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The 7 Days Eating Raw Foods plan provides a way to experience a raw lifestyle diet for one week. This guide can be used as a healthy weight loss plan in which you have lots of energy and eat the most nutritious foods.
If you are hungry on top of the meals suggested here, increase your portion size or have additional snacks. If you are looking to lose weight, if you ever feel hungry, eat more of the foods listed below at any time.
Chia Pudding – The recipe is included with others and it is added to prep section even though it is not included in the daily meal plan.
Chia is well known for its ability to fill you up quickly, as it swells up to 9x its size in liquid. Protein Shake – Mix a scoop of SunWarrior (or other raw) protein powder with water, or in a blender with almond milk and also banana and berries if you like, recipes coming soon. 7 Days of Eating Raw Foods – Detailed Menu Plan, with details on when and how to organize the making of all the recipes you will need to get started.
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With this 7 days eating raw foods plan most of the foods that you will be eating during your raw week will be made prior to it beginning. This period of making the new raw foods recipes is most likely a huge new learning curve that you will be embarking on. The big bonus to doing this work, planning and preparing foods beforehand is that once your week eating raw begins, you can relax and enjoy the raw experience.
Keep in mind that when you begin eating raw foods your body will be going through a detoxification process. The day before, or just a few days before, it is time to start preparing many of the raw recipes that you will be eating.  While they can all be made in one day, it will mean a lot of time in the kitchen. The ingredients for the pine nut parmesan and house salad dressing are not included in the grocery list. One further recipe that is worthy to note, especially of you are a chocolate lover, is the Chocolate Avocado Pudding. Soak almonds for at least 4 hours, this is for nutritional benefit and worth it for that, but not necessary to make milk.
Drain the cashews and process them in a food processor with the rest of ingredients until creamy and smooth. This cheese can be stored in a covered container in the refrigerator for a week. For more info click the link to go to the Cashew Cheese post, or see recipe in The Joy of Living Foods. Blend sun-dried tomatoes with all of the ingredients except tomatoes, red pepper and onions in the blender and puree.
For more info click the link to go to the Tomato Marinara Sauce post, or see recipe in The Joy of Living Foods. For more info click the link to go to the Herbed Couscous post (coming soon), or see recipe in The Joy of Living Foods. For more info click the link to go to the Broccoli Salad post, or see recipe in The Joy of Living Foods. For more info click the link to go to the Beet Salad post, or see recipe inThe Joy of Living Foods. Mix together on lowest speed in the blender or stir or whisk by hand in a bowl and pour into glasses or containers. For more info, and a recipe for Chocolate Chia Pudding click the link to go to the Chia Pudding post, or see recipe in The Joy of Living Foods.  See another great variation, the Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding.
For more info,  click the link to go to the Zesty Lemon House Dressing post, or see recipe in The Joy of Living Foods. For more info, click the link to go to the Pine Nut Parmesan post, or see recipe in The Joy of Living Foods.
The 7 days of eating raw foods plan will provide you with everything needed to keep you satiated and nourished.
Dehydrated foods, processed by drying at lower temperatures, retain the enzymes and high nutrition of natural foods in their raw state. Most of these dehydrated items will last a month or longer if properly stored and you will have lots of left overs. I know some of you will not have a dehydrator and still will want to experience eating raw. Note: I have not experimented with making these recipes in an oven, as I have a dehydrator. For variations or more info click link to go to the Granola post, or see recipe in The Love of Living Foods. For more info click the link to go to the Multi Seed Crackers post, or see recipe in The Love of Living Foods.
For more info click the link to go to the Pizza Crust post, or see recipe in The Love of Living Foods. Process together nuts and seeds until coarsely chopped in food processor and then transfer to bowl. For more info click the link to go to the Nutmeat Patties post, or see recipe in The Love of Living Foods. Soak pumpkin seeds and goji berries together in a bowl with just enough water to cover them for a couple hours.
For more info click the link to go to the Rawkalicious Cookies post, or see recipe in The Love of Living Foods.
Drain nuts well by laying and patting with clean tea or paper towel or so they are quite dry. For more info click the link to go to the Crispy Living Nuts and Seeds post, or see recipe in The Love of Living Foods. Note: Kale chips are also delicious made with just olive oil and salt, without the extra spices. Notes: If you need to pre-make and pack your meals, make the green smoothie early and pour it into a bottle or container leaving very little air space to keep most nutrients in.
For dinner the pizza can be spread with cheese, sauce and topped with favorite toppings and eaten straight away, or if you have time, after assembling pop it into the dehydrator for an hour and up to 2 hours.
Tip: Left over pizza that had been previously dehydrated and then refrigerated is fabulous!
Notes: When making the Gifts of the Earth Cereal make enough for 2 bowls and put half in an air tight container in the fridge for tomorrow morning.
Alternative protein shakes to make using SunWarrior or Hemp Protein Powder – coming soon.

