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MOST of us cook our food without a second thought, but have you ever considered eating it raw? A thorough raw diet consists of foods that are not processed and not heated to more than about 46°C.
In Melbourne, the Raw Food Movement has experienced a recent growth in popularity with places like Realfoods at RMIT City Campus, as well as Veggie Bar and Yong Green Food on Brunswick Street incorporating raw fare into their menus.
My experience with raw food started as a challengewith three colleagues for a student run magazine.
While we failed for reasons biological and through simple unpreparedness, the experience did make me think.
Simply walking into the supermarket and picking out a bunch of random things wasn’t the smartest idea, I must admit! While I’m not entirely a raw vegan at the moment, I have adopted raw food guru Kemi Nekvapil’s mantra to simply, ‘eat more raw’.
The health benefits of raw food haven’t been widely touted yet but there are already some miracle stories.
Not only that, but her and her husband Alan are running a marathon around Australia in 2013 surviving solely on raw food. One day I hope to be entirely raw or to at least test it out for a substantial period of time just to see what the benefits are! Katherine — "they even your lunch for free!" Is it they even do your lunch for free? Many international students live in or around the city because of the proximity to their colleges and universities, and that was where we decided to focus our efforts first.
Doctors Will Never Tell You These 4 Reasons Why You Should Always Urinate Under The Shower! Proponents of raw foods propagate consumption of fresh and processed foods of plant origin . There is only one scientific study which deals with the impact of diet with raw foods on the body .
Except for improving  immunity, raw foods showed good results in diabetes and cardiovascular disease , which is a logical result of the diet without refined sugars and animal fats .
Morning breakfast: Every day start with warm lemonade, grapefruit or fruit shake or pudding. The philosophy behind the raw food movement is that cooking destroys vital nutrients present in food that rob us of our life force and contribute to oxidative stress and imbalance in the body. Although research is limited, studies show that raw food vegetarians and vegans are prone to a number of deficiencies, especially in B vitamins (B6 & B12 most notably) not present in a plant-based diet. Eating raw or raw vegan excludes a number of vital nutrients, and there are some myths surrounding the diet. Yes, heating food breaks down fibers and does destroy heat sensitive vitamins C and B vitamins. It’s true that allergy-type symptoms such as headache, bloating, and acne disappear on a raw diet because it excludes the allergenic foods to which many people react. Further, nuts and seeds are a raw foodist’s main source of fats and protein, and this is a huge nutritional gap in the necessary amino acids and fatty acids needed to synthesize brain chemicals and hormones. There is no one diet that is right for everyone, and certainly no one diet that is right for you throughout the course of your life. Enter your email for immediate access to my article: Five Surprising Foods that Prevent Weight Loss.
Wrapped in lettuce and slathered with guacamole and dollup Lexie’s nacho cheese, these flavorful fajitas were wonderful! She also made this creamy Tortilla Soup which was rich and tasty featuring tomatoes, red peppers, pine nuts, garlic, and chili powder. A Mexican feast wouldn’t be complete without rice, but there are no grains in this raw rice dish,  Diane made it from cauliflower! A Curious Girl in the Gluten-Free WorldI'm a curious girl, wife, teacher, fitness fanatic, gluten-free foodie, high-raw vegan, and Mama Cat living in NYC. In most of my social circles, I’m seen as the crazy healthy foodie.  It cracks me up, because if not for my gluten intolerance I probably wouldn’t have that label, but I’ve embraced it and know that my life is richer as a result.
Raw foodies are fascinating.  Who else would spend an hour over a meal talking about pesticides, cleanses, organic standards, alternative health professionals, and dehydrators?  Where else would discussing intestinal issues over a meal be considered part of polite conversation? Did you know that you can make raw pizza with a raw crust and nut cheese?  Whoever first came up with this idea was brilliant!  Once I get a dehydrator, this is the first meal I’m making.

