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This is a recipe I've been meaning to show you from the week one meal plan (available HERE in the archives).
This is a recipe from Jennifer Cornbleet's Revised Edition of Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People. Place the walnuts, coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt in a food processor fitted with an S blade and process until coarsely ground. In a food processor, fitted with an "S" blade, process all marinara ingredients until very smooth. Use half the crumbly mix and press into the bottom and up the sides of a cupcake tin or similar container (I used a small teacup), leaving a well at the center. Spoon the agave, cacao, coconut oil mixture into the center well and cover gently with a layer of the remaining crumbly mix and press to seal at the edges. By enriching your nutrition with vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals, don’t forget to get additional sources of protein, calcium, iron and other mineral and vitamins.
In fact, the Japanese food includes raw meat and fish into its meals, and people around the world enjoy it.
In fact, raw food preparation techniques include fresh type, cutting, mixing, juicing, blending, making a soup, smoothies, and sauces. She has a series of ebooks, she has published books available on Amazon and she has a blog and website full of useful information and recipes. Here are a couple of raw food recipes that I make all the time just to give you an idea.  Mango salsa,  Mango Lime shake and Kale Chips.
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3 Minutes to a Pain-free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid ReliefBy Dr. Relieve and prevent chronic pain forever with this simple, safe, and sure-fire three-minute daily program! By Andrew CrowePlastic protected paperback - 192 pagesNew, updated edition of this very popular field guide to New Zealand's native edible plants.Over 190 trees, shrubs, ferns, mushrooms, lichens and seaweeds are described in detail, with information on which parts are edible, and when, how plants have been used, their nutritional value and where they can be found.
By Rev George MalkmusPaperback: 64 pagesThese responses to Jordon Rubins book "The Makera€™s Diet" that appeared in the Hallelujah Health Tips #357-#374 have recently been put into booklet form.
How Spirulina, Chlorella, Raw Foods and Ionized Water Can Make You Healthier than You Have Ever Imagined In 90 Days or Less.
The Seven Components of Natural Health By Bob McCauleyWith a Foreword by Peter Ragnar and Introduction by Dr.
In this ground-breaking book, the Dalai Lama advises us to gain familiarity with the process and practices of death so that, when we are physically weak, our minds can still be focussed in the right direction, and in the right manner. We've had a couple different health crises in our family and we've been a little overwhelmed. I've heard from folks who say they've made their life easier and even from folks who've been able to improve their diabetic condition with raw foods.
Add the raisins and dates and process until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs and begins to stick together. Remove the gills underneath, if desired, by rubbing them gently with a finger (they should come off fairly easily).
I keep intending to get a spiralizer, but so far a vegetable peeler works well to make noodles.
I am currently a vegan due to a number of health issues but would like to make the transition to raw this year and have been quite intimidated by the process. Raw food diet gains attention due to its natural simplicity and perfect weight loss result.
Yes, it’s effective diet program for weight loss because raw foods have low fat, calories and sodium, but they are rich in fiber. Sometimes the Asian culture becomes a trigging factor of accepting principles of raw food diet weight loss, considering it the most natural and affordable diet among all their variety.
People mistakenly think that protein is contained in meat, but in fact cereals like beans are rich in nutrients and vitamins too, and are considered a good source of protein.
Therefore, some of these recommendations may result in this site earning a small commission. Release date - April 24, 2007Paperback - 264 pages.According to Victoria Boutenko (author of Raw Family) only 1 out of 1000 people can stay on a raw-food diet without support. Gabriel Cousens 2nd Edition, November 2011Paperback, 232 pages"This book is a winner." Gabriel CousinsHealth books require medical disclaimers because if you don't provide them you become liable in every way. Advice on Dying cautions us not to fall under the influence of the mistaken belief of permanence. Many stuck with the plans each and every week and I received reports of weight loss, improved blood sugar profiles, and healing on all levels. A month of meal plans would take out all of the questioning and grocery store list anxiety! It’s easy to lose weight with this diet plan: the diversity of non-processed food won’t leave you hungry or stressed after small portions. Raw food diet effectively kills headache, purifies allergies, boosts immunity and memory, and prevents diabetes and arthritis. Oatmeal with water and fruit is a perfect variant for breakfast: it will charge you due to carbs, and if to add milk to it instead of water, then you receive protein too.
In her new book, she provides vocabulary, understanding, and compassion for those wishing to transition successfully to a raw-food diet.
