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Pet Samaritans are derbyshire stockists of the award winning Natures Menu diet for dogs and cats. Natures menu are committed to ensuring the meats they use in their products come with the highest welfare standards and traceability. Their range of complete and balanced bite size nuggets are provided as easy to serve, ice cube sized nuggets that you simply need to count out into your dogs bowl when frozen, leave to defrost (overnight or for around 2hrs) and then simply hand the bowl to your dog, its as simple as that!
They are a convenient way of feeding a complete and balanced raw diet, just as nature intended, and can be much easier than making up a dogs raw meals yourself at home.
Natures Menu only use in date, human grade meat from ethical freedom food assured farms, and all their food passes stringent safety tests.
We stock the full range of natures menu available for collection from the Sanctuary in Chesterfield and usually have the Raw Complete and Balanced Bit Sized Nuggets 1kg bags, Just Minces and Raw Cat Food and Pouches range in stock. Thata€™s a pretty shocking title for a dog mom who spends her blog earnings on premade raw dog food for three dogs.A  I launched a second blog specifically to write about what Ia€™m learning about the raw food diet for dogs.A  So why arena€™t I telling you that you need to switch your dog to raw dog food RIGHT NOW? I think the raw food diet is the best option for our dogs and I realize that (1) not all dogs can handle a raw diet and (2) not all families can afford a raw diet.A  Pressuring someone doesna€™t help change their mind or circumstances. Always remember that although you may reach out to others for their wisdom or opinion, your doga€™s nutrition is your choice and your business. Every dog is different, but Ia€™ve heard others who have seen the same changes in their dogs and more. Is your dog healthy?A  If your dog has a compromised immune system, raw meat may not be a great idea.
Whata€™s your budget like?A  Can you afford to stock up on meat each week and where will you store it? How big is your dog?A  How many dogs do you have?A  We order premade, because we dona€™t have the time to make raw meals for 3 dogs so wea€™ve had to make adjustments to our budget. And although not all veterinarians are on board with the raw diet; I think ita€™s important to make them aware of your diet, because they may have information that may help. We fed our dogs the partial raw diet until June, when they were fully switched to raw.A  The transition was smooth (with the exception of the sofa incident). If you are interested in what Ia€™m learning or what to share what youa€™re learning about raw dog food and dona€™t want to feel pressured, feel free to visit my new blog Raw Dog Food Reviews.
I know this article is two years old but I assume people are still reading it – as I am.
It is true that the digestion rates are different but that does not mean that the raw food will sit in the gut waiting for the kibble to be broken down. If you look at how protein is digested, it seems reasonable to me to conclude that purposefully adding raw to kibble improves the ability to digest the protein within the kibble. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.
The argument of the century amongst raw feeders is what percentage of the diet should be meat, as well as what kind of meat to feed.
In the middle you will find a bunch of people with no idea of what to believe in, usually led by some self proclaimed, pseudo intellectual dog nutritionist, with no diploma or scientific background. Independent of what muscle meat to organ meat ratio is offered, the only theme that is agreed upon across the board is the comparison of the domesticated dog to its cousin the wolf.
On that note, one cannot forget that dogs have evolved over time, and different breeds have different needs! That said, I actually believe there is a happy medium, and I do like a few commercial raw foods such as Answers, Stella and Chewy’s, and Primal. To make this in such a specific and perfect balance at home is virtually impossible, and wouldn’t be much cheaper than buying commercial raws anyway. Unquestionably, if you have a perfectly balanced raw, there are infinite benefits, compact stools being one of them.
Giulio Ferrari, at 23, became the youngest Marketing Director for a multinational franchise company, and later the Chief Marketing Officer of a national pet franchise. He's been the lucky husband of Carol for the past 10 years, and proud father to Enzo , Matteo and Giulia. If you have just started training your dog, you should see to it that you are giving commands that have one syllable only.
