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The next question youa€™re probably asking is what kind of wood do I use to build raised beds.
If you plan on growing vegetables or flowers in your yard this year, why not try growing them in raised garden beds. 12 Creative DIY Compost Bin IdeasIf you are a gardener, chances are you have thought about starting a compost bin. 9 Clever DIY Ways for a Shady Backyard OasisIt's pretty tough to enjoy summer activities in a backyard that bakes in the afternoon heat. April 26, 2013 By admin My friend Erin has one of the best decorated homes of all my friends.
When she came to me for advice on building a garden in her backyard I knew it would be something I’d be jealous of…  She spent time trolling through Pinterest for ideas and came back to me with a badass bed design! Now that she’s done I asked her to please write a post so I could share her garden story here.
In order to do away with the old and dead and invite all of the natural new energy of the spring season into our yards, first we have to always do a bit of maintenance and clean-up.
Once we chose where we wanted to place it in the backyard, we had to till the ground a bit and tear up some grass to even it out so the beds would lay flat.
We here in the hill country currently have a multitude of mosquitos, an affluence of aphids, and a plethora of pecans.
Before the advent of European settlers, Native Americans widely consumed pecans and used them for trade. Pecans are native to our area which makes them hearty and able to survive even the most tempestuous arch of Texas seasons. This means that when water soaks into it, it will stick around for a long time before dissipating. Photo: Raised bed of lettuce, tomatoes, 6 different types of basil, marigolds, zinnias, garlic chives, zucchini. Once you have plants in your new raised garden bed, you'll notice an almost immediate improvement. All of these things added together makes for an ideal environment for almost any plant to grow in.

Perhaps my favourite gardening book, Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting is now available as a new 2012 edition that extends the planting calendar. Raised beds are great for growing healthy, productive vegetables and flowers and theya€™re easy to make. The easiest way to buy some 2×12 lumber and screw them together in the shape of a rectangle. Obviously you dona€™t want arsenic anywhere near something youa€™re going to eat even in the small amounts that might be present in a raised bed vegetable garden. No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project.
As Mother Nature begins shining her warmth upon us, the buds of the trees begin to break free of their dead outer shells, birds begin their morning song ever more enthusiastically, and winter shades of wet cool gray and dull brown magically transform into vibrant green grass carpets, multi-colored seas of wildflowers and bountiful farmer’s markets. For Joe and I, spring is the time that we rev our proverbial outdoor beautification engines and get to work on bit by bit, creating our very own outdoor oasis. Our visions of pergolas and arched gated entries, floral vines covering the whole fence line, and a sea of wild floral beauty in every corner will most likely take years to grow and come to life as we envision it, but thankfully for us, the opposite is true for the vegetables we just planted. We looked at all sorts of pictures we found online of beautiful raised beds that we thought we might be able to do ourselves. She helped with the layout and guided me on what to plant for beginners and how to feed and fertilize them with the proper mix of ingredients. I do hope that the beautiful wet spring weather has been good to all you other gardeners out there. While some may take issue with the excess of shells and oddly sticky film that coats anything left beneath the branches of these bountiful nut trees, at their heart they are really one of the most interesting and useful trees around. So lets show a little respect for big beautiful buddies and educate ourselves.
Another issue for many people is spending many hours bending down to tend their vegetable garden.
If the 2nd hole full of water isn't gone in 10 hours, your soil has a low saturation point.
You can make them as long as you like but you should limit the width to 3 or 4 feet so you can easily reach in the bed to plant seeds, pull weeds or to harvest crops. CCA wood isna€™t too readily available anymore so you probably dona€™t have to worry about coming across it.

You could also use regular non-pressure treated lumber but just be aware that the wood will probably rot in a few years.
In just a few short months, if our thumbs are indeed green, we’ll be reaping the rewards of finally installing a RAISED BED ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDEN in our backyard! Pressure treated woods are NOT ideal for vegetable gardens because chemicals can leach into your foods over time. With winter comes the warmth and rain of spring, and with beauty of spring comes the summer harvest! The new improved pressure treated wood (ACQ) replace CCA pressure treated wood a few years ago. Unless you go to the effort of lining the beds with a plastic or pool liner, cedar is the best way to go for a vegetable garden.
We can’t wait to see how our garden grows, but more importantly, how planting a garden will enlighten our living space and connect us back to the earth.
In Patch from Scratch, Peter Cundall shows you step-by-step how to start a vegetable garden, beginning with an ordinary suburban lawn. Almost all of the book (all of it except for about 5-10 pages) is about food plants rather than flowers or other ornamentals. He goes through each season (some of then broken into early and late) for 18 months, describing everything in amazing detail. The back cover states that it is the accepted major work on the subject of growing and cultivating plants in Australia and New Zealand using natural methods. There is so much information in this video you could watch it 100 times and still learn more.
The only real criticism of it I can think of is that it is so densely packed with information, your brain gets saturated after 10 or 15 minutes.
Ia€™m not an expert with lumber or chemicals but that sounds like something that shouldna€™t be near my vegetables.

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