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The original superfood bar packed with real whole foods and original superfood greens powder. After listening to her parents passionately argue the value of certified organic foods, Ria Chhabra created a Science Fair Project to test the effects of feeding fruit flies organic bananas, raisins, potatoes and soybeans, against their conventionally-grown varieties.
By nearly every measure, including longevity, fertility and oxidative stress, the organic flies produced more offspring and lived longer than the conventionally-fed flies.
Ria chose the fruit fly model due to their short lifespan, which allows scientists to quickly evaluate basic biological effects. Greens Plus congratulates Ria for successfully proving what Big Agriculture and Big Pharma have tried to disprove for nearly 100 years.
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Notes: If you need to pre-make and pack your meals, make the green smoothie early and pour it into a bottle or container leaving very little air space to keep most nutrients in. For dinner the pizza can be spread with cheese, sauce and topped with favorite toppings and eaten straight away, or if you have time, after assembling pop it into the dehydrator for an hour and up to 2 hours. Tip: Left over pizza that had been previously dehydrated and then refrigerated is fabulous! Notes: When making the Gifts of the Earth Cereal make enough for 2 bowls and put half in an air tight container in the fridge for tomorrow morning.
Alternative protein shakes to make using SunWarrior or Hemp Protein Powder – coming soon.
SunWarrior or Hemp protein powder and Nori sheets can be purchased from most health food stores, or simply order them  from my Resource page.
The best options to eat more of for weight loss are: Green Smoothies, Protein Shakes and Chia Pudding. SunWarrior protein or Hemp protein powders and nori sheets can be purchased at most health food stores, or ordered from my Resource page. Get Free Recipes and Love Notes!Sent every 2nd Sunday + Get my 20 Quick & Easy Raw Recipes ebook FREE! Thank you for the grocery list this has been the most helpful source out of the dozens of sites I’ve looked at. By   spring  time most of  us are ready to  peel off the   jumpers  and  step into  lighter clothing.   Along with  spring cleaning  our wardrobe, we often need to spring clean our diet. Throughout the  winter   it is easy to get into a habit  of having more stodgy   warming foods and  if you have also had a couple of  colds, then you really are ready  for  a  nutrient boost to get you feeling  brighter and lighter.
Adding  more  raw  food to your daily diet will boost nutrients and  get your  digestive system   fired up  again.   Raw  foods contain  more  enzymes,  as  they are inactivated by  cooking.
Eating too  much cooked and processed foods puts stress on the digestive system and  particularly the pancreas, which releases many enzymes as well as insulin to balance blood sugar. Eating  a raw diet  will help  fire up your metabolism and digestive system  to help shed off the lbs along with  boosting your immune system and giving a healthy glow to your skin.
However, if you are not used to eating  regular amounts of  raw foods,  you need to build up slowly and  take time to chew  your food well which also stimulate your own enzymes to reduce bloating.
To  make sure you get all your essential nutrients  on  your raw food day, you need to add  nuts, seeds and sprouted beans which provide good  sources of  protein and healthy fats to combine with   your   greens and fruits.   Including  avocado’s which are a good source of  protein and healthy  fat. Add   half  the  ingredients with  the water and  blitz for a couple of minutes.  Then add  the rest of the ingredients and give another quick blitz. Dessert  -  chocolate  truffle  made with  1 cup of dates,  half a cup of ground almonds  ,  1  freshly  squeezed orange . Add to  small mixer  to bind together then roll into small bite size balls  and  coat in cocoa.
So  you can  enjoy  raw food  while getting the health benefits  of better digestion, glowing skin and more energy.  A great way to  start Spring! This is light but also hearty and quite filling, especially served warm straight from the dehydrator. Nutritionally, the red in the flesh is because of the fruit's anthocyanin and carotenoid levels.