Or maybe I’ll make raw bread for veggie sandwiches.   I love that raw bread is naturally gluten-free. Potlucks are a great place to bring your experiments.  Sometimes the experiments go well, and sometimes they flop, but we make the most of it!  These were supposed to be burgers, but they didn’t dehydrate long enough.  So they became a delicious gooey filling for lettuce wraps!
With a spread like this, everyone walks away happy, satisfied, and with that “oh so clean” feeling. I’m so excited that our next Raw Food Potluck is just around the corner.  If you’re in the Nashville area and would like to come and bring a dish, let me know.  We’d love to have you join in our foodie fun! And if you have a favorite raw food recipe, please link up here.  I’d love to bring your favorite to our next potluck! I can so relate to all of this I am submitting you one of my favorite chia puddings (I linked you at the end of the post).
Yeah, I think there’s definitely a wide spectrum for health food craziness and where we fall tends to be relative depending on who we’re with! Sugar- Free Raw Vegan Lemon Cheesecake, Ingredient-Challenge Monday « And Love it Too! Home for the Holidays: Heather of Gluten-Free Cat with Christmas Breakfast Casserole + Cookbook + Resource Book + Magazine Subscription! Any hotter and they believe vegetables lose a significant amount of their nutritional value.
The invention of fire and our evolving decadent tastes have steered us away from this more pure way of eating.
At the beginning of the challenge, I couldn’t understand why people would want to eat raw food. So I looked up the Raw Food Movement online and began to involve myself more into the raw food community by going to talks and ‘cooking’ demonstrations. Since then, she’s been sharing her knowledge of the benefits of eating raw through her classes, blog and recently released DVD and ebook. During our chat, she says she staved off a terrible cancer diagnosis in 2001 by adopting a healthy, fresh and uncooked diet and keeping fit. The theory of this idea is based on the idea that food should not be exposed to temperatures greater than 50 degrees, because on that way are losing important enzymes , allowing better absorption of nutrients from food. German doctors have followed the health situation of the Germans who ate raw food three years .
Staples include raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains. Raw foodists believe that enzymes are the life force of a food and are destroyed, along with essential vitamins and minerals, when food is cooked and heated above 116 degrees farenheit. Raw foodists purport that cooking animal meat especially releases compounds such as heterocyclic amines that cause cancer in animals; whether such an exposure causes cancer in humans remains unclear. A 2005 study showed that raw vegan women had lower bone density and were prone to amenorrhea and low bodyweight. You’re ditching common allergenic foods such as dairy products, processed foods, sugar, and many gluten products in most cases.
But this isn’t a bad thing, because cooking breaks down the thick cell walls of many plants, releasing the nutrients not bioavailable when the plant is raw. But it doesn’t matter, because we produce our own digestive enzymes to break down food. A particular study revealed that 46 percent of raw food dieters (in the study) demonstrated abnormally low HDL cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease, from limited healthy fats and proteins such as wild salmon. While at first you may feel amazing after the initial detox period removing processed foods and dairy from your diet, because of the large number of excluded nutrients on a raw diet, more longterm effects include deficiencies, gas, bloating, constipation, insomnia, dry skin, decreased vitality, feeling cold, underfunctioning thyroid, anemia, and low libido. Your body’s needs change all the time dependent upon your health status and stress levels. I work with so many people who are overcoming digestive disorders, and they’re often doing green smoothies for breakfast and raw salads for lunch, causing them bloating, gas, and indigestion. Ideally aim for a good mix of both raw and cooked foods with appropriate amounts of protein for your gender and activity levels.
I am a holistic nutrition consultant with a practice based in San Francisco, though I work with clients all over the world via Skype. It took me a long time to get with this whole raw foods thing, but after a month of eating raw, I love it and especially the Mexican recipes.
I've made the transition from baking and cooking gluten-free to creating raw vegan recipes that are naturally gluten free.

They’re plucked right from nature and served with little more than a bit of dehydrating, soaking and marinating, if you want to go all out. I mean, who would go into a diet without at least having some kind of plan for what they would eat? Our editorial team is made of both local and international students, and it has worked to our advantage in providing local content in every sense of the word.
The key is in important ingredient in the food that nutritionists do not give much of importance, and that are enzymes – active substances in plants that participate in digestion.
Add to that feeling virtuous for being a raw food vegan (save the planet and the animals!), and it seems like a win. Further, raw foodists believe that cooking destroys the enzymes present in foods needed for maximum digestion and absorption. On the other hand, a raw food diet is associated with lower cancer rates and lower LDL cholesterol levels. These foods can cause bloating, acne, headache and fatigue, so most people feel awesome after ditching them. Digestion basically begins as soon as you smell delicious food and your mouth starts to water. But deficiencies occur over time, most commonly vitamins B12 (impossible to obtain via raw food diet) D, selenium, zinc, iron and essential fatty acids.
Many people have trouble digesting and breaking down raw foods, which are most often cold and can make a person, well, cold, and affect absorption of nutrients, causing imbalance and deficiency. Further, as mentioned above, cooking certain foods increases nutrient availability and makes most difficult-to-digest plants easier to break down and absorb. These folks do better with more cooked foods that are easier to digest and absorb while they’re restoring digestive function. If you have no major health concerns and want to embark on a brief (2 weeks max) raw food diet for detox, go for it. YOUR PURCHASE HELPS SUPPORT MY WORK IN BRINGING YOU REAL INFORMATION ABOUT NUTRITION AND HEALTH.
Rich, creamy, incredibly decadent with just a hint of spice, they were the perfect end to an incredible Mexican fiesta.
My gluten intolerance opened up my diet to a whole new world of nutritious plant-based foods. And some foods, such as the cruciferous family, contain high levels of goitrogenic compounds or other gut-irritating anti-nutrients that block absorption of other nutrients, and cooking makes those foods easier to digest while deactivating the goitrogenic compounds that can suppress thyroid function in susceptible individuals.
When you take a bit of something, carbohydrate digestion begins in the mouth with the secretion of amylase to help break down starches.
Over 30 percent of women experience poor bone density, amenorrhea, and anemia on a raw food diet, and that can have lasting effects on fertility and thyroid function. For example, I enjoy raw salads several times weekly, and I like green and raw fruit smoothies and raw, unpasteurized green juices. If you have hypothyroidism, irregular cycles, hypoglycemia, deficiencies, or digestive complaints, steer clear. You have some great ideas for me to add to my raw repertoire even if I’m not doing it full time.
While I'm not 100% vegan, it's my favorite way to eat, and making and sharing raw foods makes me giddy. Skin clears up, bloating subsides (in some cases), bowel movements improve from all that fiber, energy increases. Of course, one can take a supplement, but a supplement should be just that: filling in the nutrient gaps and NOT a substitution for entire missing groups of vitamins and antioxidants.
Living in the City has its joys and challenges, and I enjoy sharing my experiences with you. Increasing your vegetable and fruit intake while ditching processed foods is a big improvement. You may feel great on a raw food diet for a few weeks or more, but it’s not sustainable long term and can even be damaging to your health.

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