Calling your dog and then punishing him is not a good practice, since he has just followed your command. Playing with your dog is just as important as training your dog. Play with him whenever you can, so that he can feel that being with you is not just all about learning new things, but about having some fun as well. Dogs love treats like dog biscuits. When training your pet, you should offer treats as a reward whenever your dog is trying hard to try to follow your command. The raw food diet for dogs is controversial, but its popularity is growing among pet owners striving to feed their dog a healthy and safe food. In 1993, a veterinarian in Austria, Ian Billinghurst, proposed a new canine feeding method that he called BARF – an acronym which stands for Bones and Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Some critics of the diet cite the health threat of bacteria in raw meats as their reason for not backing the diet. The benefits of the raw food diet for dogs have slowly been coming to light with recent research, but the diet is so new that there has not been many long-term studies performed on its health effects in canines. And because the raw dog food diet is so rich in nutrients you won’t have to feed as great a quantity.
There are some commercial pet food manufacturers who believe in the research being done and feel that the raw food diet may be the wave of the future for canines. This week I had the opportunity to chat with Shelby Wisniewski, Brand Activation Manager for Nature’s Variety Instinct, a pet food manufacturing company specializing in the raw food diet for dogs. She also said that they are recognizing that they can find better nutrition in foods that are made from pure, real ingredients. Nature’s Variety Instinct got its start with raw diets and a simple belief that what we feed our pets should match their original diets. All of the vitamins and enzymes in Instinct Raw are naturally occurring, not derived from artificial ingredients or dog supplements.
Shelby explained to me that the primary difference between dry kibble and raw pet food is that dry kibble is cooked and raw pet food is not. Nature’s Variety Instinct believes that it’s possible to make dry kibble that incorporates the power of raw.
They also offer Instinct Raw Boost kibble, which is a grain-free, high-protein kibble that includes freeze dried raw pieces. When discussing what pet owners should be looking for in the dog food that they choose, Shelby says that the first ingredient – which is listed as such because it’s the most prevalent in the food – should be a named meat, poultry or fish protein, such as chicken, venison, duck or salmon. Other ingredients to look for are real, whole ingredients like fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, blueberries or cranberries. During my discussion with Shelby, I learned that the two most common misconceptions about the raw food diet for dogs are convenience and safety.
There are many other frozen dog food products available on the market as well, but you need to be careful which brand you choose. Instinct incorporates intensive procedures for quality and safety in their manufacturing process. It’s just as important to know where your dog food comes from as it is to know what the ingredients are. Their ingredients are sourced from USDA inspected facilities and facilities regulated by the FDA. You cannot simply decide to switch your dog to a new brand of food or a new diet without making a plan for a gradual changeover. Shelby’s advice when feeding any new food to your dog for the first time, is that it’s best to transition slowly. Instinct Pet Food provides an interactive app on their website to help pet parents determine proper products, feeding amounts and schedules.
There is no one perfect diet for 100 percent of dogs, but a raw diet is appropriate for virtually all dogs.
If you’re considering switching your dog to a raw food diet, it is best that you speak with your veterinarian about it. I’d like to take this time to thank Shleby Wisniewski for speaking with me and for helping me educate our readers about the benefits of the raw food diet for dogs.

If you have your own pet blog or website, you might want to take pictures of your dog's food and treats.
Although most owners have their dogs indoors for the majority of the day, pups love to go outside too.
We are on a quest to find more ways to become better dog parents to our loyal companions - one story, one article, one video and one review at a time.
The Incredible Raw Food Diet for Dogs - K9 Instinct - Dog Nutritionist in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. A raw food diet is the most pure, wholesome nutrition you can provide your best four-legged friends with. Hi, We have a 5 year old German Shepherd with severe allergies to house mites and dry storage (food) mites.He's been switched from a mixed tripe diet at an early age at the vets advice to numerous dry food types to help with his condition and it's still ongoing. My GSD has been prescribed Hibiscrub for irritated feet and its not working and not clearing.
Paul - I have successfully treated my German Shepherd's dust mite allergies by giving a homeopathic drop made by Professional Formulas called Household Dust & Mold Mix. Yes my pitbull has battled skin issues his whole life hot spots loss of fur hives the whole nine. Becareful not to feed kibble and raw at the same time due to the fact the kibble can slow down the digestive tract and then thats when bacteria can develope. Well, my GSD has been on a raw food diet for two weeks now and she sits by the kitchen counter now every morning, awaiting her meals!
