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Youngevity is a technologically advanced nutritional company dedicated to improving lifestyles by promoting vibrant health and flourishing economics. By 2020 Jordan Rubin’s goal was to help over one million people change their diet, change their life, and change their world, through the message of Beyond Organic. Jordan Rubin announced in a recent team call that “this was a family that we wanted to join.
He continues, “Beyond Organic: the brand, products, and leaders are now part of the greater and global Youngevity family… Beyond Organic and its message will be able to resonate with a much larger group of people.
It means you can still get your Beyond Organic products and if you’d like to become a distributor you can make even more money than before with Youngevity’s lucrative compensation plan. STEP 4: Choose one of the two provided links to login to your Replicated Website or Back Office. If you decide to call and were a previous customer or mission marketer you should be in the system, but if you are not, make sure you tell them you were a customer beforehand, and tell them who your enroller was.  If you were enrolled by me, Paul Martinez, than you can tell them to use the enroller number 101268382. I could explain it to right here, but I always think videos explain things much better than text. Watch this video for a brief introduction to Youngevity, it’s mission, and their main products, as well as how you can start earning a stream of income using its proven system. Youngevity has an amazing support system with daily calls, weekly calls, events, email newsletters, magazines, and a wonderful customer service staff ready for your call during business hours. If you are a NEW customer, use this Youngevity Shop page to check out the products and to become a distributer for only $10!
Hi there Saundra, Jordan Rubin’s company as you have read above, has merged with Youngevity. If you are reading The Maker’s Diet Revolution by Jordan Rubin, he lays out an option where he lists the foods you should buy to eat according to the Daniel Diet. I suggest you get a GET REAL program which will help you with getting started which gives you the awesome products Jordan has produced , and use the guidelines in the Makers Diet Revolution to get your other foods for your fast. About UsStarted in 2002 by two IITians, Quest is the fastest growing coaching brand in India.
I decided to review Shakeology made by Beachbody because I’ve seen so many other reviews on this product. But like any MLM (multi-level marketing) the real money is in recruiting new members who sell under you. This allows you not only a piece of their sales commission but a sign up fee commission, which in this case is $40.
Beachbody is most famous for their video workout series P90X, by the way, which I have used and happen to think is good program.
Shakeology is marketed as an all-in-one meal replacement shake, meaning it is supposed to cover all your nutritional needs in a single serving. Shakeology includes a protein blend, an antioxidant blend, a phytonutrient blend, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
These blends and nutrients are comprised of one animal protein source; whey protein (not in all formulations) and many plant sources, some of which are in the form of isolated protein such and pea and hemp and others like konjac and coconut nectar which are included for their antioxidants and other nutrients. One fact regarding Shakeology that the Beachbody likes to promote is that it includes over 70 natural ingredients. Although that may sound impressive, calling superfoods like ginkgo, green tea, maca root and barley grass exotic is simply a marketing technique. We first need to examine the many ingredients in Shakeology and the amounts of those ingredients to get an idea of this supplement’s potential effectiveness and overall value.
As you can see, Shakeology is composed of 15 grams of whey protein isolate (or plant protein if you buy the vegan blend) and just under 8 grams of superfoods.
This way the blend can potentially be comprised of 90% one ingredient and 10% all the others combined. Organic foods and dietary supplements are produced without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) or any other synthetic ingredients, which are responsible for causing a wide variety of health problems. Many people are unaware that heating foods can actually greatly diminish their nutritional value. If you are extremely allergic to gluten or any of the other allergens listed you’re better off staying away from the chocolate flavor.
And for those that want to keep it simple by purchasing only one powdered supplement, Amazing Grass also sells meal replacements that are very similar to Shakeology at a lower price. Below is a price comparison between three options; Shakeology, a combination of MRM whey protein + Amazing grass superfood drink powder, and Amazing Grass Amazing Meal. As you can see, not only are you saving a bunch of  money by going with my Shakeology alternative, but you’re also getting raw organic superfoods.
I’m not out to get Beachbody or Shakeology (As I said earlier, I really do like the P90X video series) nor do I think Shakeology is a bad supplement.
I do think that Shakeology could make sense for someone who is busy and only has time for one supplement. If anyone knows of any other alternatives to Shakeology that have similar ingredient profiles, please post them in the comments section and I will add them to this section as well.
