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Looking for some raw dog food recipes Here are my favorite food, treat and supplement recipes. When your dog is on a raw dog food diet it is fun and easy to make your own homemade meals and treats. These recipes work very well for dogs with allergies – or if you are looking for a way to make really healthy dog treats. If you don’t want to use baked beans for this recipe, you could substitute chickpeas or pumpkin, both of which are very good for dogs. Just enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When my dog Luigi developed allergies to wheat, I started to make my own dog treats for him. I hope you enjoy browsing the site - please sign up for email updates to make sure you don't miss any new recipes I add. You may want to choose BARF diet because many commercial dog foods may contain chemicals and preservatives to give the food a specific taste and make it last longer. Some of these body parts contain a large amount of nitrogen and are counted for as crude nitrogen-proteins, in the protein content. Most commercial dog food contain high percentages of cereals (in worst cases between 60%-90%). In addition, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and essential fatty acids are destroyed, damaged or transformed when cooked in the food process. Many food producers also use beets that help give the feces a dark color and hard consistency.
Having discussed about the negative aspects of commercial dog food, I’d like to talk about the real and undiscussed advantages of switching to BARF diet. Of all the dogs that need to follow a BARF diet, small dogs are perhaps those who need it most! The premise of this affirmation, which I believe to be completely wrong, is that the wolves’ diet may shorten its lifespan and therefore you should not feed your dogs using the BARF diet. The AAFCO standards of the nutrient profiles have been established through a collaboration between researchers in the food industry, universities and regulatory commission (National Research Commission or NRC). Dog are predators by nature and chase animals because it is in their nature to behave this way and not because they are aggressive or attracted by blood from a human point of view. Dogs that attack people and cause them major injuries, behave so because either because they have been trained to do so or because they have some behavioural issue. Because each dog is different, when you switch to BARF diet you will have to observe your dog well and if necessary, change the diet to meet your dog’s needs. Once a week, the dog should eat only cereals or vegetables, followed by a day on an empty stomach.
The general rule is that the dog should be fed a portion of food that does not exceed 2-3% of their ideal body weight as an adult.
The best thing is to change abruptly, without mixing commercial dog food with the BARF diet. Once you see your dog extremely excited to eat, dancing when you prepare the food, you will know you took the right decision.
Ensuring that your dog receives proper nutrition is one of the largest responsibilities you have as a pet owner. Feeding your dog a raw food diet involves using only natural, uncooked, unprocessed ingredients in your dog’s food.
Feeding your dog a raw food diet means that your dog will not be consuming the artificial colors, artificial flavors, chemical preservatives and filler ingredients contained in many commercial dog food formulas.
By the estimation of many dog owners, feeding your dog a raw diet does not cost significantly more than feeding your dog a mid to high grade commercial dog food formula.
Please share your experience and thoughts on a raw dog food diet.  Have you ever fed your dog a raw food diet?  Would you ever consider it? Subscribe to my weekly e-newsletter below where I share tons of free dog nutrition and health tips.  I will send you a free copy of my "Dog Food Guide" just for signing up! Couldn’t agree more, you touched on a lot of the common misconceptions of raw diet and really, I think it’s the only way to go! You are right, raw feeding is very low cost… much cheaper than high quality kibble, if you know where to get your meat! Raw food is definitely the way to go as the best choice for a healthy dog, cat or ferret for that matter.
Likewise there are many pre-made frozen commercial diets available at specialty pet stores. Subscribe to my weekly e-newsletter below where I share tons of free dog nutrition and health tips.  I will send you a free copy of my "Dog Food Guide" just for subscribing! Leslie kaster: Dear old Roy makers i have a three pound dog that is a teacup poodle she loves your dog food.
Should you have a concern regarding the diet of your dog, you should contact your veterinarian. Some of the brands have raw food calculators and although they tend to lend the same results, I always try to remember that their measurements are based on their food.
Raw food calculators are still an estimate and we have to look at our dogs as individuals to figure out what they need; this is something that you’ll adjust over time. Don’t hesitate to get feedback from your raw feeding groups.  I give them our dogs breed, size, and activity level and we have a great discussion as everyone shares what they’re doing. Scout and Zoey eat 3 pounds a day each and would eat more if we gave it to them.  These two are very food motivated and we had to invest in a slow feeding bowl to keep them from choking, they eat so fast. They are currently eating 10% of their body weight, which will be adjusted down to 2.5% of their body weight when they’re around 10 months old.