Natural raw food inspired by mother nature with recipes and answers to common well-being issues.
His coat was falling out, dry skin, nasty breath, smelly ears, shedding a lot, he just looked really, really sick.
I hear from many vets on a daily basis that raw is extremely dangerous, unbalanced, not nutritious. On one polar end of the raw feeders spectrum are the believers that an all muscle meat diet will suffice. Why should they need credentials, they are the OWNERS of the blog (please picture me saying that whilst raising only my right eyebrow and almost shutting my left eye in a quasi caricature-like expression of sarcasm)! The best ratio would be 30% organ meat (too much organ meat can lead to excess iron amongst other issues) with equal parts of heart, spleen (both good sources of Riboflavin, Niacin and Zinc, and a very good source of Protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Iron, Phosphorus, Copper and Selenium), green tripe (for the probiotic content, ESSENTIAL), lungs and trachea (collagen and glucosamine), 30% muscle meat, 10% bones and cartilage (absolutely necessary for the calcium content and possibly the most lacking in homemade raws, and 30% fruits and veggies, to add a good equilibrium of vitamins and minerals and lots of antioxidants.
In addition to that, the smell of green tripe can be compared to that of having a rotting vulture zombie defecate the putrefying remains of the skunk it consumed, on a hot summer day. In 2004, the FDA issued suggestions for manufacturing raw pet food more safely, citing concerns about the possibility of health risks to owners from handling the meat. He majored from two universities in his native Brazil and has since been devoted to Animal Wellness since 2000. For example, instead of using sit down, you should use sit, so that it will be easier for your dog to understand and remember. In other words, if you want his full attention on the trick or task that you want him to perform, then you should make sure that you are doing it in a place free from distractions. It also ensures that he gets enough exercise, which is important to his health. Walking on a regular basis will make your dog see it as a routine that he will look forward to each day. A positive attitude will mean a lot for your pet, since he can feel your vibes when you become frustrated or angry.
Others believe that whole bones can break teeth, cause internal organ damage and increase the potential for choking. They are beginning to create commercial raw foods that are much more convenient for pet owners than shopping for and preparing their own raw dog food at home. Their Raw Boost Kibble offers complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of all ages, and they offer specialized blends for toy and small breeds. I wanted to know the differences between raw food and traditional dry kibble and the important things that pet owners should know about the diet. Shelby told me that pet parents are more aware than ever before about what they’re feeding their dogs. The raw food diet gives them the ability to feed their pets food that’s as close to its natural state as possible. That’s what the raw dog food diet is all about! It’s made with pure animal protein and real, whole food ingredients, which allow for maximum nutrient absorption and improved digestibility. This means that dry kibble is more processed than raw pet food, because the ingredients are not kept in their most natural state. That’s why they introduced a grain-free, high-protein kibble that’s coated in freeze dried raw food known simply as Instinct kibble.
Today they have a full portfolio of kibble, all of which is built on the principles of raw nutrition. Because feeding raw pet food can be different from what most pet parents are accustomed to, there’s a bit of hesitation when it comes to how feeding raw changes their daily habits.
It is offered in various forms, including pre-portioned medallions and patties and ready-to-serve bites. Not every manufacturer holds itself to the high standards that you see with Instinct pet foods. They follow the same industry best practices as are used in human food, including High Pressure Processing (HPP) and a natural, USDA-recognized anti-pathogen treatment.
The company also owns its manufacturing facility, which adheres to state, federal and EU regulations and standards and is regularly monitored by third-party auditors. If you just switch him to a new food instantly, it will more than likely make him very sick. Pet parents should mix increasing amounts of their dog’s new food with decreasing amounts of the previous food over a period that can be as short as two to three days or as long as three weeks.