SunWarrior or Hemp protein powder and Nori sheets can be purchased from most health food stores, or simply order them  from my Resource page. The best options to eat more of for weight loss are: Green Smoothies, Protein Shakes and Chia Pudding. SunWarrior protein or Hemp protein powders and nori sheets can be purchased at most health food stores, or ordered from my Resource page. Thank you for the grocery list this has been the most helpful source out of the dozens of sites I’ve looked at. Last week I decided to go on a 7 day raw food diet, wanting to detox and cleanse my body to become healthier. Marie is founder and managing editor of Make and Takes, and author of the book, Make and Takes for Kids. It is extremely important that you do not eat any processed food, consume alcohol or caffeine drinks or smoke while doing the detox program. Congratulations, you have survived your fasting day and you are well on the way to becoming healthier and tomorrow is back to more delicious, nutritious raw foods to help your body to continue to eliminate remaining toxins. If you continue to eat a balanced raw diet, you will be providing your body with the best opportunity to automatically detox every day allowing you to have the best chance to live a long healthy life, full of vitality and clarity.
1 large zucchini – if you have a spiral slicer, cut the zucchini into 3 pieces and use spiral slicer to create spaghetti. Method Combine all ingredients together in a blender or food processor until smooth and creamy, season with salt and pepper to taste. MethodGrate Cauliflower, or pulse in food processor until rice like consistency, add nutritional yeast and season the mixture with Apple cider vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste, pulse to combine. Method – Combine all ingredients and ? cup filtered water in a blender and blend until smooth, add more water if you feel it is too thick. 1 ? cups nut or coconut milk? cup chia seeds1 tsp pure vanilla1 Tbsp raw cacao powder1 Tbsp maple syrupMethod: Whisk all ingredients together in a bowl to thoroughly combine.
Method: Blend all the ingredients together in blender until course and flowing, garnish with tomato or bell pepper and spring onion and season to taste. Macro and Micro nutrition needs.I feel that I have put together a reasonably balanced diet plan that provides both Macro and Micro nutrients each day. I’m not a nutritionist, or a naturopath… But I did heal myself from MS following a plant based diet, so I know first hand how effective this style of eating and living is. On this journey to vibrant health I was fortunate to find some of the most amazing experts and together we’ve created The Raw Food Institute of Australia. It’s a learning opportunity complete with a guide, a day by day menu plan, recipes and even a grocery list to help you to experience the vibrant feeling of eating raw foods. If you want to maintain or even gain weight make sure to increase your portions so that you are always feeling full.
If you are aiming to lose weight and are still hungry it is advised to increase your portions and have the additional snacks listed after the weekly plan. These foods will leave you satiated and feeling full but if you are overweight, you will still lose weight quickly even if you add more of these. This will be made in advance and kept in your fridge to have as a bonus go-to snack, a safeguard to have for when and when hunger hits unexpectedly. As well, it is full of nutrients, including lots of protein and healthy fat, with a nutritional profile similar to flax, and gives you stamina and endurance. At this point you have made your dehydrated items and now it is just a few days before your jump into eating raw foods completely. The body will be clearing toxins out of its cells, tissues and systems.  Eating raw foods provides a slower detox than a water or juice fast, or a green cleanse, but it is still going through a detoxification, and because of the abundant nutrients, also a healing process. Process the tomatoes, red pepper and onion in processor until chunky-fine consistency and mix all ingredients together. One of the characteristics of eating raw foods that can be hard for many to adapt to when starting to eat raw is the light feeling that can be a part of it.
Yet, they take a little more work for our bodies to process them and so stay in our digestive systems longer. It is not so much the labor involved that takes time, as it is that they can take up to 12 hours or more, in the dehydrator drying.
But it is great to have the diversity of snack foods and the more filling dehydrated foods so you really enjoy your week raw.
Set the temperature at warm, or on its lowest setting.  I suggest, instead of teflex, to line a baking tray with parchment paper. Dehydrate 4-6 hours at 115 degrees, then flip onto mesh screen and continue dehydrating for 10-12 hours.
Prepare kale by cutting hard middle stalk from kale and cutting leaves into a few large pieces. You make it so easy for anyone to try raw veganism, especially with the grocery shopping list.
Every one says WHAT it is but not HOW to start or what you should get they just say generic fruits and vegetables but don’t give ideas.
For me, it started out as a way to lose a little weight and really watch what I was eating, but it did a lot more than that. Thanks to Excalibur for sponsoring my dehydrator, it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.
I usually make it outside in the sun, so in the cold Utah months, having a dehydrator has been perfect.
There’s always a project going on at her house and is often cluttered with crafts, glitter, and glue.
Blend all ingredients in a blender, scrapping the mixture from the side and then continuing to pulse until you reach a chunky consistency, so mixture sticks together. Create a side salad of lettuce, rocket, tomato, baby beets and ? avocado to enjoy with your hummus.