Anthocyanin trivia: The red and purple in fall leaves is due to the anthocyanins that are revealed as the green chlorophyll recedes in cooler weather. Most citrus is available all year, and is in season, juiciest, and most economically priced in the winter months. I've peeled the blood oranges and then pulled the sections apart, leaving the membranes intact. I’ve been a big fan of Kelly Smith since I tried her raw cookie dough bites nearly a year ago. Summer is quickly coming to an end, and that means it’s time to get organized for the back-to-school season, as well as all of the activities that come along with it. Of course, you wouldn’t be here reading this post if planning healthy meals (especially wholesome school lunches) wasn’t part of your back-to-school agenda!
The fact is, meal planning is a wonderful strategy to help families enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals with the awesome added benefits of saving time, money, and stress!

So, by learning how to create a weekly meal plan, you’ll not only ensure that your family eats healthier and saves money, but it will also save you time and stress as well.
Shown above is what’s on the menu at The Nourishing Home for our first week back-to-school. So without further ado, here are the top five tips I share at each of my meal planning seminars.
The first step in meal planning is to make a Master List of Meals, which is simply a list of all the meals that you make. As you start trying new recipes, remember to add the ones your family likes to your Master List of Meals.
Before you start selecting meals for the week ahead, first take a look at what’s happening each day, and plan your meals accordingly. For extra-busy days, schedule a “leftovers night,” where you can simply warm up a meal from a previous evening. First, check your pantry and frig to see what you already have on hand, and be sure to plan for meals that utilize these ingredients. Even planning a few meals a week, or planning meals for just the busiest days of the week, will go a long way in helping you stay on track with your healthy-eating goals and budget, as well as save you time and stress!
Make your meal plan for the week, and then go through each meal and list out all the ingredients needed to create that meal. Keep a pad of paper on your kitchen counter, and jot down items as you run out of them so they can quickly and easily be added to The List.
Just an hour or two over the weekend can go a long way in making things quicker and easier for you during the week ahead! Meats: Cut and divide meat into portions based on your meal plan, and freeze (you can even place the meat into a marinade and freeze). Brown extra ground turkey, chicken, or beef, to use in another dish, such as tacos, later in the week. Cook extra chicken breasts, and then cut some up for another meal such as stir-fry or pasta dishes. Cook extra rice, put it into a container, and refrigerate or freeze for use as a quick side dish with a future meal.
For more healthy meal planning strategies, as well as free weekly whole food meal plans, visit The Nourishing Home.
Kelly Smith loves the Lord, her family, and sharing her passion for real food cooking and meal planning with others.
Ten Healthy Lunch Packing TipsMake school lunches a breeze with these ten healthy lunch packing tips.
This is a terrific idea, fits for me because I always have a hard time on preparing meals for my kids. I love these tips, personally its a nightmare when the kids go back to school so meal planning and using these tips have helped me so much. As women striving to serve the Lord and our families better, meal planning is a wonderful strategy to help us provide a healthy, home-cooked meal with the awesome added benefit of saving time, money and stress! I also provide all-inclusive full meal planning kits for FREE to subscribers of The Nourishing Home. Whole30 Meal Plans: Taking the Whole30 Challenge? Be sure to download my free 5-week Whole30 Meal Plans. In addition, I’d like to provide you with a free meal planning template perfect for creating your own weekly meal plans. All content (recipes, photos, text, etc.) on this site is the creative property of Kelly Smith of The Nourishing Home. Longevity and fertility are two of the most important life traits of an animal and are excellent indicators of overall health. Her research professor at Southern Methodist University was so impressed, he encouraged Ria to publish her results, titled Organically Grown Food Provides Health Benefits to Drosophila melanogaster, on PLOS-ONE.
He studied Holistic Nutrition at the Clayton College of Natural Health and currently directs Superfood Research and Product Development.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You make it so easy for anyone to try raw veganism, especially with the grocery shopping list. Every one says WHAT it is but not HOW to start or what you should get they just say generic fruits and vegetables but don’t give ideas.
She has a degree in Nutrition as well as a Diploma from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. For this, I've used a sliced banana, diced mango, and some walnuts and raisins topped with almond milk.