Dogs of all sizes, weights, breeds, and ages can benefit from the pure, real nutrition of raw. After she rescued her first Boxer in 2004, Samantha fell in love with the breed and has continued to rescue three other Boxers since then. If you're obsessed with dogs as much as we are, then join Top Dog Tips community of passionate pet owners celebrating our BFFs. To try to eleviate the problem as our poor boy scratches constantly and nibbles sores on his skin we've used after numerous consultations with our Vet, prescribed Tablets, Drops, Shampoo's, skin Creams and now a all year round course of steroid injections on a monthly basis, all to no avail, Would the raw food diet help with our boys skin condition??? You will need to try an elimination diet and feed some more novel proteins, and get on a really good supplement program to improve skin and coat condition. Would like to ask for the name of your vet ( City & State.) My Riley has been to the Holistic wellness center in Carlsbad, and that wasn't mentioned. Through raw diet I figured out he's allergic to birds and grains and possibly the dry storage mites you spoke of. He was almost constantly on steroids, antibiotics, anti-fungals, etc trying to get rid of the infections. His first 7 years included a lot of steroids and he has recently had an irregular liver blood test.
Every dog that I have seen fed a raw has had smaller poops and the poop disintegrate within a couple of days!
I am a big advocate of raw, but I get new patients almost every day with issues CAUSED by feeding raw the wrong way. They produced a frozen, raw horse meat back in the 1940’s that was delivered straight to your house (oh, have times changed…). They believe canines are 100% carnivores, justifying their canine teeth and the fact that they chew with only an up and down motion, as opposed to the lateral motion of herbivores such as cows, or the mixed motion of omnivores such as humans. Man and monkey share 95%, and yet you don’t see too many humans picking fleas and ticks from their kids and eating them. If you took a raw food diet, high in protein, and gave it to the little fellow, chances are he will be OK. Give the same protein rich (and calcium poor) diet to the Dane, and you will have so many osteopathies you will probably have to put it down before its first year.
A 2006 study of 20 commercially available raw meat diets found that 7.1% contained a type of salmonella. Giulio is a Certified Animal Nutritionist and Behaviorist, as well as a Master of Marketing. Keep in mind that your other pets can distract him, as well as other people in your household.

By being committed, as well as by loving your pet, you will have the necessary drive to do what needs to be done, in order to train him well. Most traditional veterinarians are not on board with the diet, as the risks have been studied and documented in many professional journals. Some experts feel that the unbalanced diet may be detrimental to a dog’s health if fed for an extended period of time. They’re paying attention to what’s in their pet’s food and they want to avoid highly processed foods that contain dog food ingredients they don’t recognize or preservatives and additives they don’t feel good about. What are the major benefits compared to traditional dry kibble, which is also the most commonly fed diet by dog owners. They also offer freeze-dried raw and other options that make feeding raw dog food as easy as feeding kibble. During this time, pet parents should monitor the frequency and consistency of their dog’s stool and adjust the transition accordingly. They’ll be able to answer any of your questions about the diet and help you select the best commercial food for your dog. Every day we share stories, advice and reviews of best dog products to see what our pets love. Commercial kibble diets and even homemade diets involve cooking the ingredients which inevitably destroys a lot of the nutrients and all of the essential enzymes. At 1st, I agreed to purchase x, y and z, then after a few doses my wallet started to disagree. Now on a raw diet of beef and pork along with brown rice veggies and potatoes he had far less issues almost zero. The vet said it isn't bad enough that I have to worry, but the meds do definitely affect them. He was given steroid tablets, anti biotics and bath scrub, the bath scrub would help a little for up to approx. Billinghurst, the advocate of the BARF diet, gets all the credit, the true pioneer in raw (and pet nutrition in general) was Dr. He is a published author, with literally hundreds of small animal nutrition courses under his belt, including a Certification in Raw Diets from New Zealand. Aside from that, you should also believe that your pet can do it, so as to encourage a more positive atmosphere.
The additives and chemicals in many commercial kibble diets also have a negative effect on our pets bodies over time.The benefits of a raw food diet are amazing.
This is what an awesome vet new grad friend (whose wedding I attended) offered as an alternative that SHE does at home. I went through thousands of dollars of shampoos pills and supplements tryin to fight it and when I finaly found the right vet she pointed me to raw diets.
They did an allergy test and created an allergy shot for him that I give him every 2 weeks. When it comes to the genome, 0.01% is a LOT, so please refrain from those kinds of comparisons.