Even with the “significant discount” that is offered to Beachbody coaches, who can either buy the products for their own use or for resale, Beachbody is still making a good profit. I went in search of some truly unbiased Shakeology user reviews to get an idea of what the people who are actual using this product think about it.
Many of the negative reviews had a problem with the taste, but honestly that is to be expected with any healthy meal replacement shake. Since Shakeology is made from all natural ingredients and is caffeine and stimulant free, it should be considered safe for most users. It is a food supplement, so the only users likely to experience any adverse effects would be those with food allergies.

As is standard with all supplements, Beachbody recommends that you fist consult with a medical professional if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have any medical conditions. The Shakeology website has video reviews of doctors talking about how Shakeology is great for cardiovascular health and weight loss and is a great supplement in general. In my personal opinion, testimonials from doctors don’t really mean much simply because those doctors are likely paid for their endorsements. In theory, yes, the ingredients in Shakeology could help improve or maintain many different aspects of your health. If your goal is to lose weight you will likely do so if you employ the full Shakeology program, which includes not only replacing one meal a day with Shakeology, but exercising three times per week.
However, contrary to this statement, the supplement fact label on the green berry states that it is caffeine free. If it says “green tea decaffeinated extract” the formula is caffeine free and if it just says “green tea leaf” it’s not.
If you are nutrient deficient in a particular area, say protein or vitamin A for instance, both of which are provided by Shakeology, there is a good chance you will see a boost in your energy levels. I have a few key problems with Shakeology, which is why I have recommended a few different alternatives instead.
If you have used Shakeology please let me and everyone else know what you think about it in the comments section below.
Here is what I do, I take the powder, mix with almond milk, ice, then I pour about 6 oz of my morning coffee into it… To me tastes just like a starbucks frappuccino.
I understand that you are attempting to provide the best information to consumers about the products that are out there and available. I looked up MRM Whey protein and found that the cheapest they have is $29.99 for 18 servings.
With that said, I love shakeology, it is the best tasting meal replacement shake I’ve had. I regularly go through periods of time where I’ll abstain (most of the time without realizing it) from fried foods, and when I go to McDonalds my body revolts on me! My extended family members who have tried it preferred it over their other weightloss shakes, however! Shakeology is also the only shake I’ve been able to use as a full meal replacement for 3 meals when my church has had a time of fasting for a couple days to a week. First off, really great comment and I appreciate the feedback, especially from someone who is a BB coach AND has used the product AND isn’t trying to sell it.
You do make a good point about the coach’s discount for Shakeology making it similar in price to the alternative I offered.
The other thing to keep in mind is that the alternative is raw and organic whereas Shakeology is not.
In the end though, people only want to see results and if Shakeology gives you energy, makes you feel good and helps you manage your weight then I’m all for it. My aim in this article was simply to provide a critical analysis of this very popular supplement for anyone who likes to be very thorough before they buy (as I do). Youngevity is a 12-year-old stable company that is publicly traded and has a proven track record.
Joel Wallach and Jordan Rubin’s partnership will allow for the  further spread of Beyond Organic’s message of health and hope. If you are already a Beyond Organic customer or mission marketer, log in to Youngevity’s back office using the instructions a few paragraphs up.   Then click the “new order” shopping cart button, and if its still June 2014, than you can order $300 or more to be CEO qualified and you’ll become a 3rd rank, “Independent Marketing Director”. For this price you can become a “Team Beachbody coach” (which doesn’t require any training, special knowledge or certifications) and coach others on how to get in shape by selling their products.
The thing I always like to point out about supplements (and really any product or service) in general is that many times what your paying for is a clever marketing department not necessarily a better supplement. However, it takes a seriously misleading or completely false statement before the FDA will even issue a warning to a supplement manufacturer. For each ingredient, I will post a link to either the ingredient’s Wikipedia page or another source that expands upon that ingredients reported nutritional properties and health benefits. On the Shakeology website they do mention that their sacha inchi is organic; however,  they don’t list any other organic or raw ingredients on the site or the supplement packaging, so I decided to give their customer service number a call. This time when I asked the same question the rep told me to hold on because he had to check.
