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Thata€™s a pretty shocking title for a dog mom who spends her blog earnings on premade raw dog food for three dogs.A  I launched a second blog specifically to write about what Ia€™m learning about the raw food diet for dogs.A  So why arena€™t I telling you that you need to switch your dog to raw dog food RIGHT NOW? I think the raw food diet is the best option for our dogs and I realize that (1) not all dogs can handle a raw diet and (2) not all families can afford a raw diet.A  Pressuring someone doesna€™t help change their mind or circumstances. Always remember that although you may reach out to others for their wisdom or opinion, your doga€™s nutrition is your choice and your business. Every dog is different, but Ia€™ve heard others who have seen the same changes in their dogs and more. Is your dog healthy?A  If your dog has a compromised immune system, raw meat may not be a great idea. Whata€™s your budget like?A  Can you afford to stock up on meat each week and where will you store it? How big is your dog?A  How many dogs do you have?A  We order premade, because we dona€™t have the time to make raw meals for 3 dogs so wea€™ve had to make adjustments to our budget. And although not all veterinarians are on board with the raw diet; I think ita€™s important to make them aware of your diet, because they may have information that may help. We fed our dogs the partial raw diet until June, when they were fully switched to raw.A  The transition was smooth (with the exception of the sofa incident). If you are interested in what Ia€™m learning or what to share what youa€™re learning about raw dog food and dona€™t want to feel pressured, feel free to visit my new blog Raw Dog Food Reviews.
I know this article is two years old but I assume people are still reading it – as I am. It is true that the digestion rates are different but that does not mean that the raw food will sit in the gut waiting for the kibble to be broken down. If you look at how protein is digested, it seems reasonable to me to conclude that purposefully adding raw to kibble improves the ability to digest the protein within the kibble.
We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. A raw food diet for dogs is the purest and most biologically correct nutrition you can give to your best dog buddy. Raw dog food is packed with living enzymes and nutrients that is unmatched by any other kind of diet for domesticated pets. The dangerous chemicals and additives found in most commercial kibbles can produce a huge negative effect on the health of pets over time, associated with many chronic health conditions including allergies, skin and coat problems.
A raw dog food diet is a species-appropriate type of feeding method for dogs based on the fact that domestic dogs, much like their wolf ancestors, are biologically designed to eat and thrive on a raw diet of fresh meat, bone, and animal organs.
In fact, sled dogs and dog-racing greyhounds already eat a raw food diet for dogs to reach their optimal state of health for maximum daily performance. Billinghurst contended that grain-based commercial dog food is harmful to dogs’ health, and suggested that your canine friends (adult dogs regardless of gender, age, breed, or size) eat only raw bones, raw flesh (meat), and raw fruit and vegetable scraps. On the other hand, many mainstream veterinarians as well as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) have expressed some disagreement with this practice. Although the raw food diet for dogs movement remains controversial, more and more people are supporting it as it emphasizes the feeding of raw all-natural food for dogs including raw fresh meat, bones, and nutritious fruits and vegetables.
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FITNESSKetogenic and Raw Food Diets Help Dogs and Cats Live Longer and Fight CancerBy Samantha Chang, May 21st, 2015Thomas Sandberg, CEO of Long Living Pets Research, has been studying the use of the ketogenic and raw food diets to promote longevity in dogs. The ketogenic diet has been shown to help manage a variety of diseases, including epilepsy and cancer in both mice and humans.
Sandberg, an animal activist and founder of Long Living Pets Research in Oakley, Utah, has been studying the use of the low-carb, grain-free ketogenic and raw food diets to enhance the longevity and health of dogs for the past 15 years. Sandberg, who launched his 30-year research project in 2000, has been tracking the health of 1,000 dogs around the world.