Our dogs eat a combination of beef, duck, turkey and we’re going to introduce them to rabbit and bison soon.  Our food is sourced through a local raw food co-op that sources from local farms and Natural Pet Pantry, a Seattle based raw food provider. To give them a jaw workout, we give them raw (through our raw food co-op) and smoked bones (from Jones Natural Chews).
OC Raw Dog, a company in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, is recalling its Turkey and Produce Raw Food Formulation because of a possible Salmonella contamination.
More serious symptoms may occur in some people, including urinary, heart, and joint problems. Infected dogs may sometimes remain healthy but act as carriers of Salmonella to other animals and humans. OC Raw Dog has voluntarily recalled this product secondary to the detection of possible Salmonella in a routine sample of the product. The affected products were distributed through independent pet specialty retailers in Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.
If you have a recalled product, the company asks that you email This email address is being protected from spambots. If you have had this product in your home and your dog is showing any of the above signs of illness or you or anyone in your home is feeling ill, seek out the appropriate medical care immediately, and let them know that there was exposure to this recalled product.
If you have any questions concerning this recall, you may contact the company at1-844-215-DOGS (3647) Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm PST.
Disclaimer: This website is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian. Again, you can substitute different meats or vegetables – but raw ground meats (like ground chicken or turkey) work best. Billinghurst has long studied dog nutrition and has discovered the useful benefits of feeding fresh meat together with general household food scraps, compatible with dog’s digestive system. The dog food thus appears to have a high content of proteins that are not well digested and assimilated by dogs. However, glucose is needed by the body to maintain all the organs in good health, not carbohydrates. The teeth of small dogs are closely packed, which makes them more susceptible to periodontal disease.
Unfortunately, this assumption that is only based on phenotypic difference, has been divulged by food industry and promoters of raw diets to create diets that are quite erroneous from a nutritional point of view and do not take into account the fact that all dogs, despite the different sizes and races, have the same internal anatomy and physiology as well as the same nutritional needs. It may be more expensive of commercial food at the beginning, until you find a convenient supplier. A freezer used exclusively to store meat for your dog is not necessary, but it is an investment that certainly helps to cut costs, especially if you have more than one dog. This takes a great deal of work once a month, but after this job is done, for the rest of the month, all you will have to do is pull out the portion from the freezer and give it to the dog (you may want to defrost the pack by pulling it out of the freezer the night before). These experts have made extensive researched on available data and have formulated nutrient profiles. These standards can give people a false sense of security about the food they are giving their animals. There are dogs who initially can not digest raw meat and bones while others do not like vegetables or meat offal.
When choosing the right type of food for your dog, you are likely to encounter a lot of conflicting information about which type of diet is “best” for your pet. Naturally, this involves a significant amount of preparation, as well as research about the types of ingredients that need to be included in a dog’s diet. In addition to this, if you do a bit of research, you will be able to provide your dog with a diet that is more nutritionally complete than provided by processed dog food formulas.
If you choose to use low-quality raw meat, for example, your dog has a risk of ingesting harmful bacteria that lives in some types of raw meat.
However, it is essential that you not exclude certain ingredients from your dog’s raw food diet because of their cost. In the US and Canada you can commonly find Nature’s Variety, some Canadian brands include Urban Carnivore and Arusha. Don’t know if I would ever convert, but everything you have shared is fascinating and believe it or not beneficial knowledge for pet parents like me (ie. Dogs can become infected with Salmonella bacteria by eating contaminated food, and humans can become infected by handling the food and not thoroughly washing their hands before eating something else.
Since BARF diet has a different meaning for many people, I want to briefly clarify that for me BARF diet simply means, raw food and that should it not be confused with a specific diet plan. He claims that commercial dog food does not promote good health, and is the cause of many diseases and health problems.
Glucose is produced from proteins through a process called gluconeogenesis, in which the amino acids (not fatty acids, which use a different cycle) are converted into glucose. With their teeth very close to each other, there is much room for bacteria and plaque to proliferate. But after some time it can be extremely cheap: since you can add variety to the diet, costs are lowered because your dog can eat different meats. The nice thing about a raw diet is that you can adjust it to the needs of your dog and also to yours. BARF diets have a digestibility of 90-97% (including bones!), while most of the commercial foods have a digestibility of 40-70%. Most of the parasites are not a real problem and you can deal with them if you have a dog in good health. A dog that chases other animals (with or without the intention of killing them) is just being what it should be: a dog. If the dog is satisfied with the meat and bones it eats home, why should it go around killing other animals?