But I don't have any problem stating that I know almost nothing about medicine and have no formal training in the health field. We should not think that we have a lot of time in this life, because there is a great danger of wasting our lives in procrastination.
Put the chopped apples, dates, raisins, cinnamon, and remaining tablespoon of lemon juice in a food processor fitted with the S blade and process until smooth. Lay these pieces of topping on the filling to form a cobbled appearance, allowing some of the filling to peek through.
The only difference in preparing these meals is absence of animal foods like chicken and meat, and use of fresh ingredients with variety of seasonings to add delicious taste to these raw alternative meals. Joseph Weisberg's revolutionary new system, a pain-free life is now within reach of everyone--even those who have endured chronic pain for years.
But then, what does it take to understand how to Achieve Great Health, a doctorate or a few letters behind your name? Gabriel Cousens, encourages and supports you to trust your own instincts once past initial detoxification. This is more than just getting rid of diseases like cancer, heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, and silly ailments like the flu.
Victoria Boutenko expertly addresses the: cultural attachment, social pressure, programming from birth, and the addictive quality of processed foods. Weisberg's system is the "3-Minute Maintenance Method"--a unique program for all ages and fitness levels that eliminates the conditions that cause pain in the first place. She covers in detail: enzymes, detoxification and the 12-steps necessary in order to successfully make the transition and maintain a raw-food diet. By utilizing six different thirty-second therapeutic movements the program makes it possible for the body to keep itself free of pain. Anyway, medical disclaimers are necessary so here is mine:This book is not intended in any way to serve as a replacement for professional medical advice.
I understand now that I was destroying my body with a cooked-food diet that was not providing me with any rejuvenating nutrients and was slowly acidifying every inch of me.
Rather, it is meant to demonstrate that aging can be slowed and even reversed and that great health is achieved when the most fundamental nutritional needs of the human body are met. As a talk show interviewer he has asked the world's experts everything you ever wanted to know about health.After years of testing, using his own body as the laboratory and observing the results, Robert discovered the hidden formula.
I was dying prematurely as does everyone who lives on a cooked-food diet.Most people don't make it to 50 before they're on some kind of medication, which is the first white flag they throw up as they surrender themselves, piece by piece, to disease, premature aging and unnatural death. It is obvious that, through the ages, the meditation masters have been observing the physical symptons of death and dying.
Weisberg's groundbreaking program, relief--and a lifetime of healthy muscles and joints--is finally at hand.

If you feel the need, always consult a doctor or another medical professional when you have an illness or disease of any kind. So, not only do you have a distillation of the Greatest Minds of Natural Healing, you have it in a simple form that you can use.
Once you submit yourself to medicine, medical procedures, surgery and allopathic doctors, you are giving up and allowing yourself to become a health lemming. This book explains the physical symptoms one experiences at each stage of the process of dying, described in a thick context of a metaphor of energies and levels of mind.
We admit to knowing little if anything about medicine and therefore would never offer medical advice to anyone for any reason. Yes, you can Achieve Great Health in 90 days or less!I certainly, don't mean to imply that all these great teachers agree on every point.
Your friends and family have diseases just like yours; thus you assume that disease is an inevitable part of life. Everyone else eats cooked foods, goes to a doctor and gets pills, so if you don't something must be wrong with you.The truth I have discovered over the last eight years is that when you flow with nature and do the things that nature demands of all living things, disease does not exist and the idea of living a a€?long lifea€? of only 90 years will disappear. I must admit, I have had to read it a couple of times to get my Western mind to surrender -- but the journey is worth the concentration.) When I get to my death bead, instead of allowing the people around me to mourn, I have written instructions for my family to have someone read this book to me (over and over if I last that long) -- whether I'm apparently conscious or not (and I will invite the others to read Hesse's Siddhartha and go home and forgive someone they hate). But, what is presented within these pages is so important to your personal health that it's vital for you to get started today.I feel so strongly that you will Achieve Great Health by following my friend's advice that I jumped at the humbling opportunity to write this forward.
