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We produce the highest quality, holistic, natural diets that cater to the obligate carnivore.
We believe in keeping our products simple and basic, therefore we do not mix species within a variety. Help your cats experience true health and increased vitality by giving them food they were meant to eat.
Rad Cat ® Raw Diet is a premium, all-natural, complete, and balanced raw diet formulated exclusively for the domestic feline carnivore.
Please see information about our HPP process under our Education tab and read our letter to consumers and retailers. This will only affect the chicken and turkey varieties and the change is very minimal in appearance. Since I've been feeding Jenna Rad Cat, she has put all her weight back on, runs around the house like she's two again, and never lets you forget when it's time for her to eat.
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July 28, 2015 By Pawesome Cats 18 Comments Despite being domesticated as pets, cats are natural hunters and carnivores, so a raw food diet is probably the closest to what they’d actually eat in the wild. We can compare it to feeding ourselves a natural, healthy diet such as Paleo, which advocates eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors versus a diet that includes lots of processed or ‘junk’ foods.
A raw food diet for cats is similar to what they’d catch and eat as prey if they went hunting – rabbits, mice and other small animals – and is a mixture of meat, bones and offal.
I’m now a firm believer in a raw food diet for cats, and it has made a huge difference for Charlie who has IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).
Cats are carnivores and a raw food diet is the closest to what they’d eat in the wild.
Cats are obligate carnivores with acidic digestive systems that are designed to efficiently process a meat-based diet. Your cat’s skin will benefit from the fatty acids found in a raw food diet, and their fur will be softer, shinier and less prone to shedding. Raw meaty bones act like a toothbrush for animals, so a cat on a raw food diet will have stronger jaws, clean teeth and healthier gums.
The high-quality protein that your cat gets from raw meat will provide much more energy than commercial pet food enhancing your cat’s overall vitality and quality of life.
If your cat is getting the perfect balance of nutrition, their body makes use of almost all of it, meaning that they won’t need to poop as much to eliminate waste. Raw food diets for cats = better digestion and dental health, a healthier coat and more energy.
If you’re feeding your cat a raw diet, it’s important to ensure that the meat is fresh to avoid the risk of bacteria.
A raw meat diet can be expensive, especially in the beginning when you’re trying out different things to see what your cat likes and doesn’t like, or testing different suppliers. This can be a major factor in decision making when it comes to feeding your cat a raw food diet – some people just don’t like the idea of handling raw meat and offal. We all know how fussy some cats can be with a change in diet, and transitioning to a raw meat diet if your cat isn’t used to it can take a lot of time, energy and patience.
Making sure that your cat gets everything they need in a balanced raw diet can be difficult at first.
Switching your cat to raw is a personal choice, and whilst a raw food diet can be beneficial to your cat if you get it right, it can also be very time-consuming. If you’re still not sure that this is the right choice for you, or not sure how your cat will react to a raw food diet – trial it.
Filed Under: Raw Feeding Sign up for our monthly newsletter and receive the latest feline news directly to your inbox. My cat had IBS, he has been on a raw diet supplemented with dry food purchased at the pet store.
I am a raw feeder for my dogs, but I have a pack of picky cats that absolutely will NOT eat raw. I look forward to seeing the rest of this series and getting some tips and tools before I attempt this on my own!
I did a cost comparison a little while ago of raw vs commercial and raw wins out pretty much all of the time, except maybe the cheapest biggest bag of dry cat food you can get at the grocery store.
As for getting it nutritionally balanced, we humans have been doing that for ourselves for a millennium, why should balancing food for another species be that hard?? I have often thought about a raw diet but I have so many cats, I don’t think we could afford it.
Although my human doesn’t feed us raw, she is very picky about our canned-food only diet (premium, no grain, no carrageenan), and she is considering supplementing it with raw as a treat. We use the highest quality muscle and organ meats in all of our natural, holistic pet foods and treats.
Turkey thigh and leg meat, turkey heart, turkey liver, filtered water, powdered egg yolk, powdered eggshell, organic dulse, gelatin, organic psyllium husk powder, manganese gluconate.

Organic chicken thigh and leg meat, organic chicken heart, organic chicken liver, filtered water, powdered egg yolk, powdered eggshell, organic dulse, gelatin, organic psyllium husk powder, manganese gluconate. Lamb shoulder, lamb heart, lamb liver, filtered water, powdered egg yolk, powdered eggshell, organic dulse, gelatin, organic psyllium husk powder, manganese gluconate. All varieties are sold frozen in 8oz, 16oz and 24oz convenient, re-sealable and recyclable containers.
Although feeding a raw diet may seem more expensive than a conventional kibble or canned diet, the benefits far outweigh the cost in terms of the health and happiness of your cat.
