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Continuous enhancement of discharge instructions and discharge summary templating to conform to evidence based and consensus based best practices to ensure appropriate transitions of care. Multi-pronged project examining the discharge process, with the aim of improving discharge education, communication with referring physicians, and optimizing information systems. Implementation of an enterprise-wide standard process for a Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal for Medication Reconciliation. Using focused feedback and audits to improve the accuracy and aggressiveness of documentation and billing. Participation in a Society of Hospital Medicine-sponsored group examining the use of Web 2.0 technologies in hospital medicine collaboration and communication. Design and implementation of a medical center-wide strategy for accurately designating the right doctor to call. CQI in Action is a lecture series for faculty and housestaff to highlight principles of CQI. Improving the EBM skills of residents, students and hospitalists, with integration into Morning Teaching Conference.
Creation and compilation of a set of core curriculum topics in Hospital Medicine that can be used for teaching on the wards.
Quarterly Journal Club to review and discuss scholarly topics pertinent to academic hospital medicine. This project, similar to the one below, addresses the lack of a set curriculum or format for teaching on the Night Float rotation. Creation and compilation of a set of core curriculum topics and Hospital Medicine that can be used for teaching on the night rotation. In partnership with Internal Medicine leadership, teaching faculty in Hospital Medicine underwent additional training in a formal process to re-introduce bedside rounding on the teaching service, without compromising the mission of efficient and safe patient care.
In collaboration with nursing unit leadership, a pilot project which entails posting of the attending hospitalist’s photo and name in the patients’ room was implemented on one of the medicine units. Further monitoring of the effect is needed, with potential for future application of the intervention to the entire hospital.

Collaborative effort between Hospital Medicine, Nursing, and Cardiology to reduce the inappropriate utilization of telemetry monitoring on the inpatient medicine service. Future efforts will include interventions to safely reduce the length of time that patients remain on telemetry after the initial appropriate indications have been addressed.
Design and implement protocol for the appropriate integration of a CIWA-based protocol for the management of patients with high risk for alcohol withdrawal and delirium tremens.
Screening using the confusion assessment method (CAM) for delirium to identify patients early on.
This project is to design and implement a computerized order-entry protocol and screen for urinary Foley catheters to ensure justification as well as prompt removal.
Multidisciplinary approach has tackled virtually all aspects of inpatient glycemic control, contributing to local and national efforts, with heavy contributions to the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) Glycemic Control Resource Room and several peer-reviewed articles in the literature. Evaluations triggered by daily reports on hyper- and hypoglycemic values, spurring earlier adherence to UCSD protocols, and appropriate changes in therapy. A collaborative pharmacist-hospitalist study using a protocol to transition patients from infusion to subcutaneous insulin, funded by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). A survey project involving patients and physicians regarding their experiences with the new opt-out testing program in place at Hillcrest. Initial audits of the frequency with which dedicated sterile equipment, gowns, gloves and gel were readily available to clinicians for patients on contact precautions showed room for improvement.
Post-intervention data to assess the impact of the current changes is forthcoming, with further efforts to follow if needed. Baseline service specific data for handwashing compliance on the medicine service was collected and will be shared with the division. CQI project in conjunction with the Performance Improvement and Patient Safety (PIPS) department to monitor and improve performance on ORYX core measures for inpatient pneumonia. Collaborative effort between Hospital Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Cardiology and Neurology leadership to develop and implement an evidence-based protocol for the evaluation and management of patients admitted to the hospital for syncope.
Another collaborative, multidisciplinary effort, funded in part with a grant from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

The hospital was recognized on heart attack and surgical care by The Joint Commission for its exemplary performance in using evidence-based clinical processes that are shown to improve care for certain conditions. FRESNO – Nominations are now being accepted for the 10th anniversary of the “40 Under 40” with the Class of 2016. The Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Fresno State is partnering with the West Fresno Family Resource Center to teach middle school students the ins and outs of entrepreneurship through a pilot project called the Lyles Young Entrepreneur Incubator. Clay is the Chief Medical Informatics Officer for UC San Diego Health System and has a formal role in electronic medical records (EMR) and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) deployment.
Measures include resident and nursing surveys outlining satisfaction with the process, time to reach correct provider, and number of calls received that should have been triaged to others.
UCSD experience also being used to contribute to the SHM Glycemic Control Mentored Implementation Collaborative. Goals are to optimize management of VTE via protocol-driven care, and to fully comply with Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal 3E.
Timothy Morris from the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and a multidisciplinary team. The ratings are based on data reported to The Joint Commission during the 2012 calendar year. We are proud to receive this distinction for the excellent patient care for which we are known,” said Fresno Heart & Surgical CEO Wanda Holderman. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
He is involved in many improvement efforts for the Hospital Medicine division and for all UCSD clinical services. Maynard in Project BOOST, the Society of Hospital Medicine collaborative to improve transitions of care.

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