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I met Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram a few months ago and fell in luuuuvvv with her and her passion to spread the word about going RAW Vegan! Vegan Trendsetter Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram’s Creates “Raw Couture” with a living lettuce dress!
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram has created yet another trend in the Vegetarian, Vegan, and Raw Food World with a living lettuce dress. When asked about the shoot Kristina remarked, “I rarely feel like myself when I am dressed up in “real” clothing. The lettuce for the dress was sourced by the popular fruit and vegetable co-op that Kristina has founded and currently runs, Rawfully Organic. You might think of YouTube as a destination solely for music videos, strange parodies, and crazy cat videos.
We're big fans of Laura Miller from Sidesaddle Kitchen over here — we even featured one of her sweet treats on the site last year! The Vegan Zombie saw an opportunity to blend two of his passions on YouTube: veganism and horror films!
You probably know Cassey Ho of Blogilates for her awesome workouts, but you might not know she also has tonnes of healthy recipe tutorials available.

Cooking Channel TV host Jason Wrobel takes his talents to the YouTube stage for his show, appropriately titled The J-Wro Show. Kristina of FullyRaw by Kristina has been on an 100-percent raw food diet for seven years and is the founder of the largest organic food cooperative in America!
In Houston TX she is a local celebrity, especially in the Vegan community and her celebrity grows each day!
The dress concept was created by Jack Potts who was inspired by Kristina’s passion for raw, organic produce. Being able to share with you my extra special experiences being Vegan and introducing you to GREAT people, places and things that are Vegan is my goal with this Blog.
And yes, while there's plenty of that sort of entertainment available, it's also an amazing resource for healthy living — especially when it comes to healthy eats.
Laura teamed up with Tastemade to bring absolutely delicious raw and vegan recipes to YouTube. After totally transforming his body through exercise and nutrition, Kevin, the show's host, started blogging and sharing all his tips and tricks to eat well, support your goals, and save money.
He shares delicious and decadent-looking recipes you can't believe are actually vegan and brings plenty of humour to each and every webisode.
You'll watch US editor Michele Foley and host Matthew Rodrigues cook up and taste healthy recipes that the celebs love to enjoy — you can also check out their segments on TVGN's POPSUGAR Now.

Beyond sharing a tonne of fresh delicious recipes, Kristina has a cheery outlook and breaks down the recipes beautifully with easy-to-follow directions on her channel. Jack Potts vision to have her represented in a living lettuce dress parallels how passionate Kristina is about the Vegan Lifestyle. There is just something about wrapping yourself in the very essence of nature that connects you not only to the earth, but also to the goddess within. Check out some of the healthy YouTube vloggers making a stir in their healthy kitchens on computer screens all over the world. Beyond the creative recipes, Laura has a cool and quirky California vibe that makes us want to watch and learn more!
He even shared a video on how to grocery shop for five days (and prep five meals a day) for just $75 total. The dress is layered of green and red leaf lettuce, swiss shard, kale, and collard greens, and were carefully assembled and placed on Kristina’s high-fashion model figure. Check out more info about the dress below and there are a couple of Videos I have added as well!

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