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A raw food diet for dogs is the purest and most biologically correct nutrition you can give to your best dog buddy. Raw dog food is packed with living enzymes and nutrients that is unmatched by any other kind of diet for domesticated pets.
The dangerous chemicals and additives found in most commercial kibbles can produce a huge negative effect on the health of pets over time, associated with many chronic health conditions including allergies, skin and coat problems.
A raw dog food diet is a species-appropriate type of feeding method for dogs based on the fact that domestic dogs, much like their wolf ancestors, are biologically designed to eat and thrive on a raw diet of fresh meat, bone, and animal organs. In fact, sled dogs and dog-racing greyhounds already eat a raw food diet for dogs to reach their optimal state of health for maximum daily performance. Billinghurst contended that grain-based commercial dog food is harmful to dogs’ health, and suggested that your canine friends (adult dogs regardless of gender, age, breed, or size) eat only raw bones, raw flesh (meat), and raw fruit and vegetable scraps.
On the other hand, many mainstream veterinarians as well as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) have expressed some disagreement with this practice.
Although the raw food diet for dogs movement remains controversial, more and more people are supporting it as it emphasizes the feeding of raw all-natural food for dogs including raw fresh meat, bones, and nutritious fruits and vegetables.
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After trying unsuccessfully to find a good raw food pyramid, I decided to design it myself.

Many scientific studies and clinical data support the benefits of raw food diet and yet for an average person, there are many questions and concerns on what foods are appropriate to eat and in what combination. Heating food above 116 F is believed to destroy enzymes in food that assist in the digestion and absorption of food. Benefits of eating a balanced diet of raw foods include, increased energy and vibrancy, better digestion, healthy weight loss, improved skin appearance as well as eliminating the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
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What would it be like wake up every morning loaded with more energy than you've had in years!
Raw foods are easy to digest for most people, and they provide the maximum amount of nutrients with minimal digestive effort by your body.
Imagine that you are in better shape, feel healthier, and have lost much of your excess weight. Commercially sold kibbles and even homemade food for dogs involve either dog allergens or chemical ingredients, or cooking the food which inevitably destroys most of the essential enzymes and nutrients in the otherwise healthy raw food.
Genetically, dogs and wolves share about 99.8 percent of both their mDNA sequence, meaning they also share identical digestive systems requiring the same kind of raw food diet for the carnivorous canine.
This is the canine species’ natural evolutionary diet before they became domesticated pets.

With proper sanitation as well as careful preparation, raw dog food could do wonders to the health of your dog. This educational and informative poster is available in various sizes for home kitchens as well as large classrooms. It provides, information, articles, recipes and more to conscious consumers who care for what they put in their body.
Haven’t tried it yet, but based on the ingredients, it seems like it would taste gooooood. Plant based raw food diet consists of uncooked and unprocessed, preferably organic fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains and beans and dried fruits. There are also some other foods that are included in this diet such as young coconut milk, seaweeds, raw carob and cacao powder, cold pressed oils and fresh or dried spices and seasonings. These raw foods can be eaten whole or combined to make the healthiest, most delicious meals.

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