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You'll be surprised how quickly some vegetables grow, so don't plant them all at once - take your time enjoying them. Make sure you stay on top of harvesting, or your plants will stop setting more flowers and pods. You'll have to wait until the soil warms a bit in late spring, but once your bean seeds are in the ground, stand back. Peas are the easiest plants to please, but if the spring weather will oblige us with some cool, rainy days, we can celebrate with snap, sugarpod or shelling peas in only about 50 days. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.
Grow carrots early in the year when they will mature faster and taste sweeterGrow-your-own Londoners want quick returns, not vegetables that take up valuable soil space for months on end. If you are considering starting your own vegetable garden, it is only natural that you may want to start enjoying your produce as soon as possible.
The Cherry Belle radishes can be ready in about 20 days, in most cases although some varieties may take longer.
Depends on the variety, but most leaf lettuce will be ready to start harvesting in about 25 days. Although not listed above, you may want to also try growing carrots, particularly baby carrots. Fast vegetable crops are good to grow because they provide some food on the table in the shortest period of time.
If you have a limited season (colder climate zones), then you can help maximize your garden’s output by growing fast-growing vegetables. Note: Days to harvest are from seed, and will vary depending on your variety and conditions.

We had some broccoli last year (probably hybrids) that produced all summer through a drought without being watered. There is an heirloom broccoli that grows just as you describe, I grow it every year and save the seeds for the next year.
I also grow Swiss Chard, as it can be planted much earlier than other greens here, and it is a plant that will produce for 2 years before it goes to seed. You can also plant about 50 carrot plants and 50 radishes together in a one foot square container! We plant almost everything on the list except Rhubarb, cantaloupes, watermelon, cauliflower, soy beans and pole beans.
Right now we have 85 tomato plants, a row of snap beans and a row of butter beans, a row of potatoes and a row of garlic. Many vegetables require the heat of summer or a long, leisurely growing season to ripen and reward us, but there are a handful that virtually pop out of the ground and are ready to harvest within weeks.
Pole beans need time to climb and grow tall, but bush beans start setting flowers and pods within weeks of poking out of the ground. As with beans, the shorter varieties start producing earliest, since they don't have to put all their energy into growing tall. These are the perfect crops to start your season, since many of them can withstand a little frost as seedlings and if you plan on starting from seed, you can get started before your last frost date. Speed up the traditional cultivation time from seed to plate and the result is more tender, tastier edibles that mature quickly, allowing you to sow a wide range of produce in quick succession from baby beets and salad leaves to early potatoes and peppery petals. This is why today, I decided to list 5 fast growing vegetables that you can grow in your garden.
Those close to the surface will germinate more quickly, extending the harvest by a few days.

Kale grows well in nearly any kind of soil, has few problems associated with it and will give you a quick tasty harvest.
Succession plant for an even longer harvest and you'll have a steady supply of beans throughout the season.
Whatever variety you grow, you can get an even earlier treat by indulging in some pea shoots and tendrils. Plant in the spring and start harvesting the leaves in four to six weeks, beginning with the older, larger ones.
In about six weeks after planting, you can start harvesting thin, tender bush beans from your garden.
Once the main head has been harvested, the broccoli plants will still produce smaller heads from side shoots throughout the season. It’s so extremely prolific that 6 plants will provide way more than enough for 2 people all year. They’re one of just a few vegetables that you can plant from seed at the beginning of a month and enjoy a harvest by the end of the month.
Mulch heavily and water at a rate of 1 inch per week to prevent the roots from becoming tough and bitter. Fully mature turnip roots are generally ready after 60 days, when they measure up to 3 inches in diameter – although can be harvested smaller. Early potatoes are ready in 13 weeks while main crops take up to 20 weeks, and the faster you grow them, the less likely they are to suffer from pests and diseases, especially if they’re in pots rather than the ground.

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