Science tells us that the human body is built to live at least 120 a€“ 150 years, yet it is rare for anyone to reach that age. Along with physical symptons of dying, this book details the journey of the mind and consciousness as the traveler experiences the only event we are all born to experience. Please, don't let another minute pass without making a decision to Achieve Great Health.With you in Achieving Great Health, Peter RagnarIntroductionAchieving Great Health in 90 Days or less is one of the most inspiring live food and health book primers that I have seen. If we can indeed rejuvenate ourselves at a cellular level, meaning that our cells are constantly provided with sufficient water and nutrients, the body itself can theoretically live indefinitely. Many thanks to the Dalai Lama and his teachers.Scarce information presented clearly and concisely. I have suffered pain that would normally be associated with having severe lower disk problems or maybe a pinched nerve - plus my low back muscles have been very painful. I will leave it to you to speculate on what those possibilities could mean for you, but the conventional notion of a lifespan will seem silly to you by the time you've finished reading this book.I am in my forties and have the body I had in my twenties.
You could even use this information to accurately decipher ancient teaching thankas.His Holiness has written many books and there is, of necessity I think, a great deal of similar information overlap amongst them, however he always manages to insert into each work some truly unique gem of information not readily found elsewhere. I have seen a Neuro Surgeon, chiropracter(s), Orthopedic surgeon, family doctor, spinal surgeon and two physio thearapists. It's rather like the old children's visual game of Find The Precious Objects Hidden Somewhere In This Picture. All of them have been helpful in some ways but no one can really help me or tell me what my problem is.
His discussion of live foods and the use of chlorella and Spirulina is one of the best I have seen. These unique additions in the midst of familiar territory are tiny hints at the profound depth of wisdom inherent in this great teacher. The E3Live has the much needed long chain omega 3 DHA and EPA which is not available in the vegetarian world except for golden algae for DHA and purslane for EPA. The title is spot on, as it is rooted in the experience and wisdom of generations of human beings before us who have cultivated mindfullness and patience at the highest level.Through understanding the processes and phenomenon involved in dying, we are thereby more equipped to face our own departure with equanimity, and grace, rather than clinging to "this life" or "this body". It also stimulates stem cell production, and has an intensity of neurotransmitter precursors, which makes it particularly powerful for enhancing brain function.Bob has a wonderful way with words to present the issues people face when they choose to be healthy. Be assured that this body that you have lovingly cared for with food, clothing, shelter and other amenities of this life, will pass away, and abandon you at the time of death. It would be wise therefore to cultivate a sense of impermanence so that one might pass gracefully, without suffering or lamenting.Through embracing death as an inevitable part of life, we cultivate compassion, empathy, and equanimity and thereby enable ourselves to live a better life. With his background as a layperson, he as been able to beautifully distill this wisdom down into some simple principles that allow them to be grasped by the general public. The basic principle is that when we flow with nature and follow the natural laws the tendency toward disease will diminish.
Anyone can stop putting walls in their path if they chose to.Changing your life in a fundamental way begins with self respect. According to Bob, optimal health is the point where the body is totally regenerating itself, each organ is functioning to capacity, and biological aging has stopped or reversed. If you have that, you have the intelligence and integrity to realize that our many appetites put us in a painful, early grave and we only cheat ourselves out of God 's most precious gift, our health and therefore our lives.The cure for all disease is found at your local supermarket in the produce section.
The cure for any disease will never be found in a laboratory and that is hard to accept because science has always dazzled us; and for many has become the answer to all our problems.
I should mention I always warm up on my bike 1st so my muscles are able to accept any stretching. A high functioning body in which the energy is freely flowing creates the preconditions for the light of the Divine to awaken.I appreciate this book so much because he has summed up how to create high level wellness in one sentence and then simply, but eloquently takes the rest of the book to explain this one message.
As he unfolds his message, we are treated to a delightful sharing of practical tips and insightful quotes that he has gathered over the years. He has simplified his approach into six components, which naturally detoxify and alkalize the body.1.
The only reason I did not give it a 5 star report is that I believe he should have said more about warming up 1st and the book would be as good as FrameWork if he had added to the content to help those of us who are very athletically fit. This book will tell you exactly how to accomplish this so that regardless of what disease you may have, you can rid it from your body.Attaining my current level of health has been difficult, although I can hardly begin to describe to you how wonderful I feel each day. But it is a great book and you will not regret purchasing it.This book made me a believer by Madeline WeinsteinSeven months ago I experienced a very painful episode with my left knee. I have come far, but my journey to perfect health continues because there are always areas of our lives we can improve on. If you have not heard of the raw food lifestyle, then come with me and discover the incredible world of fresh foods and raw dishes that will at first seem alien to you, but will one day become your close friends.