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts every once in awhile for they might cause gas.
This rule, however, is just to give you a basic idea, as the demand for food will be effective to dog’s physical activity its type of metabolism.
Dogs have always been an important part of my life and in my neighborhood I have always been the “go to” person for anything dog-related. Feeding dogs on a “raw food” diet has recently been increasing in popularity, since many people attest to its positive health benefits for dogs.
Raw feeding is based on the idea that domesticated dogs will thrive if given a diet that more closely mimics the diet of dogs in the wild. In essence, you will be able to have direct control over your dog’s diet by providing only unprocessed, natural raw ingredients. To prevent this, it’s essential that you are extremely careful when choosing the ingredients for your raw food diet. If you follow a formula for satisfying your dog’s nutritional needs, it’s best that you do not skimp on the ingredients. Availability of various brands can depend on where you live in proximity to various manufacturers. BARF is a diet composed exclusively of raw food, which consists of meaty bones, muscles and organs, raw vegetables and blended fruit. The excess carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles and as fat in the body.
In addition, the profiles of AAFCO have not been verified or repeated (one of the major principles of scientific research is that a method should be reproducible and the results verifiable). Giving raw meat will not turn your dog into a kind of malicious animal that will attack any living being in motion. With the domestication of livestock and the introduction of smaller pets, hunting and predation have become undesirable characteristics. Here is some information that will allow you to become more familiar with the concept of raw feeding, and help you to decide if a raw diet is the best choice for your dog. Due to the inferior quality of many commercial dog food formulas, more people are opting to take direct control over their dog’s nutritional intake by starting a raw food diet. In addition to this, you have to be careful that the ingredients of your dog’s raw diet satisfy your dog’s nutritional requirements.
If you follow these guidelines when feeding your dog a raw food diet, you will be able to provide a highly nutritious diet for your dog. Do not disregard veterinary advice or delay treatment as a result of accessing information at this site. However, since carbohydrates are not the only source of glycogen (which is derived from protein and fat through a process known as gluconeogenesis), they are not strictly necessary.
Periodontal diseases are much more than just bad breath; these diseases can in fact lead to systemic damage, in important organs such as kidneys and heart. Also remember that it is possible to remove dog worms with both natural and allopathic systems.
You must to give your dog vegetables and fruits which should be given alone or mixed with meat depending on the dog’s personal taste. The wolves have to face the outburst of nature and deal with its elements every day : heat, cold, rain, thunderstorms, blizzards, ice storms, etc. There are dogs who do not like to eat only vegetables: in this case, you can mix the vegetables with minced meat, with tuna or centrifuged liver. So BARF diet literally means that the daily food will be made by the dog’s owner with fresh and raw ingredients only.
But in general a dog with a good immune system is able to deal with a parasite since parasites hate healthy bodies.
They also have to deal with the high energy expenditure that hunting large herbivores such as elk and deer involves. By doing so, you want to reproduce as much as possible the evolutionary diet of the wild canids, such as the wolves from which dogs descend. Freezing meat helps kill many parasites (for example those found in salmon and which can be fatal for the dog). The wolves also encounter intraspecific competition for food with other wolves in addition to the inter-species with other species, such as bears, cougars and man. At first you might encounter some problems: for example your dog may vomit small pieces of bone, have diarrhea for some days. Dogs, like wolves have very strong and developed molars that are purposely made to break and crush bones and flesh. Freezing salmon, trout or similar foods for at least 24 hours is enough to kill all parasites. They face predation, loss of habitat, as well as a deterioration in the quality of habitat and food. The food is assimilated and processed differently from man, and the dog’s high acidity stomach fights any pathogenic bacteria present in the food, which is why dogs are not susceptible to poisoning from Escherichia coli, Salmonella, etc. Animals to whom dogs are related to such as wolves, coyotes, or foxes do not eat corn, bran or rice.
This is because these types of food do not provide the essential nutrient to our dog, they are only used to fill the dog’s stomach.

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