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DURING MANUFACTURING, EACH AND EVERY COMPONENTS OF THE PRODUCT, IS BEING CHECKED FOR ITS DIMENSION. Nybor was WQA certified for all of the first 7 years since the WQA Certification was required and has now discontinued certification as not presently a supplier. Hi-Tech quality control and quality assurance procedures are documented in our Quality Control Manual, which is distributed to every designer and technician on his or her first day of employment. Computations, assumptions, meeting notes, telephone calls and emails are documented and filed.

The project manager is responsible for ensuring that all disciplines are working with the same updated information. All drawings, calculations, and reports are checked and signed by a second party to ensure that the work is accurate and clear. Drawing and Report markup is back-checked by the designer after being picked up by drafters or clerks. Key project team members will remain constant throughout the project, barring unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances.

If during the course of the project the scope needs to change, Hi-Tech will have the capability in house to proceed with the revisions. THE ITEM MANUFACTURED EXACTLY AS PER THE MANUFACTURING DRAWING, WITH FINE MACHINING AND ASSEMBLED PROPERLY IS BEING TESTED AND APPROVED FOR FINAL DISPATCH.

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