Rad Cat Raw Diet is a premium quality, raw cat food diet made from the finest human-grade meat and organic ingredients. We use whole meats - Our Turkey and Chicken varieties contain thigh and leg meat, and our Lamb variety contains whole boneless shoulder. The Dutchess and Rad KittyCats are designed by Mother Nature to eat high protein diets that are very low in carbohydrates. Juno says "Did you say 'dinner'?Grains are truly not a part of a cat's evolutionary diet and can often lead to health problems. We are a small, family owned and operated, pet food manufacturing company located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Tracey Hatch-Rizzi is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist with a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine. Our food, mission, and philosophy have remained unchanged from the beginnings in our own home kitchen, through the formation of our company, to today where we manufacture our food in our own production facility with a staff of great people who care about the product they are making.We are honored to share our products with our feline familiars and wish every cat and dog a long, happy, and healthy life. Even though domesticated cats no longer need to hunt as their ancestors have, their digestive systems remain unchanged. As grains have proven to be an allergen for many cats, we decided not to include them in our recipes.
She has the most beautiful, healthy fur and it's easy to maintain her high energy levels and lean build. The different parts of a prey animal provide different essential nutrients for cats, so it’s important to get the balance right. But, it’s important that you do the research, ask lots of questions yourself and decide whether a raw food diet is the best option for you and your cat. Commercial pet foods that include grains are much harder for a cat to digest and are linked to a range of medical conditions that usually surface later in life. If you have a ‘couch potato’ cat don’t be surprised if they suddenly become more active and want to play more.
If you don’t think you’re going to use it straight away, you can freeze it in meal-sized portions.
Some companies produce raw ‘chunks’ that are nutritionally complete, or you can purchase and add your own vitamin and mineral powders and supplements. Start by adding small pieces of raw to your cat’s food at meal times and transition slowly. It took three months to get his system on tract and now he has a great coat and is actually grooming himself, no more clumps. Fortunately he has never had health issues and, on the other hand, raw feeding isn’t practical on a busy daily routine. My oldest cat complied for awhile, but in time, he was much more likely to bury the food than he was to eat it. I have heard so many people tell me about the incredible benefits they received from going raw.
The one cat who will probably benefit most is most reluctant to eat it, so we aren’t sure how the experiment will turn out, but it really does make sense that we eat the kind of food our bodies are made for. Mum is very interested, but she misses time, and is afraid of not getting the nutritional balance right.
If you make your own raw from chicken, it can actually be much less expensive than commercial canned food.
I fed my cats a raw diet for a couple of years, and it made a world of difference for Sophie, who has food allergies and chronic URIs. Also, the majority of the cats live outside and they do catch their own raw food every now and then.. We purchase the whole hearts and livers and grind whole muscle and organs partially frozen at the time of processing. In our processing, whole meat moves from the freezer to processing and back to the freezer as finished product in the shortest time possible. In addition to high quality meats, our added ingredients are completely human-grade and are organic wherever possible.
Rad Cat Raw Diet is primarily meat, staying true to your feline carnivore's evolutionary diet.
Historically, cats were used to guard grainaries because they would catch mice and not eat the grain. This dietary model is beneficial for cats because their digestive systems are quite specialized.
Historically, cats were the guardians of granaries - they would eat the mice and rats and leave the grain.
We believe feeding a raw diet closely mirrors what cats would naturally eat in the wild, contributing to true health and vitality.
This simple philosophy provides a broad range of health benefits including: natural weight control, healthy skin and coat, and naturally clean teeth. We make Rad Cat Raw Diet as close as possible to the diet that nature intended for our domestic feline carnivores.
Their energy is up, they're more mischievous, their eyes are brighter, and best of all, no more diarrhea!
But this is great information and if it helps with certain health conditions it’s an option to consider.
This accomplishes two things: First, we know that all our muscle meat is always the rich, dark, flavorful meat that makes our food taste so good.
Only in the last 50 years, with the development of the commercial pet food industry, have grains been added to cat and dog foods. They are very acidic and short, which means they have a limited amount of time to extract the nutrients they need from their food.
It is our goal to provide the felines of the world with a variety of delicious, nutritionally balanced foods that are convenient and affordable, using only the highest quality ingredients available. Janice Hatch-Rizzi is a Certified Management Accountant and Software Developer, with a background in the Natural Foods industry. Staying true to the most natural, evolutionary feline diet, we add no fruits or vegetables to our products.

Unfortunately, with my finances the way they are, I have to skip meals to feed the cats a lot of times. The cats loved it, and I had absolutely no trouble introducing them to it – they took right to it! I know myself, when I freeze food, it doesn’t taste nearly as well as before freezing.