It was absolutely beautiful and I was able to see the sun again after many, many days of clouds and snow. Anthocyanins and carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that can be analgesic, neuroprotective, and anti-inflammatory.

So that’s where MOMables and I come in: We want to show you how easy and beneficial it is to incorporate meal planning into your weekly routine. Meals prepared at home generally contain a greater variety of nutrient-rich foods compared with those found at typical restaurants. That’s because once you make your meal plan and purchase the ingredients needed for each of the meals outlined, you can then go on auto-pilot. Simply execute the meal plan day-by-day without having to stress over what’s for dinner and without having to make multiple trips to the market. You can find each of the recipes listed (as well as my free meal planning template) by visiting Healthy Back-to-School Menu. You can also find this information in more detail, as well as my popular “Cook Once, East Twice or More” tips, over at Mastering Meal Planning.
Taking time to really think through this first step will save you a ton of time in the long run; no more racking your brain to try to think of what you should make for the week.
Use ground meat to mix and form into meatballs and burgers that can be frozen for later use.
For example, I find it super-helpful to pre-chop, rinse, and store lettuce for salads for the week ahead.
Grate cheese, make salad dressings or sauces, etc., and store them in the fridge or freezer. When making out your meal plan, consider which dinners lend themselves to also being a great lunch. Children need a healthy balance of protein, carbs, and fats for sustained energy and optimal learning.
She is the author and creator of The Nourishing Home—a blog dedicated to sharing delicious whole food recipes, cooking tips and techniques, and overall encouragement to help others in their quest to live a more nourished life. Each GF Meal Plan Kit includes the weekly meal plan, PLUS a handy shopping list and helpful prep ahead task recommendations to make getting a healthy meal on the table a snap! My heart in creating this blog is to help you by sharing helpful meal planning strategies and nourishing GF recipes that are healthy, easy and delicious with thanksgiving to God! You are welcome to share a photo via social media, as long as it contains a link back to the corresponding recipe from this site. Over time cooking was introduced and our  stomachs are much smaller, so  unable to  digest  more than 1kg a day.   1KG   can be  divided into  10 to 12  portions in  a  day. Then gradually move to  eating  only raw food  one day  a week  to make a real difference to your health! It will fill you up, give you essential nutrients including Omega-3s, and won't break the bank! They aren't quite as pretty or photogenic as without, and some people find the membranes bitter tasting. I grew these myself and especially enjoy having something green growing in the frosty depths of winter. Kelly is a master meal planner, and today she shows us how to incorporate some of our recipes into a weekly plan. Yet, with this same amount of money, you can actually feed your family three highly nutritious whole food meals, plus healthy snacks!
Instead, start with planning just a few meals each week, or planning meals only on the busiest days of the week. I also like to precook and freeze ground meat for use in meals such as tacos, chili, soups, etc. And rather than just serving the same thing for lunch, think of ways to repurpose your leftovers, such as turning leftover grilled chicken breasts into Greek salad wraps.
Foods such as whole grains, brown rice, fruits, and veggies provide a good source of healthy carbohydrates, while Greek yogurt, cheese, eggs, meats, and beans provide much-needed protein. Remember, you don’t have to go it alone; there are lots of helpful resources out there for breaking free from the same-old, same-old lunches. And once you see how easy and beneficial meal planning truly is, you’ll most certainly be inspired to add even more meals to your weekly meal plan! And, the healthy fats found in nuts, meats, avocados, and whole-milk dairy products help satisfy and maintain stamina. Take a few minutes each week to go online with your kids and seek out some new ideas to make lunch not only healthy, but fun!
And congrats on being a MOMables subscriber – Laura provides a wealth of recipes and ideas that I know will really be a blessing to you as well. Additionally, please refrain from adapting recipes without properly linking back to the original recipe, and keep in mind that simple substitutions do not constitute an adapted or original recipe.
That’s why providing children a balance and variety of these foods will help ensure that they’re well-nourished and energized to learn.

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