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When in Canggu Beach, I discovered a wonderful little raw vegan eatery called CuePlay Cafe run by my new-found Russian friend Dennis Jablonskiy (and his surfing pal - turned super raw chef - Andrew). Five Elements takes a holistic approach to health by combining ancestral Balinese healing modalities with plant-based nutrition and Sacred Arts all within an eco-luxurious setting that's both innovative and an homage Bali's beautiful traditions and culture. Though I had just left magical Candi Kuning market, where I had loaded up on truckloads of delish tropical fruits, I was hungry (as I always am ;) and thrilled to be sampling more fabulous raw food delicacies.
Despite the title of this blog, I don’t have any hatred towards kibble or dog owners who feed kibble.
Here are the highlights, you can check out their full chart by following this link to their site.
We were able to save money by only buying 1 package of topical treatments (for large dogs, this can run between $25-$60 a package depending up on the brand) and splitting each tube between our three dogs and using Bright Eyes Pet Wellness’ flea and tick spray weekly.  We’ve never had fleas. I just learned that chicken feet have a natural source of unprocessed glucosamine and chondroitin.  I haven’t tried it yet with our dogs. We don’t deal with doggy farts anymore.  Well, with the exception of when I fed them ground turkey, ground beef and salmon all at once – wow!

Our dogs suffered from itching, obsessive paw licking, dry skin, and skin rashes when they were on kibble.  We eliminated cheap grains by switching to a premium kibble, but it turns out that the elimination of yeast from their diet helped with allergy symptoms too. Once again, I found a website that lists all the benefits of the raw food diet.  Although most of this is a no brainer now that we’ve been feeding raw, I still thought it was interesting, because I didn’t really know WHY things were working, just that they were. A small dog whose ancestors survived for thousands of years on scraps and raw meat can only stomach a scientifically-developed mix of organic chicken liver and cracked pearled barley. The dog, named Joseph, told reporters today that he was allergic to wheat, leftover sausages, some proteins, and any food costing less than $10 a kilo. Joseph say that, just like his great-great-great-great grandfather, he strictly eats 1.25 cups of food a day. Years of personal experience with depression and weight issues, combined with hundreds of clinical hours and years of studying nutritional medicine, mean that not only have I walked in your shoes, I can help you manage and heal these conditions…simultaneously.
You’ve come to the right place, my love, together we can kick those pesky love handles and mood swings to the curb…at the same time!
I can't tell you how comforting it was and how grateful I felt to be enjoying such genuinely soulful company and to feast on the kind of healing and nutrient-dense meal that feeds my body and soul.

That was nasty.  As long as you don’t get too adventurous with the proteins, raw meat is easy on our dog’s digestive tract than kibble, leading the less gas and tummy trouble. When Dennis found out I was heading to Ubud the following day, he suggested I swing by Five Elements, an eco-conscious wellness retreat and raw living foods restaurant nestled on the lush, tropical banks of the Ayung River. It’s the balanced diet I need for my rigorous lifestyle,” he said, before heading off for a nap.
You’re energy levels at are at an all-time high, and your anxiety is taking a well-earned holiday.

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