Spoon 2-3 Tbls into each collard green and tie with green onion and garnish with chopped tomatoes. Divide mixture into two and then each lot of mixture divide into 3 equal parts, which will give you 6 mini tart cases. Be careful with the water, it is needed more to facilitate the processing than as a major component, too much water will make it too wet. These are very taste soft as is, Serve with a fresh salad of sprouts, rocket, cucumber, bell peppers, tomatoes and tahini sauceOr if you prefer, place on the mesh sheet of a dehydrator tray and dehydrate at 105 overnight.
I am not sure if I have provided enough carbohydrates with the food selection, or if I have come close to the quantity of nutrients needed each day.
Gain energy, clarity and flexibility and feel the vibrancy that comes with eating raw foods.

Most people when they start eating raw foods need to increase their calorie intake to maintain the same weight. The menu plan provides lots of variety and delicious, satiating, nutritious foods that will make you feel vibrant and energized.
The parmesan is incredibly quick and easy to make and delicious on the pizza, the zucchetti and on salads. It can feel like you are not ‘full’, as most of us are used to feeling heavy after eating a cooked meal and associate that with feeling full. This helps us to feel satiated and full for longer periods, and so they are perfect for getting started on the raw food diet. It will take much less time to dry the recipes in an oven and so it will take a bit of guesswork from you. This can be further seasoned with salt and desired herbs and spices or formed as is into patties and dehydrated on teflex sheets at 115 degrees for 4 to 6 hours.
I chose the nuts and seeds above to make a grocery list with, but you can change them if you have other nuts or seeds you prefer using. Mix the Tamari with Seasonings in a small bowl and pour this mixture over nuts and seeds and mix well. For more info click the link to go to the Kale Chips post, or see recipe in The Love of Living Foods.
On the 5th day, my friends and I decided to go eat there to help get us through the last couple of days.
This may be your hardest day to get through as your body will be rapidly starting to eliminate toxins and you may start to experience some unpleasant symptoms. Too chunky it will not stick and if you blend for too long it will turn into a paste so make sure you stop and check the consistency often. You can substitute raw nuts of choice and also fresh ground coconut meat and filtered water for oil and milk. Add the raw almond butter and blend at low speed to combine to a thick cake like batter consistency. Great as an intro for getting into the raw food lifestyle, or just as a tune up to boost your health and help your body to function more optimally.
Think of the week before, making your raw dishes, as a little education and an investment you are making in yourself. Your mind and body will thank you, especially as your raw week begins and clarity and energy infuse your body.
It is delicious on just about everything, but it is an extra and can be made at any time during the week, if you wish to add it. Dehydrating is the best option as you are ensured that the temperature in drying the foods does not go over 115 degrees. Process apples, banana and raisins together until coarsely chopped and chunky and add to bowl. Flip onto mesh screen and continue dehydrating for an additional 6 to 8 hours until fairly dry.
Add kale to bowl and use hands to mix and massage oil and spices into the kale leaves to cover completely.
You are only eating raw fruit, vegetables, nuts, some grains, spices, olive oil and some vinegars, and all uncooked. I simply cut up and blend my fruit, not adding anything else, and pour it right onto the mats.
Garlic and coconut oil will be included in your meals which will help to relieve possible headache and stomach-ache. Roll into balls and roll in sesame seedsArrange zucchini spaghetti on plate, pour over sauce and arrange the meat balls on top of sauce, drizzling a little more sauce over meat balls. Add water to thin if necessary.Put cabbage into a bowl and massage through the blended mixture really well, add raw cashews and mango pieces. You will see how this 7 days of eating raw foods is worth many times over the investment that you put in.
However, bearing in mind that the foods may go above this temperature, and lose some vital nutrients, enzymes and life force, we have an option. Likewise, shape cookies and nutmeat patties and place nuts, seeds and the kale chips on a parchment lined baking tray to go into the oven. Try to get it as low as possible to retain the nutrients and enzymes in the foods.  I will love to hear how it goes and so if you have any questions or can give feedback on this process, please leave a comment below. Place kale leaves onto mesh sheets and dehydrate at 115 degrees overnight, or for 6-8 hours.
I did research on websites (listed below), wrote down all kinds of ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and kept quick snacks handy. We also all brought extras to take home with us, giving us each 3 more things to eat throughout the week. Coconut oil to give immediate energy and will help the liver detox and will also have a calming effect on the brain and will help to suppress hunger. Alternatively, you may choose to leave it and just drizzle a little lemon juice and olive oil on your salad, or eat it undressed.
This was the best part, seeing what others were making, giving me ideas of what I could eat. We let them know what we were doing, told them we weren’t going to go out to eat (no need for temptations) and if they would help us. I made all sorts of combinations too: mango-blackberry-strawberry, strawberry-banana, apple-pear. When it came down to it, my kids were wanting to eat more fruit and veggies than I’ve ever offered them before. They will keep well for weeks and keep freshest and longer if kept in an air tight container.
It made it easy to put together a quick salad with lettuce already washed and cut up in a bag.
I still gave them bread, dairy and meat, but now avocados on toast with a side of strawberries is my daughters favorite lunch!

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