I had an MRI, consulted two orthopedic surgeons, and briefly considered surgery as my only option.
You will not be disappointed with the results.Perfect health is the point when the body is totally regenerating itself every moment, when biological aging has stopped completely and each organ of the body is functioning to its capacity. This was after spending hendreds of dollars on products (knee braces, heat and cold wraps, herbs, ointments, etc.), and trying acupuncture, physical therapy, massage, and a host of other therapies.
Develop a positive mental attitudeI highly recommend this book to anyone starting out on the journey to health and look forward to carrying it in our Awakened Living Shoppe at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center.
I was unable to exercise, gained weight, and began scanning Modern Maturity magazine for walking aids! Then, my daughters gave me a copy of the book, "3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life", and I started to do the six therapeutic movements outlined in the book. But considering where I was and how I felt then compared to how I feel now, this sure feels like perfect health.
I was able to start an exercise program and I'm amazed that I can now walk and exercise without pain. I even had my back go out on me, and I immediately did the specific stretches the book recommended. Unless you are terminally ill, the average person can Achieve Great Health in 90 days or less. In most cases, even those diagnosed as a€?terminally illa€? can turn their health around in several months if they are determined to live at any cost.We get sick and prematurely age ourselves by turning our bodies acidic.
Another bonus of the book is that it is a highly readable layman's text of Anatomy and Physiology. We turn ourselves acid by living on a primarily cooked-food diet, not properly hydrating our body, consuming substances such as processed foods that barely resemble anything nutritious, while at the same time doing almost nothing to alkalize ourselves.
It provides a constant interchange between the Earth and all the other planets in the cosmos. Every drop is a microcosm of the universe, carrying information from ancient eras and from worlds that we cannot yet understand.
I plan to buy this book for everyone I know who struggles with chronic pain.Good advice despite the over-hyped title.

But the author does offer an inviting, simple, and feasible set of six exercises which, if done religiously every day, 30 seconds per exercise, can prevent further abuses and damage (the title's apparent promise of restoration or a "cure" seems a bit exaggerated).
It holds the key to our health, and we hold the key to the health of water.a€?~ Charlie RyrieYou need to hydrate your body because there is nothing more important regarding human health than a properly hydrated body, which translates into sufficiently hydrated cells throughout the body. Compared to the impossibly long list of tedious, often painful and exhausting exercises given me by my PT, Dr. But it can easily be remedied if we become resolute about changing our health.The protocol for permanently ridding the body of disease and living in true health is quite simple. Weisberg's program is cause for a sigh of relief.Well over half of the book is devoted to anatomical discussions, motivational talk, and testimonials rather than the program itself. Start slowly and increase the potency of the Ionized Water you consume until you are drinking 1.5 a€“ 2 gallons per day. Weisberg's advice is the familiar "use it or lose it." The author practically demonizes the chair and the unnatural "C" shape that it encourages. The following pages describe exactly how we can Achieve Great Health in only a few months time. An extra trip or two to the bathroom is an extraordinarily cheap price to pay for your most precious possession: your health. Anyone who finds it excruciating if not impossible to assume the squat position (maintaining balance on the heels is the challenge) or the split (only in my dreams) may be frustrated by the book's program of exercises.
You are the only person who can consume enough water to start on the road back to the health you were born with, that which God intended you to have, not the body you have transformed it into from a lifetime of eating primarily dead foods that are acidic, dehydrating and void of any rejuvenating properties.Hydration is the first step toward reversing chronic illnesses and strengthening the immune system .
It is our first defense against disease and the very keystone of human health.There is a certain calm and stillness that only water offers. All it takes is the desire to do so and the determination to see it through.I have not by any means attempted to answer every question about health in this book, nor cover every conceivable health topic.
Already I've received more pain relief than I ever got from anything I tried before, including physical therapy, acupuncture and a cortisone injection. Rather, this book paints broad strokes about how we can be as healthy as we can possibly be.
Herman Melville mused that a€? Meditation and water are wedded for ever.a€? He could not have been more right. Although the details of how the body actually works are nice to know, it certainly is not necessary if we only want to be healthy.
They compliment one another in many ways because they are completely different foods with different nutrients.
Spirulina is an extremely pure food, 95% digestible, extremely high in the Vitamin B-complex, iron, calcium and essential fatty acids such as Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is excellent for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis or bursitis. Mechanics would be our chauffeurs if that were the case.To be healthy, we only need to know what belongs in the body and what does not. Spirulina is an excellent food to consume before a workout because of the explosive energy it provides to the body.Chlorella has incredible anti-cancer properties.
