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Like many others, I received an invitation to join Pinterest, dutifully signed up and then timidly "pinned" a few items on a board. I wasn't sure what I was doing and I wasn't sure if this was going to turn into a giant rabbit hole, sucking in the last few precious minutes of the day. What value was there in sharing images?  And what about those concerns that pinning images of others might violate copyrights? First, I read several articles about the founder, Ben Silbermann, and his vision for Pinterest. Second, the boards around the raised beds in my vegetable garden had been slowing rotting over the years and were no longer holding in the dirt, so I had a crew tear them out last year and haul the rotted wood away, leaving me with a blank slate. I've found Pinterest to be such a great place to keep my garden ideas together -- we moved into a new house this year and the entire yard is a blank slate. I'm afraid Pinterest is my guilty pleasure--and I don't have time for guilty pleasures during the crazy planting season!
This past November, just before the non-stop holiday madness began, we decided to make those plots into raised planters and what a seriously huge improvement it’s been! Luckily we are in Southern California and won’t have to wait until summer to see how the plants like the new soil.

Connect with Us.Don’t miss out on our free recipe updates and food, travel, garden stories. I proceeded to plant the vegetable garden without the raised beds, primarily because I didn't have time to build new frames but partly because I couldn't decide what to frame them with.
In ten more years, when I am ten years older, I don't want to be faced with re-doing them again.
I'm starting to search through Pinterest to find images of vegetable gardens that I like and re-pinning them to my board. It turns out to be a little bit of a rabbit hole, but a very useful one for someone who is re-doing her vegetable garden, all over again. My current garden boards have mostly to do with garden sheds and greenhouses, as well as fairy gardens - since I am presenting a program next September on the subject and need some ideas. One thing I like about it is that, unlike facebook or twitter, you do not feel compelled (at least I don't) to go there every day. Initially we heavily amended our suffocating clay soil and were able to get some initial herb plantings to take off. Our three boxes from last summer cost us about $500 ($50-$60 per board, if I remember correctly).

The Beginners guide   Are you ready to create a dynamic new look for your garden or have a place for for tomatoes and other vegetables?
As the dirt got better, the neighbors tree got bigger so now I struggle with less than adequate sunshine to grow a lot of the crops I used to love. I use the site to record ideas for garden design, primarily--and I think it's been incredibly helpful. Fortunately perennials thrive there so it’s become my herb garden and I love it just as much.
I think of it as having cut the photos out of all my favorite magazines instead of saving the whole thing!!!

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