He discovered dogs (and cats) thrive on both a low-carb, grain-free raw food diet (raw meat, offal and bones) and a ketogenic diet, which is an extremely low-carb, high-fat, adequate-protein diet. Sandberg discussed the optimal diet for canines in his book, Learn How to Add Years To Your Dog’s Life. Thomas, who was born in Norway, said the commercial kibble that most dog owners feed their pets  causes them to get sick, fat and die early. Sandberg believes you can dramatically extend a dog’s life (even two-fold) simply by limiting their intake of unhealthy carbs and feeding them what nature intended. Sandberg, who himself follows a ketogenic diet, said his research also shows dogs placed on a ketogenic diet were able to completely eradicate their tumors and become cancer-free. The cancer-inhibiting effects of a ketogenic cancer have been studied for years by leading researchers such as Dr. Seyfried published his findings in his ground-breaking book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease. The problem with the traditional treatment of cancer, said Seyfried, is that the cancer community has approached it as a genetic disease, so much of the research efforts have gone into gene-focused studies, which he says does not address the root of the problem. This is because nearly all the healthy cells in our body have the metabolic flexibility to use fat, glucose and ketones to survive, but cancer cells lack this metabolic flexibility and require large amounts of glucose and cannot survive on ketones.
Thomas Sandberg has read Seyfried’s research and agrees the ketogenic diet can help both humans and dogs. Sandberg, a former fitness executive and lifelong animal lover, started his research project because he wanted to learn how to extend the lives of his own dogs and cats. For more information on Thomas Sandberg’s project, check out Long Living Pets Research. I have had this dog for her whole life and she has never eaten the food I have given her the minute I put it down until now. If you are interested in trying this for your pup, here is a homemade pet food recipe that you can make yourself.
My Beauty Essentials!Filled with 35 DIY, Toxic Free Beauty Recipes That You Can Use Everyday. Download the ebook Raw Feeding from A to Z and learn more about my experience as a raw feeder. Receive a FREE copy of A Quick Start Guide to Raw Feeding when you subscribe to the free weekly newsletter. If you’re at a point where every other dog food option has failed you and are willing to take a chance on the ‘best and reliable option’ I would love to help you by sharing my experience as a raw feeder.
His coat was falling out, dry skin, nasty breath, smelly ears, shedding a lot, he just looked really, really sick.
Commercially sold kibbles and even homemade food for dogs involve either dog allergens or chemical ingredients, or cooking the food which inevitably destroys most of the essential enzymes and nutrients in the otherwise healthy raw food. Genetically, dogs and wolves share about 99.8 percent of both their mDNA sequence, meaning they also share identical digestive systems requiring the same kind of raw food diet for the carnivorous canine.
This is the canine species’ natural evolutionary diet before they became domesticated pets.
With proper sanitation as well as careful preparation, raw dog food could do wonders to the health of your dog. But researcher Thomas Sandberg says the ketogenic diet can also help dogs and cats live longer as well as prevent and combat cancer.
Seyfried said his decades of research indicate cancer is a metabolic — not a genetic — disease.
Seyfried, widely considered the godfather of the nutritional treatment of cancer, joins a growing number of researchers who say the ketogenic diet can treat most forms of cancer. So by limiting carbohydrates (as the keto diet does) we can reduce glucose and insulin, and thus restrict the primary fuel for cancer cell growth.

He’s astounded by the reluctance of many dog owners to accept that kibble is not the optimal food for their pets. This is why lions apparently eat the organs first and leave the lean muscle meat for scavengers. Normally very sleepy and lethargic, she now has more energy and wants to play all the time like a puppy. Or, check with your local chicken farmer, he may be able to grind something up for you too. Too much organ meat is possible, as it is a rich item and would only be consumed in small amounts in the wild. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your costs will be the same but Homemade Mommy will receive a small commission. I am passionate about achieving vibrant health and am happy to share tips, techniques and recipes in my eBook, The Real Food Survival Guide for Busy Moms. They know that healthy foods are better for us (the humans), and yet they feed their dogs processed food.
In other words, if it comes in a bag and has been pressed into cute, dog-friendly shapes, it cannot be considered a healthy option.
But, do you ever get the feeling our dogs, who we consider family, are treated like lab rats? Although raw feeding is still considered a new alternative, it shouldn’t be an alternative at all. And my blog is available to you as a guide and a safe place to come if you decide to make the transition from processed foods.
And the best way to treat a metabolic disorder is through diet, not by pumping a patient full of toxic radiation. Fortunately, Sandberg says the tide is slowly changing, as evidenced by the growing number of dog owners who ask to be included in his research project. I knew that if I gave her any of the food I was cooking it would be out of her normal routine and she would likely have an episode. I put out dry dog food as well that she eats periodically throughout the day (not usually at the same time as the raw food) and this seems to be a great mix for her. Her coat is soft and silky and thick like never before and her skin is no longer red and itchy.
This post on raw dog food also has some great information about natural holistic flea, tick and heart worm prevention and for accessing some raw dog food diet communities for support. And though many people point to the obvious difference between a dog and a human, the fact remains that healthy is healthy.
When everything claims to be all-natural and isn’t, how can you ever be sure that your dog is getting the best? I really despised giving her the canned food but it was the only thing the poor dog seemed to be able to eat. I finally got up the nerve to ask him about it and apparently the food is just ground up chicken livers and hearts, yogurt, and squash. I live and breathe real food but for some reason I had to see results to believe it with my dog. It usually came from stress if we traveled or if someone came to stay at our house but sometimes it would come out of nowhere. I tried many types of foods – organic brands ; organic brands, locally-produced cooked pet food, homemade poached chicken and rice.

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