My Bouvier, in the other hand prefers kibble, and Bouvs need a lot more fiber than my Shihtzus, for example. He recently became a member of the National Coalition for Food and Agricultural Research and is an avid proponent of organic feeding. Dogs with medical issues, allergies, skin conditions, digestive disorders and other ailments can find relief and the potential for a complete recovery by switching to a healthy, clean raw food diet.
Color pigment in the coat is also enhanced, which for example can make red fur rich and deep.
Now have a happy dog with a gorgeous coat that everyone compliments also at almost 8 years old he is commonly mistaken for a puppy because of his happiness and energy. He has had 2 or 3 infections in the last 2 years and those were cleared up with 1 dose of meds. I swapped them all for a raw diet and Apple Cider Vinegar with the "Mother" and haven't looked back. Billinghurst’s philosophy was good on paper but turned out to be very problematic in reality, so much so that he has developed a commercial product to balance raw diets so consumers do not damage their dogs with unbalanced diets.
These bacteria can also be shed in the feces, leading to another potential source of human exposure and infection.
Quite honestly, using the internet as your only source of research can be very dangerous, considering that much of the stuff online is OPINION, not SCIENTIFIC ABSTRACTS.
Raw fed dogs shed less and lose that signature "dog smell" that many pet owners complain about. His coat is shiny, his teeth and gums are shining white and he loves to chew his chicken carcass and rabbit. In 2012, High Pressure Processing (HPP) was instilled by the FDA and is used by the best raw food manufacturers today, which is another reasons not to make your own raw at home. Ferrari is part of a raw feeding research group that has as it's goal to prove the benefits of the "ancestral alfa diet". Raw fed dogs tend to have little odor due to the overall health of the skin and coat when coupled with eating a clean diet free of chemicals and junk ingredients. In the last year I started supplementing their dry dog food with cooked food which has helped him with weight issues. He is also the International Director of Veterinary Product Development for PawMedX, the veterinary branch of a human pharmaceutical company that is now relying on his experience to develop a whole new line of veterinary supplements. A raw fed dog's eyes suddenly become clear and lose the dullness you didn't even realize was there to begin with. Giulio also dedicates a lot of his time to worthy causes, he is the chairman of the board of the Pet Therapy and Cancer Institute and sits on the board of many 501(c)3’s such as Shop Local Help Local.
I am reading up on the raw food diet and considering switching to that in hopes it will further help his health.
With that, we see a revitalized spirit shining through their loving gaze.Another wonderful benefit of feeding raw is dental health. Dogs that are fed raw have fresher breath, and their teeth are kept clean and white. Picky is even eating with enjoyment, I used to have to hand feed him kibble, even the "very good ones" ie. A pure protein diet can control what the dog is exposed to while dramatically lowering the chances of being exposed to the allergens.
Digestive issues such as EPI, IBD and digestive imbalances can be helped drastically by the change to a raw food diet. Many medical conditions can see an improvement when the afflicted dog is switched off of an over-processed commercial kibble diet and given the chance to detoxify on a raw food diet. While it may not eliminate the condition entirely, it will surely help strengthen the body and may reduce the severity of symptoms or even ease some symptoms entirely.Feeding your dog a raw food diet is easier than you may think and isn't as time-consuming as it seems. It is also very possible and actually quite common to spend less money on a raw food diet per month than what you would spend feeding bags of commercial kibble.
You can read some other fantastic frequently asked questions about raw feeding here!When all is said and done, raw feeding for dogs is the very best diet choice for all dogs regardless of age, breed, size, medical issues and other ailments.
A diet of raw meat, raw bone (never cooked!) and raw organ is exactly what dogs were biologically designed to eat.
If you have a dog that isn't healthy and is riddled with problems, switching your dog to raw could change their life forever. You can learn everything you need to know to be a successful raw feeder with my eBook: A Guide to Raw Feeding.
Whether you are interested in starting a raw food diet with your dogs, want to learn more, or need to ensure you are feeding this diet correctly; This eBook is the perfect companion for anyone interested in a raw food diet for dogs!

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