For considerably less money, you can buy both a protein powder and a superfood powder separately. Keep in mind that Amazing Grass and MRM supplements can be substituted for options with similar characteristics. I am simply pointing out that this supplement is most likely at least a bit overpriced for what your getting. If you don’t mind forking over the extra money, Shakeology does provide nutritional balance and may, regardless of the issues discussed in this article, be the meal replacement supplement of choice for many people. It is inherent of MLMs to have products with little value (Although I don’t believe Shakeology fits the mold of the typical MLM product). For that reason, if you would like to build muscle while taking Shakeology, you’ll have the best results using one of the formulas that contains whey rather than a plant based protein. If your primary focus is to build muscle, I highly recommend buying a quality whey protein powder rather than Shakeology. Be sure to review the ingredient label if this applies to you, as there are over 70 ingredients in this blend. The following is only important to keep in mind if you’re an athlete that undergoes drug testing.

If I saw a thorough and unbiased-sounding review from a doctor specializing in nutrition who swore he was not paid to endorse the product, I would certainly take it in to consideration.
My point here is you should never base your decision solely on a paid doctor’s endorsement.
Assuming a RDA of 2,000 calories per day you’re getting an average of at least 660 calories per meal (3 meals per day). Therefore, by replacing one meal with Shakeology you’re effectively lowering your daily caloric intake by 500 calories. If you’re still wondering about Shakeology after this review, my advice is to go out and buy a bag and test it out for yourself. I love the chocolate shakes, to me I switch every other morning I do either a shake or a V8. You can talk about the nutrition and heck, I’d even be ok with a little info on similar items with a link to THEIR OWN REVIEW.
I absolutely understand the idea of not eating those extra calories when you use a shake, but I’ve also noticed (as have my parents who are both diabetic and drink shakeology semi-regularly) that when I drink shakeology in the morning, I tend to crave snacks less throughout the day.
When I drink my shakeology regularly, my body reacts the same way, even though I may be frequenting the fast food joint.
I have tried other shakes, (Been to GNC and gotten their alternatives etc) and found myself going back to shakeology. I never recommend shakeology without becoming a coach, and I think that’s how they get you, because of the price difference. However, you do still have to take into account the cost to become a BB coach, which I realize is only a one time fee, but is still a consideration. That’s not necessarily a mark against Shakeology, but I do considered it a plus for the alternative. Supplements are largely a matter of preference and Shakeology is, and will continue to be, the meal replacement of choice for many. Since 1997 Youngevity has been providing innovative health care products to people worldwide and helping people wake up feeling full of energy and vitality, functionaing at top form, both mentally and physically, having a glow of radient good health, that’s what Youngevity is about. If its past June, you’ll need to order  a CEO pack  to become CEO qualified and to reach the same rank. The Daniel Diet, as described by Jordan in his book provided by Beyond Organic is no longer being offered. So, essentially they can say almost whatever they want about their product, as can any other supplement company.
On the other hand, not all superfoods need to be consumed in large amounts to get their benefits.
The primary focus of most MLMs is to recruit more members whereas the product or service is just a means of doing that.
There are many MLM systems out there that use deceptive practices and offer no real value to the investor or buyer. Complete proteins (provided by both whey and plant proteins) are necessary for protein synthesis (muscle building). Here’s an article on 8 superfoods that boost your energy levels – all of which are in Shakeology. When you muddy the water with oceans of bloviating exuberance, it becomes difficult to find the truth. But what you did is attack the company for overpriced products and their business model, which I might agree with, if I didn’t know the benefits of what the TBB coaches have to offer. While this isn’t scientific proof, it does strengthen the claim that Shakeology helps purify your system.
I do appreciate your research, and the approach you took, I think it was rather scholarly, I just wanted to put my unsolicited experience with Shakeology on here as well.
He’s a Naturopathic doctor with over 75 peer reviewed articles and has co-authored 8 books.   Due to his relentless pursuit of scientific truths and a willingness to change the status quo, he has improved the health of millions! It gives the impression that there’s some sort of science involved of or maybe some other special quality. Shakeology by Beachbody, although a bit overpriced, does not fall into this category, in my opinion.
You can also get the same result by replacing one of your normal meals with any healthy 160 calorie meal. It has been extremely hard to find an honest review and not from a hidden coach that just wants to sell the product.
My review is unbiased for the simple fact I have no motivation to recommend or not recommend Shakeology. Friends, who I have let try some, or family members I’ve given Shakeology to to keep them from shakes that hurt them have told me likewise.
Shakeology, as a whole, is not USDA certified organic, nor is it certified by any other organic body. What’s better than free advertising by an army of gullible automatons chanting your mantra? I am going to go buy some Amazing Grass now since I am obsessed with Isoburn Whey protein and don’t want to change that!

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