All of the recommended and required nutrients including Taurine are provided by our whole food ingredients. Together, we decided to start a company where we could offer this amazing food to other health conscious people who want to feed their cats like the carnivores they are.
Our main ingredients are meats - muscle and organs - which are incredibly appealing to cats’ natural, carnivorous instincts.
But then we moved, and with everything going on to prepare for the move I had to put a hold on the raw diet because I didn’t have time to prepare it. We don't mix lamb and fish with beef and chicken, so there is better flavor for your feline carnivore. Remember, when you see added vitamins and minerals on your cat food label, it means they were added because the 'food' ingredients were not of high enough quality or do not have the nutrient density to provide those nutrients themselves.
Raw food is perfect for their specialized physiology because nutrients are in their most bio-available form (bio-availability meaning that nutritive substances are absorbed at a faster rate, reaching systemic circulation faster and therefore, are rapidly available for cellular use).
I had every intention of switching back once we got settled, but here we are a year later and I haven’t done it. It takes very little energy to break down the proteins in raw meat and assimilate nutrients. Any cooking or pasteurization process changes the structure of proteins and requires more time and energy to digest. Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, designed felines to use protein as their main energy source, rather than carbohydrates. Due to cats’ short digestive and bowel transit time, some of these cooked protein sources are never completely digested. It has been suggested that this is a possible cause of pancreatitis in cats, especially if they are overweight. Unfortunately, foods on the market that say they provide 'high energy', typically do so by using a grain source. This can lead to compromised nutritional status and many symptoms associated with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The high digestibility of raw diets is also due to the presence of natural, live enzymes that when ingested, aid in the breakdown of consumed muscle tissue, enhancing its digestibility. The pancreas not only has to work harder to produce enzymes but also releases more insulin to counteract rising blood sugar levels. These beneficial enzymes are fragile in structure and are easily destroyed by the cooking process.
When cats are allowed to graze throughout the day on high carbohydrate foods, their blood glucose levels spike, then drop, and repeat that cycle over and over, which is unhealthy - for anyone - cats and humans.
In fact, one of our own cats was highly allergic to grains, and that was what led us to start this company.
On the labels of cooked products, there is a long list of supplements that have to be added due to the destruction of the naturally present vitamins and other nutrients originally contained in the ingredients.
It is digested more slowly and provides a sense of satiety for a longer period of time.Grains also play a major role in many allergic reactions we see in cats.
Yes, foods containing mostly meat are more expensive, but the longer life expectancy, health benefits and lower vet bills outweigh those costs. Raw food diets should need very little supplementation, if any, if they are formulated correctly. Dermatitis is a common problem seen in both cats and dogs and these conditions are often improved when grains are removed from the diet. High carbohydrates in feline (and canine) diets are also major contributors to obesity in pets.
Often, irritable and inflammatory bowel conditions can be linked to grains and diets that aren't easily digestible.
Cats on high protein, low carbohydrate diets tend to lose excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight, with increased energy and vitality. Starches in high carbohydrate diets tend to bond to teeth, creating tartar build-up, which leads to gum disease, bad breath, and other health problems that are associated with chronic gingivitis. Also, allergic responses to grains cause a low level of inflammation in the body, which can strongly tax the immune system, making it "work overtime".
The result can be a general overall immune deficiency, which can leave cats open to contracting other forms of disease, including viruses and infections.
Cat's digestive systems are very short and they need to eat foods that are easily digestible. This is the very same response that is seen in humans, as well.There is a considerable amount of rhetoric about "predigested" grains resembling the stomach contents of prey and that the stomach is an organ that cats will eat. Raw diets are the most digestible for cats due to the high enzyme content naturally present in raw meat.
In the reality of our back yard carnivores, the stomach and its contents are rarely consumed, if at all.
What is typically left over is the digestive system (including the stomach), urinary, and reproductive systems. If the stomach is consumed, the amount of seed and possible grain (do birds and mice really eat oats and barley?) is about a quarter of the size of a dime, at best - not a significant percentage of a meal.
Today's domestic felines have been proven to be descendants of African wild cats, who are desert dwellers. However, our feline friends are opportunistic hunters and if water is all that stands between them and starving, they will fish!
Most cats like the taste of fish simply because of its pungency, but it's not the best protein source on a regular basis. Fish may be fine as an occasional treat, but we, at Rad Cat, don't agree that it's something they should be eating daily.We, at Rad Cat, are proud to provide a high protein, low carbohydrate, grain free product that provides optimal nutrition and high moisture content for the happiest, healthiest cats possible.

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