Its unique fiber is great for the digestion, as well as heavy metal and synthetic toxin removal. What I want to accomplish with this book is a further exploration of exactly what we need to do to Achieve Great Health, Perfect Health.
Chlorella can even be used topically on cuts, scrapes, infections, even serious wounds, as can Spirulina .The second step in Achieving Great Health is to add these superfoods to your diet.
Start slowly, gradually increasing them until you reach a dosage of at least eight grams of each daily.
Most of us are fundamentally resistant to change even though it is change that keeps us vital and invigorated, more than we ever realize.I wrote this book for everyone, especially the average person who lives on a meat and potato, junk-food, fast-food, processed-food diet or perhaps likes to barbecue on the weekends. Many of us don't realize that the world of true health even exists, that it actually is a place you can take your life to if you chose.
As you increase your dosage, gradually reduce your intake of protein from traditional sources, such as meat , fish, eggs, soy and dairy products . True health is found in the raw , not cooked world of food, and it is one seldom visited by most people.As for the health conscious community at large, this book will make perfect sense to most of them because their minds are already open to new possibilities.
Algae is best consumed with each meal because of its high protein content, the highest percentage of any foods known with 18 different amino acids that are in the proper ratio to one another.
Protein must be consumed with everything you eat for proper digestion and nutrient absorption. The choice is always our own.Many questions have arisen about my health protocol since writing COABB and I have tried to answer them in this book. One of the most common questions has been: If I go with this protocol, how long will it take till I am healthy? If you remain on a cooked-food diet, you will never truly be healthy even though the outward symptoms of disease may not manifest themselves for years to come.
Disease always resides in the body of the cooked foodist whether the symptoms are there or not.Everyone wants to be healthy. This can be achieved regardless of how sick you may be at the moment, short of being rived with some disease that has placed you at death's door.
If you do not properly hydrate, detoxify and alkalize your body, you will never be healthy. Sadly, most will remain sick because of their refusal to leave the cooked-food world behind and start putting in their body what naturally belongs in it, that which can only make them healthy. Only algae, raw foods and Ionized Water can achieve this quickly, especially if you are an adult with a lifetime of accumulated toxic waste in your body that has completely acidified it.What I mean by Great Health is robust health, the kind of health that only a few of us will ever experience. And no matter what man creates to try and make himself healthy, it will only end in failure. But without the incredible rejuvenating, body-building nutrients of Spirulina and Chlorella, along with consuming Ionized Water and Probiotics , exercising daily and developing a Positive Mental Attitude, Great Heath is not possible.This book is the culmination of my knowledge and experience with human health and how to get there. God's temple can only be properly served and maintained by the raw foods that are produced by God's creation, that which we call nature .Book Summarya€?The credit belongs to those people who are actually in the arena . I offer in these pages no medical advice, but rather guidance and ruminations about health. Hydration, alkalization and detoxification are the three keys to preventing and curing us of any disease. Nothing is more important to the body than water and there is no better water for the human body than Ionized Water .
However, I challenge anyone to find flaw with the basic tenets of my health philosophy, which is that water and raw foods rule .
Fasting with water is the healthiest thing we can do for the body.Spirulina and Chlorella are the two most powerful whole foods in the world. We should replace our traditional animal protein sources, meat , fish, eggs and dairy with these two nutraceuticals, which, like all raw foods, provide the body with the proper nutrition so the body can heal itself.Probiotics ( acidophilus and bifidus ) are friendly bacteria that help the body assimilate nutrients and keep the digestive tract clean and alkalized.
They are crucial to human health and should be consumed with everything we eat.All cooked foods are acidic, poisonous and addictive. We eat them because we like their taste and because we have been conditioned all our lives to believe they are healthy for us. Raw foods are alkaline and rejuvenate the body by providing the body with nutrients that have not been either destroyed or chemically altered by cooking. Raw foods contain enzymes which are responsible for every movement, action or thought of the human body and mind.
Without enzymes, life would not be possible.Regular vigorous exercise is essential if we wish to achieve robust health. Have faith in yourself and what you can achieve and a hero that others will want to follow will appear in your mirror one day. Great Health gives us confidence, vigor, purpose and even more importantly it gives us hope.

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