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Reports are pointing out to a variety of 3D printed foods heading for us this year and for many years to come. The procedure could evolve in one of the biggest 3D market segments if proved successful this year. So we have something to choose from already, but how wacky-beautiful and delicious can it get? If you think that all the potential ideas have been squeezed out, you’re missing out.
Just last week, 15-year old Thomas Suarez released his ORB 3D Printer, which he promises is 10x faster than the usual FDM method.
So if teenagers and unknown out-of-the-blue companies can come up with ideas and raise money, there’s still hope for you. Just make sure you put it on Youmagine first, and give it a snappy acronym, like UMMMM (Ultrasonic Monstrously Microscopic Metal Manufacturing) or GUAM (Geo-Material Ultra-technical Additive Manufacturing). If you like, I will have for my appetizer, chips and mushy peas, a nouvelle cuisine take on chips, potato lattice filled with cod and pureed peas. While its food that the majority of experienced chefs would make without any trouble, it has been simply created by a 3D printer.
The people behind this strange invention, called the Foodini, consider the machine is set to revolutionize the manner in which meals are produced, for years to come. After tapping in your choice of menu on a touch screen, just sit back and watch as device prints out just the right ring of dough. You will not need to shape the base, there is no split sauce, nor flour all over the place, all you need to do is put it in the oven and then cook for 10 minutes.

The machine’s ability to replicate designs precisely, also gives it other advantages compared to traditionally made food. With the Foodini, users will be able to see as the ingredients are being pumped through the nozzle automatically. The machine can hold 5 capsules, each having a different ingredient similar to a standard printer having different ink cartridges. The computer automatically changes from one capsule to the next, according to the way you need your ingredients. The machine does not cook the meals; therefore, once the item has been prepared, you will need to fry, bake or broil before consuming.
Once the Foodini is launched, its goal would be connecting all users through the internet community, letting people share recipes and tips.
A 3D printer that layers cookie dough instead of plastic will go on sale in Asia next year and later in the U.S.
The printer works in a similar way to a traditional printer by layering dough, but what it prints isn't edible.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. It is said that companies are testing with 3D printed food, mixing recipes an shapes together and bringing an awesome design as well as a great taste on our plates! We have seen many 3D printing companies showing off their recent 3D printers filled with a multitude of functions back at CES 2014, and there were some food-based products as well.
Cornell Creative Machines Lab has developed printers that can dough-based corn chips, while sugar candies also are available courtesy of 3D Systems’ Chefjet.

We’ll just have to wait and see what stores are going to be filled with in the future. When given the opportunity to come up with something radical and new, what would you come up with? Because that sells well, and there are so many techniques out there, how else will you stand out? The gadget performs all the hard work; the only thing one has to do after the food has been created is to heat it up. Her firm Natural Machines plans to get the printer on general public sale in the UK stores soon. It's printed on a piece of parchment paper and then needs to be baked in an oven before being eaten. They can be filled with a cookie dough-like mixture, chocolate or supplies to print a pizza. We know that there are different types of 3D-printed foods currently in various phases of development, and it will be an industry to watch in the future. Also, NASA contractor Systems & Materials Research is working on a pizza printer that provides taste, nutrition, and less waste in the space shuttle and at the International Space Station (ISS). She added that the microwave came with the last revolution in the kitchen, and they believe that the Foodini would be able to change the making of meals to the same degree.

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