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Who better to give us lowdown than a man who had a genus of kelp named after him, Louis Druehl? Lately Louis Druehl was newsworthy because he’s written a very readable, Cannery Row-styled novel set in the West Coast fishing community of Bamfield in the 1970s, Cedar, Salmon and Weed (Granville Island 2015). Louis Druehl and his wife Rae operate Canadian Kelp Resources Ltd., a company that produces sea vegetables (Barkley Sound Kelp) and operates a kelp farm. Now Harbour Publishing is publishing a revised and expanded version of Louis Druehl’s guide, Pacific Seaweeds ($28.95), co-written with Bridgette E.
A kelp genus called Druehlii was named after Louis Druehl to honour his lifetime of kelp research. So now, for all those foodies out there who wish to impress your friends as you chow down on sea vegetables at a high-end restaurant, here are The Top Ten Things You Don’t Know About Kelp. The slime of kelp, fucoidan, is thought to hold off the diseases associated with aging (hypertension, diabetes, stroke, etc.).
In case of nuclear war or meltdown of a nuclear plant, eat some kelp and load up your thyroid gland with the good cold stuff and not the radioactive iodine that can be lethal.
Along the way the reader is introduced to an endearing and believable mix of fishermen, hippies, First Nations and the scientists. It’s a world where men routinely piss on the smouldering embers of a fire and people can tell you the difference between a native oyster and the introduced Japanese oyster.

Also editor of The New Bamfielder, Louis Druehl was a professor of marine botany at Simon Fraser University for thirty years. About UsBC BookLook is an independent website dedicated to continuously promoting the literary culture of British Columbia.
Legal jargon at bottomBC BookLook is exclusively for and about the literary culture of British Columbia, the province of Canada with the highest per-capita book reading rate. Mostly they sell in western Canada via two distributors, PSC Natural Foods and Horizon, to health food stores and “progressive” groceries. Now North American are beginning to harvest and eat it in stirfry, as roasted chips or in stews. That honour was short-lived, however, as an older name was discovered the accreditation for Druehlii got dumped. They are sessile and photosynthetic but when it comes to minute structure and sex they are animals. It can be easily grown, does not compete with corn and the like for valuable agricultural land. He’s a hard-working guy who falls hard for Heidi, a visiting student at the local marine research station. He has also taught field-oriented seaweed courses at the Friday Harbor Marine Laboratories and was influential in establishing the Bamfield Marine Station, often working in association with the University of Alaska.

This reference site and news service is provided and managed by Alan Twigg and BC BookWorld.
The Khoisan discovered that eating the flesh of the hoodia reduces a person's appetite, expediting weight loss. Pacific Seaweeds is the authoritative guide to over 100 common species of seaweeds in the Pacific Northwest, ranging from the coastline of southeast Alaska to central California.
So he was accorded a lesser honour when a kelp species restricted to Haida Gwaii was named Saccharina druehlii. His research focuses on all aspects of kelp, including its evolution, ecology and physiology. Scientific studies have not only confirmed that the glycosides residing within the hoodia indeed suppress appetite, they have also shown that hoodia ingestion can lead to losing fat even when eating habits remain the same. With full-colour design, it includes new species, additional photos and info on new technologies.

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