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I know a woman who had a history of raw food (although she was no longer eating raw) who started taking a lot of enzymes, and her eyes went from dark brown to light golden-brown. I've been high for for a couple of months and 100% for the past two weeks (yea!!!) and have noticed that my dark brown eyes are becoming lighter and that there is a (lighter brown) ring around my pupils! Your eyes tell you about your body and every organ and functioning part of your body, your past illnesses, if you look with a magnifying glass.
I noticed before raw that my eyes had become dull and now I definetly have my twinkle back .
My eyes changed when I went on a medicine (the yellow streaks in my eyes turned brown) and it hasn't changed back after one year 100% raw). The whites of my eyes have become so white that my teeth now look yellow (I used to get comments about how white my teeth were). I would say since jaundice creates yellow skin, yellow in eyes, then it is probably a liver issue.

I think that eyes may be one of the first things a person can look at and see very early signs of illness and poor health issues. While looking at their faces, squint a little and kind of not focus too hard, and you can see where their ill health is showing up in their eyes, under eyes, from their nasal to their eyes, it's all about the eyes and if they are older tv news anchors you can see at least in one eye that is showing signs of illness more so than the other eye usually. I eat very simply - no gourmet raw foods, no extra supplementation to speak of at the moment, except for the occasional hemp powder or flaxseed oil. I bet if you had looked close before and now you would see all kinds of changes, from color to organ rebuilding and cleaning! While I didn't take close ups of my eyes before raw I did take close up of the freckled one before I got serious about my colon and digestive cleanses recently.
Sometimes eating things like the yellow dandelion or other liver cleansing plants may produce yellowing for a short time due to detox. Besides working the muscles of the neck and face it probably has a lot to do with circulation also and getting a good blood flow going.

I took an iridology class(study of the eyes) and got certified only first level but you can tell so much from the eyes and track your progress.
The green isn't all that bright like I'd hoped for--but who knows what will happen after another year of raw?! The change of color is release of layers of toxins in your body and rebuilding and cleaning of the organs.
I of course would like the video for the women but the book is pretty easy and most if not all the exercises are unisex it seems to me. I haven't studied that yet, but I think for the next part of winter that would be a fun subject.

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