derived ingredients. This does not mean that all raw foods, in their original or prepared states, will retain their palatability when frozen and thawed. After a phase of idealism and purism followed by some shocking falls and even near death experience of the idea, time has finally come to get educated.
I would like to share a few quotes here, which impressed me, grabbed my heart right from the start and kept it till the end.
You will find here information about key topics in nutrition that are of relevance to raw foodists, with peer-reviewed scientific facts supported by some clinical experience, delivered in a convenient, compact way.
In The Rawvolution Continues: The Living Foods Movement in 150 Natural and Delicious Recipes, we explain how we eat. ELR has become a guiding light in the pure food revolution, a place where people come together, learn from one another, and build relationships around health, consciousness, responsibility, compassion, and joy—all while eating delicious, unprocessed food. These textures create a contrast to the cool, juiciness of fresh fruits and vegetables and are more filling for those with large appetites, or who are new to raw foods. In creating the recipes in this book, you’ll use whatever you have access to, but we urge you to choose organics and family-farmed produce whenever possible. The recipes in this collection that advise or require freezing still taste great, if not better, after coming out of the freezer.

An opinionated book that tells the reader what to think or do would lose my interest instantly, but this is not such a book.
This is a reference useful for learning about the basics, as well as for those moments where you might want to check some detail.
First, I make a point of addressing them as “philosophers” – a bit cheesy, but hopefully it encourages active learning. Dehydrated foods also allow for more creativity and options in the kitchen and add a whole world of variety to one’s diet.
I have not seen such an attention to rigour in the raw food literature before. Nor such understanding of the place for both research and personal experience, and their limitations.
Dehydrated foods also provide a large measure of convenience as they can be stored, and will remain fresh, for several weeks or longer, reducing the feeling that every raw food meal must begin with an enormous amount of prep. I do think though that being gullible or single minded can certainly prevent it. A little bit of knowledge and discernment can go a long way in improving your experience on a raw food diet. Some raw food restaurants serve wines that have been specially paired with their menu items, while many raw health educators suggest that it’s better to avoid alcohol of any kind, whether raw or not.

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